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  • I want to express this because I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes when you move abroad because your health is very, very important.


  • Mm hmm.


  • Yeah.


  • Hello everyone welcome back to my channel your home away from home.


  • I'm coming from my Japanese apartment in Japan.


  • Moving to Japan has destroyed me in so many ways now.


  • I'm not blaming Japan on anything.


  • This is all my fault.


  • This is all my doing.


  • As some of you guys may know.


  • I was diagnosed with SIBO which is small intestinal bacterial disorder.


  • It's basically where your stomach can't digest things properly and starts to treat things as if it were bad for you.


  • So you start to not absorb the nutrition that you get from food or from vitamins and things like that.


  • SIBO actually is the cause of leaky gut syndrome.


  • So this is your stomach, your stomach is strong, there's nothing coming out of it.


  • And then all of a sudden it starts to open up and you start to get holes inside your stomach and all the nutrition and all the proteins and whatever that you're supposed to digest.


  • It kind of goes through your stomach into your bloodstream.


  • And I'm trying to explain that as simply as possible.


  • Some people develop allergies.


  • Other people develop things like diabetes or autoimmune diseases and all sorts of things come from your gut.


  • So all the ailments that you're dealing with, like fatigue and things like that.


  • It all directs back to your gut.


  • So my gut is pretty destroyed.


  • And I'm going to explain why that happened.


  • And then I'm gonna show you some recipes that I started doing, I'm gonna explain to you why I'm saying that living abroad has really destroyed my gut.


  • I want to express this because I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes when you move abroad because your health is very, very important.


  • And sometimes when we travel or we move somewhere different or new, we get excited because there's so much that we can eat and do this whole gut issue was a wake up call for me and I just really want to share with you what I'm doing to heal my gut.


  • Hopefully in the future.


  • I can say that everything is better now.


  • First of all, number one Japan living abroad in general destroyed my gut because of all the delicious, amazing foods that you can eat in Japan.


  • So living in Japan, I'm not sure about other countries, but I'm sure it's just the same.


  • There's tons of breads and sweets and desserts, delicious savory foods that you just never had before and you want to eat them all and they usually end up tasting better than what you've been eating in your own country.


  • So it just gets really overwhelming and exciting when I first moved to Japan, I was just overloaded with all these exciting foods to try whenever I traveled.


  • So I would try things like soba or ramen or parfaits and desserts, Japan has the best desserts and the thing about Japan desserts is that they're not very sweet.


  • So when you eat them, your body wants more because it's like uh huh that's not very sweet.


  • I want more.


  • I need to get my sweet fixed so you're just constantly eating all these delicious sweets.


  • The foods in japan are mind blowing, the way they present the food is mind blowing and I just love every bit of it.


  • And whenever I traveled I wanted to try something new and dealing with a peanut allergy which is something that I've had all my life.


  • I was okay with all the foods and I didn't have a problem in japan with peanuts or peanut allergy because it's such a rare thing in Japan to use any peanut oil or nuts in general.


  • So it was easy to ask and figure out what I can and can't eat.


  • Now with leaky gut, I developed allergies such as soy and eggs and tomato and those are three staples in japanese food so now I can't eat those things and I find myself cooking a lot at home but I was overloaded with all of those treats and foods and rice, rice grains, grains are so bad for your stomach when you're trying to heal if you're a healthy person it's not so bad.


  • But if you eat too much of it and you're just stuffing your face with all these carbs and sugar, it creates those holes in your gut, the more you eat them and I was eating them, like I was constantly eating them.


  • White rice is addicting sugar is of course addicting.


  • It took me two weeks to get off of sugar to the point where I wasn't crying because I needed it.


  • So now I'm not craving sugar anymore, but it was, it was a hell of a two weeks just trying to detox from that.


  • I got headaches for two weeks, even detoxing from coffee.


  • I can't drink coffee as much anymore because coffee is technically processed, it has a lot of acid that just destroy your stomach.


  • Coffee does have a lot of benefits for healthy people, but in my case cutting out coffee and sweets and rice and grains is very crucial to this healing process.


  • I blame myself for eating the way that I was eating, I was so used to my mom cooking or going to the school cafeteria to get some food in college, it was just very easy to eat healthy because I didn't have to cook so much.


  • But once you move to Japan it's just more tempting to go out and to eat.


  • I really, really urge you guys to try and eat at home as much as possible and learn to cook, that's one thing that I wish I would have told myself, I was excited to learn recipes and things like that and I dabbled in some recipes here and there, but I was just so excited to go out with my friends and eat things.


  • I never really thought of life skills in general when I moved abroad.


  • So when you move to another country, just please take this tip and learn to cook by some cookbooks in your country or go online and see what you can find that's related to the dishes that you would find outside.


  • And I know it takes effort.


  • I had to tell myself this a lot.


  • It's all for your health, it's all for nutrition, it's all to live a healthy, exciting long life.


  • It's a basic life skill that you just really need and I know it's tempting to go out all the time, especially in the beginning when you move abroad.


  • But after you get through two weeks of you know getting excited about that stuff, try to hunker down and go to the grocery store or the local store and see what fruits and vegetables you can find that you can cook with an experiment.


  • It's exciting once you get cooking it's just you appreciate food much more.


  • Okay so the first thing I do when I wake up is have some l glutamine in water and then I do a little bit of journaling with some orange because it gives me a little bit of a mood boost in the morning.


  • I do some manifestation journaling and gratitude journaling.


  • So it just depends on what I feel like doing that day, then I do a little bit of a meditation, I don't do this every day, I do it at least three times a week and sometimes more.


  • It depends, I don't want to put pressure on myself, but I try to do it as much as possible and today we're having a smoothie, so I put some spinach and banana and organic raspberries, you can buy these on amazon japan and then I put some plain sugar free greek yogurt inside and then I add some sprouted almond butter and this is peanut free.

    今日はスムージーです。ほうれん草とバナナとオーガニックのラズベリー、これはamazon japanで買えますよ。中に砂糖なしのプレーングリークヨーグルトを入れて、発芽アーモンドバターを入れて、これはピーナッツフリーです。

  • I also put some supersede blend and then I mix it with some almond milk and it comes out a pretty pink color.


  • I forgot to add college into it.


  • Sometimes I do that as well, but it's very good and filling the second reason why living abroad has really destroyed my health and my gut is my lack of knowledge about the drug industry.


  • So when you're sick or you go to the doctor, you're not as knowledgeable about things that you're taking for when you're sick as you are in your own country.


  • So I was familiar with a lot of different medications in my country and what I can and can't have when you teach kids if you're teaching abroad, please be aware that you're gonna get sick all the time.


  • So it's constantly getting sick and then I was in a hurry to get better and I am going to say Japan really pushes you to get back to work.


  • It's not like you can sit at home for a week until you get better.


  • They really want you to get back to work and I know that's really insane and it shouldn't be that way, but that's there is pressure there.


  • Every time I would get sick I would go to the doctor and get antibiotics.


  • Everybody knows that antibiotics are bad and even I did when I take antibiotics in the States, it's not as strong in Japan.


  • The one thing that really messed me up and I think this is the reason why initially the reason why I have leaky gut.


  • When I went to the doctor, I asked for something stronger because the first time they gave me antibiotics, it didn't really work as well and they said, oh well in America the medicine is much stronger so we're going to give you something strong and they would give me strong antibiotics that was used to treat pneumonia.


  • Actually, when I looked up the medication that I was constantly taking, it was very, very strong.


  • It was like duck cecil and strong.


  • I didn't realize that they were giving that to me.


  • I was just like, I need to get better.


  • I need to get back to work and I was taking them.


  • That was what initially I feel ruined, ruined my gut and the doctors lack of knowledge about my body and where I come from, just kind of didn't mix well.


  • So now I'm very, very careful about what I take and I always look up things that I'm taking.


  • Please make sure that you're really knowledgeable about what you're putting in your body and it sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes you're not thinking about it when you're really sick.


  • And I just made that mistake myself and I wish that I didn't for lunch.


  • I'm making a Cajun shrimp and chicken dish with some peppers, yellow and red peppers.


  • I slice them up my own way and then I sliced up some red onion.


  • I put some cauliflower rice in the microwave.


  • You can get this at a supermarket called day or you can get it online on amazon and then I put some olive oil in the pan and I mix that around and then I put some garlic into the pan and move that around as well.


  • And then I add my chicken which is organic and non gmo.


  • And then I add some pre cooked shrimp into it.


  • I kind of liked them a little bit more chewy.


  • So that's why I put them in together like that.


  • And then I Sprinkle in some onion and garlic powder with some pepper and salt.


  • Mix that around and then I add some herbs and then I put in all of the vegetables last because I don't like them to be too soggy.


  • I put in some Cajun seasoning, I got an eye herb, I'll link that down below.


  • It's so good and then I mix it around.


  • It's organic.


  • Everything is organic.


  • And then I put some spinach leaves in and some coconut amino zay didn't show that for some reason I put garlic, coconut amina's into, it's so good.


  • And then I add some sauerkraut, I try to eat this with each meal because it's really good for your gut.


  • I got this bin at Costco.


  • So this is the sauerkraut that I'm eating.


  • It's called raw organic sauerkraut, wild brian.


  • And I get this at Costco in japan.


  • Um This is the only thing I bought at Costco that interested in me.


  • Um But I bought like two big bins of these and it's so good.


  • It's non Gmo it's organic, it's literally just organic, green cabbage, sea salt, organic garlic.


  • That's it and it's so good and it has probiotics in it but you can make your own which I really, really want to try.


  • But this is what I'm eating for now.


  • Third reason this is a reason that you're going to feel eventually when you move to another country and that is stress stress stress.


  • Oh my God, your nervous system responds by releasing a bunch of stress hormone including adrenaline and cortisol.


  • So the cortisol and adrenaline and all that stuff that flight or fight mode or fight or flight mode creates a toxicity in your body and I was eating when I was stressed to never eat when you're stressed ever.


  • I always make sure that if I'm super stressed, I calm down first or I do some tapping, which I will talk about in a moment.


  • I try to get myself to think more clearly before I start taking a bite.


  • When you move to another country that you've never lived in before, it's going to be stressful and you need to learn to manage it as soon as possible otherwise your health is just going to fall apart.


  • When I moved to Japan I was having money problems.


  • I didn't know anything about taxes.


  • I didn't know anything about bank accounts.


  • I didn't know anything about moving.


  • I didn't know anything about anything.


  • So I was constant, constant, constant stress and it's better before you moved to Japan or any other country in the world to really make sure that you are organized and you write down the things that you want to learn or need to learn and start researching, researching those things.


  • You need to learn to really scale down your stress levels in order to have a really good time living abroad and have a really good life in general and I moved here.


  • I was just thrown into everything.


  • I was not prepared and I wish that I knew these three things before my health.


  • Got to the point that it is now.


  • So tapping is something I learned about a year ago.


  • It's basically a combination of ancient chinese acupressure and modern psychology that works to physically alter your brain energy system and body all at once.


  • The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridians points while talking through negative emotions to bring on the positive ones.


  • Training your brain to think differently and heal a range of problems.


  • I have a lot of tapping scripts.


  • I made up myself.


  • If you guys want a video about this, I'd be happy to do one.


  • I also started keeping a food journal.


  • I have a hard time keeping up with this but I really, really wanted to start back again and do it before lunch and dinner.


  • I try to drink a half cup of hot water with organic lemon juice and then I add a little bit of ginger powder and a splash of apple cider vinegar to kickstart my digestion about 30 minutes before a meal.


  • This helps a lot.


  • Sometimes I don't do it depending on if I have worked that day or whatever.


  • But I try to at home.


  • So for dinner I started with no gmo, which is a japanese long potato.

    そこで、夕食にはまず、日本の長いもであるno gmoを食べました。

  • It's supposed to be really good for your stomach if you don't cook it too much.


  • And then I cut up some veggies onion, Got my coconut milk and organic chicken ready.


  • I put some garlic inside the pan and then I added my onions and sauteed them for a little bit and then I added the potato to the mixture and all of the veggies at once and then I realized that the pot was too small for how much I made.


  • So I mixed them all together and then I put them in another pot and started cooking my chicken, which I should have did first.


  • This is a new recipe you guys, so bear with me and then I added some onion powder and a little bit of garlic powder and herbs.