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  • Okay, here's my favorite feature on the one plus 10 pro.

    さて、ここでone plus 10 proで私が一番気に入っている機能を紹介します。

  • It can charge from 0 to 100 in just about 30 minutes.


  • It's not the fastest charging phone in the world but that's pretty damn impressive.


  • The one plus 10 Pro is finally here and by here, I mean actually here in north America it launched in china earlier this year and after lots of hints and teasing one plus is officially releasing its new flagship in the U.


  • S.


  • It's about time too because we really need more high end android flagship phones here to challenge Samsung and google and that's what the 10 Pro is.

    サムスンやグーグルに対抗するには、ハイエンドのアンドロイドフラッグシップフォンがもっと必要であり、それが10 Proなのですから、これも潮時でしょう。

  • A legitimate challenger has all the right features at a price.


  • That makes a lot more sense than last year's nine and nine Pro.


  • It's also a sleek grown up device that feels like it has a personality all of its own.


  • That's not to say that one plus has completely caught up to the big flag chips.


  • There's still room for improvement especially in the camera department.


  • But if you're looking for an android alternative to the galaxy S 22 plus or the pixel six Pro then you're in luck because one plus has arrived since the 10 Pro has been out for a while now in china there's not much we don't already know about its spec wise but here's the recap there's a snapdragon HN one processor, 6.7 inch 14 40 P.

    しかし、あなたが銀河S 22プラスまたはピクセル6 Proにアンドロイドの代替を探しているなら、1プラスは10 Proが中国で今しばらく出ているので到着したので、あなたは幸運だ 我々はすでにその仕様賢明について知っていない多くはありませんが、ここで要約ですスナップドラゴンHN 1プロセッサがある, 6.7 インチ14 40 P.

  • O.


  • Lead with a smooth 120 hertz refresh rate of 5000 million battery and three rear cameras including a three times telephoto.


  • That's all very flagship.


  • E and nothing surprising but the prices news in the US, it costs 8 99 unlocked for a version with 128 gigs of storage and eight gigs of RAM.

    E と何も驚くべきが、価格のニュース米国では、それコスト 8 99 ストレージと RAM の 8 ギガの 128 ギガとのバージョンのロックを解除します。

  • That's 100 and $70 less than the nine Pro costs last year and it's right on par with the pixel six Pro and $100 less than the S 22 plus.

    これは、昨年の9 Proのコストより100ドル、70ドル安く、pixel six Proと同レベルで、S 22 plusより100ドル安いのです。

  • That price also includes something you won't get from Samsung or google these days.


  • A charger and not just any charger in the US.


  • The 10 Pro supports 65 watt charging and this thing can take it from 0 to 100% in a little more than 30 minutes.

    10 Proは65ワットの充電に対応しており、これなら30分ちょっとで0から100%まで持っていけます。

  • That's not quite as fast as the 80 watt version sold in europe and asia.


  • But either way it's still impressive.


  • There's also fast wireless charging up to 50 watts, but you'll have to buy a charger separately for that one plus.


  • Isn't that generous.


  • The 10 Pro comes in this shimmery green color, but there's also a black version and it's a sophisticated looking phone.

    10 Proのカラーはこのようなキラキラしたグリーンですが、ブラックバージョンもあり、洗練された外観の電話です。

  • The camera bump takes up a lot of real estate but it's slim with the sleek metallic finish that flows right into the side of the phone.


  • I feel like I've seen that somewhere Anyway, there's glass on the front back and even though it's a big phone, it's pretty slim and it doesn't feel overly huge in my hand.


  • The 10 pro ships with android 12 and one plus's version stands out as a little different from the rest of the android competition on pixel phones.

    10 proはandroid 12を搭載し、one plusのバージョンはpixel phoneの他のandroid競争とは少し異なる点が目立ちます。

  • Android 12 is all about customizing the user interface to feel a little more personal with color treatments that match your wallpaper.

    Android 12では、壁紙に合わせたカラートリートメントで、ユーザーインターフェイスをより自分らしくカスタマイズすることができます。

  • The 10 Pro offers some of this in this version of android 12, but the results still have a little one plus flavor to them.

    10 Proは今回のandroid 12でその一部を実現していますが、結果的にはまだ少しワンプラステイストが残っていますね。

  • You can sample colors from one of your photos for a stylish graphic wallpaper or choose a clock widget with one plus his trademark red.


  • It's a look that's a little less playful and a little more sophisticated and minimalist, which might be more appealing to some people.


  • One feature with universal appeal is the 10 pros solid battery life as a caveat.


  • I haven't been able to test his phone on five G more on that in a bit and that can have an impact on battery stamina.


  • But I've been using the phone on high performance mode at full 14 40 resolution always on display enabled.

    しかし、私は、ディスプレイを有効にした状態で、常に14 40のフル解像度でハイパフォーマンスモードで携帯電話を使用してきました。

  • And I can get through a day of moderate use easily on a single charge.


  • Even on a day of shooting some four K video using navigation and spending most of my time on four G instead of wifi.


  • I can still get to the end of the day without dipping into the single digits.


  • You can drain the battery with intensive tasks like gaming, but overall stamina feels above average and if you do need a midday recharge it'll be super quick.


  • The 10 Pro uses a snapdragon eight gen one chip set which is this year's android flagship processor of choice.

    10 Proは、今年のアンドロイドフラッグシッププロセッサとして選ばれているsnapdragon 8 gen oneチップセットを使用しています。

  • Unless you're google and you just go make your own One plus but went off the shelf and it makes the 10 pro a highly capable device.

    Googleが独自にOne plusを作れば別ですが、既製品では10 proが高性能なデバイスになってしまいました。

  • It's not quite up there with the very fastest Android phones.


  • I noticed the occasional stutter and playing some games isn't quite as smooth as on the galaxy.


  • S.


  • 22 plus.


  • Overall though it's flagship worthy performance and it keeps up well enough And then there's 5G.


  • In the U.


  • S.


  • It's a mixed bag and it depends on your carrier.


  • For starters there's only sub six GHz, no superfast millimeter wave and that's fine.


  • The phone is also fully compatible with T.


  • Mobile's low and mid band five G.


  • But beyond that things get complicated at the time we're recording this, the 10 Pro can't use Verizon's five G network but one plus says that's subject to change in the near future if things play out like last year the 10 Pro will probably get Verizon five G very soon.

    しかし、その先にあるものは、私たちがこれを記録している時点で複雑になります, 10 Proはベライゾンの5 Gネットワークを使用することはできませんが、1プラスは、物事が昨年のように再生した場合、それはおそらく非常にすぐにベライゾン5 Gを取得します近い将来に変更することがありますと述べている.

  • But if you're on a T.


  • And T.


  • I have some bad news, it's not compatible with that five G.


  • Network and it doesn't appear that ever will be and that's something to really consider if you're on a T.


  • And t just one or two years ago, it wouldn't have been a big deal to buy a phone that won't use five G because it just wasn't very good.


  • But with more spectrum coming online over the next few years it's starting to actually get better and it will be a shame when the 10 Pro can't take advantage of it.

    しかし、今後数年でより多くの周波数帯がオンラインになるため、実際に良くなり始めており、10 Proがそれを利用できないのは残念なことです。

  • The five G story is kind of a mark against the 10 pros flagship contender status and there's one more area where the phone can't quite match the competition.


  • It's camera system, the hardware is mostly similar to last year's models.


  • There's a 48 megapixel main camera, 50 megapixel ultra wide and eight megapixel 3.3 times telephoto and an upgraded 32 megapixel selfie camera.


  • The Hasselblad branding is back this year because of course it is and this year one plus is added heath capture with 10 bit color, a new computational raw mode and a video mode with access to manual exposure settings.


  • There's been some more tuning of image processing under the hood but it's a camera system that's a lot like last year's that's too bad because one plus already had some catching up to do photos in moderate indoor lighting sometimes look strangely over brightened and portrait mode shots are just okay.


  • They're not as good as the Galaxy S 22 s, which is the new standard, the 10 Pro does fine and good lighting both in video and still images.

    彼らは、新しい標準であるギャラクシーS 22のように良いではありません、10 Proは、動画と静止画の両方で罰金と良い照明を行います。

  • Lots of phones offer a low res ultra wide camera and the 10 Pros is definitely a cut above.

    多くの携帯電話が低解像度のウルトラワイドカメラを提供していますが、10 Prosは間違いなくその上を行くものです。

  • If you want to get even more in the frame, you can use the 150 degree mode if you don't mind.


  • A little bit of distortion.


  • Photos from the telephoto lens are sharp, I'm impressed with the level of detail it captured in the mural here Even 10 times digital zoom looks okay but stay away from 30 times digital zoom photos from the selfie cam look nice and balanced and theres no overly aggressive skins.


  • Moving to worry about on the video side, you can shoot up to eight K.


  • 24 P.

    24 P.

  • And those clips look good though.


  • There's a significant crop in 10 80 30 P.

    10 80 30 Pでかなりの収穫がある。

  • Mode.


  • You can turn on a feature called Ai highlight that does a good job of balancing out brightness and high contrast scenes without making things look to H.


  • D.


  • R.


  • E.


  • There's a four K 1 20 P.

    4つのK 1 20 Pがあります。

  • Mode.


  • That's fun for slow motion clips and a fisheye mode for the ultra wide that you can get creative with.


  • But one class has its work cut out to catch up with Samsung and Google and the 10 pro doesn't do much to close the gap.


  • Yeah one plus is a long way from its beginnings as an upstart taking on the big brands with flagships bags at lower prices with the nine and nine Pro, it made a statement that it was ready to be taken seriously as a legitimate alternative to google and Samsung.

    このように、one plusは、9と9 Proで低価格のフラッグシップバッグで大手ブランドに挑んだ新進気鋭の企業として、googleやサムスンに代わる正当な選択肢として真剣に受け止める準備ができていることを表明したのである。

  • Neither of those devices quite nailed it.


  • The nine was missing some standard flagship features like A stabilized me in camera and the nine pro felt overpriced with the 10 pro-1 plus has sharpened its vision of a true flagship.

    9は、カメラ内で私を安定させるような標準的なフラッグシップ機能が欠けていましたし、10 pro-1 plusは真のフラッグシップのビジョンを研ぎ澄ましたので、9 proは値段が高過ぎると感じました。

  • The result is a polished device with a unique identity that's well priced.


  • There's still some work to do particularly on the camera and it needs to figure out the A T and T thing, but there's no denying that this is a step in the right direction.

    特にカメラにはまだ課題があり、A TとTの件も解決する必要がありますが、これが正しい方向への一歩であることは否定できません。

  • The old one plus is gone, but the new one plus looks like a worthy challenger.

    古いone plusはなくなりましたが、新しいone plusは立派なチャレンジャーに見えますね。

  • Indeed.


  • Thanks so much for watching.


  • We have tons of great reviews on the channel.


  • Now, if you don't want to hear about phones anymore, I highly recommend you go watch victorious songs review of the peloton tread.


  • It's super fun.


Okay, here's my favorite feature on the one plus 10 pro.

さて、ここでone plus 10 proで私が一番気に入っている機能を紹介します。

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