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  • Subtitle by Bryan Pai, BS Translations

  • What happened?

  • What did you do to my stomach?

  • What's going on?

  • We stuck a package of ours in your little tummy and you are going to transport something very special to us.

  • Oh God! This is definitely used.

  • No, no, no.

  • -Hey, do you speak English? -No, no, no, no English.

  • -Do you speak English? -No, I just say I no speak En...

  • Take me to the hospital. Somebody put a bag of blue stuff inside of me and I need you to take it out, it's Leaker's.

  • It is estimated most human beings only use 10% of the brain's capacity.

  • Imagine if we could access 100%, interesting things begin to happen.

  • Oh my God! That's Samuel L. Jackson. (Morgan Freeman as Samuel L. Jackson)

  • Yes?

  • "Prossefor" Samuel L. Jackson, I just wikipediaed all your research about the human brain.

  • It's a little boring, but at least there are some pictures in it.

  • Well, thank you.

  • It seems this drug is actually enabling you to use your brain nearly three times the amount of the average person, which in theory which should make you are a super genius.

  • I knew it

  • But it also seems your brain is; how do I put this politely, much, much, much dumber than the average person. So not only you are not a super genius but you are still way below average.

  • I knew it!

  • You currently have accessed 28% of your brain and it will only go up from there.

  • Wait what!? How would that even fit inside of my head?

  • It’s not changing in size you are just using more of it.

  • But you just said! I have 28 person's brains. How is that not bigger?

  • No! "Percent"

  • -Percent. -Person. -Percent. -Person. -Percement. -28% -Kaicent.

  • I can feel every living thing. -This is a table.

  • I can do things that I could never do before. -This is a book.

  • Since when did you start eating Chinese?

  • Since an hour ago.

  • What happens once she reaches 100%.

  • I don't...

  • care.

  • I am like a super hero or genius now.

  • No, you are not.

  • -The blue stuff makes me smarter. -Prove it then. You couldn't answer it yesterday.

  • Uh... Hello~

  • Well there are two 2s in the equation and the number two sounds like the letter “U” and the letter U is between the letters T and V in the alphabet.

  • But TVs aren't really relevant anymore, because everybody has computers now. So it's kind of like you have two TVs, it's just like what is that even "for" (註: 音同four)?

  • That’s right.

  • I knew it.

  • I feel like I have exceeded my limits.

  • Like if there are limits for me before, now there's less of those limits, if not no limits at all.

  • I just feel limitless. You know like that one movie that with Bradley Cooper in it.

  • "The Hungover", you know what I mean, right?

  • I have no idea.

Subtitle by Bryan Pai, BS Translations


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