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  • Hey there it is Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your pronunciation question of the week!

    こんにちは、Tarle SpeechのJenniferです!今週の発音の質問です。

  • We have a little bit of a long  one today. We have five words:  


  • court a tribunal, area for a game like  basketball or tennis, or a romantic pursuit 


  • course direction, set of dishes in  a meal, or an educational class and 


  • course meaning rough courteous polite and respectful and 

    コース ラフ 丁寧 敬語

  • courtesy a demonstration of  politeness or supplied free of charge


  • Even though we have a lot of words I think the  lesson is pretty straightforward today. I think  


  • spelling really confuses people here. To say  


  • all of these words we're going  to start with the K sound. K K K

    これらの単語はすべてKの音から始まります。K K K

  • My mouth is open. Tip of my tongue is  low. Back of my tongue is pulled high up.  


  • Look at you! We got the beginning finished.


  • Okay next for the or what you're going to do is  pucker. When you pucker your tongue is just flat  


  • in the middle of your mouth. There's not really  many places for it to go. Then you're going to  


  • pull your lips back into that square tense  shape. As you do that the tip of your tongue  


  • is either going to be moving down to the bottom  of your mouth or flipping back. But the back of  


  • your tongue will be pulled high up, no matter  what tip of the tongue does not move. or or or


  • For court, then, just touch the tip of the  tongue to the back of the top front teeth.  


  • That little space where the teeth meet the roof  of the mouth. And for the s what you are going  


  • to do is you are just going to have your tongue  behind your top front teeth or pointing slightly  


  • down. It does not touch the teeth and air is  just going to move out continuously. sssss


  • court course 


  • court course court course

    コートコース コートコース

  • I should mention course and course are pronounced  exactly the same and i have another video on  


  • those since they are homophones and words  that are pronounced exactly the same way.


  • For courteous and courtesy instead of saying  


  • or I'm just going to go right to that er soundTip of the tongue is down or flipped back  

    か、そのerの音に右往左往する。 舌先が下がっている、または後ろに反っている

  • back of the tongue is pulled way  high up square tense lips ker ker ker

    舌の裏が上になっている 四角い緊張した唇 ケリケリ

  • For courteous next we're going to move to the dee  syllable. To do this touch the tip of your tongue  


  • to the back of your top front teeth, air puffs  out, voice box is on and moving f the dee d d d  


  • d . Smile for that long e - High  flat tongue. And then end with  

    d .その長いeのために微笑む - 高い平らな舌。そして、最後に

  • us like you and I, us. It's just usAnd to do that, relaxed short uh sound  

    私たちは、あなたと私のように、私たち。私たちだけなんです そのためには、リラックスした短いuh音を

  • and then add the s ssss. Ker Dee Us. courteous courteous courteous

    を追加し、ssssを追加します。ケー・ディー・アス 丁寧に丁寧に

  • And now for courtesy you're going to have Ker  


  • Duh See. I spelled that wrong.  

    Duh See.スペルを間違えました。

  • I'm actually using that flap t there Ker duh See courtesy courtesy courtesy


  • So for the duh what you're going to do is  touch the tip of your tongue to the back  


  • of your top front teeth; and then, just  open relaxed mouth and tongue for the uh  


  • and then end with see. For that s sound  and then smile for the long e. See.


  • Let's put that all together Ker duh See courtesy courtesy courtesy

    それをまとめてみよう ケー・ドゥー See courtesy courtesy

  • For those of you who are new to the channel  I write this as a d. These d's are actually  


  • a flap t with a super fast d sound. If you  just say a d sound that's going to be fine.  


  • You could actually say a t sound and people will  still understand you say ker t us or ker tuh see.

    実際にtの音を言っても、人々はker t usやker tuh seeと言うと理解することができます。

  • Both will be fine but most Americans will use  that flap t and say courteous and courtesy.

    どちらも問題ないでしょうが、ほとんどのアメリカ人はこのflap tを使ってcourteousやcourtesyと言うでしょう。

  • So let's try this all again


  • court court court course course course 


  • courteous courteous courteous courtesy courtesy courtesy

    礼儀正しい 礼儀正しい 礼儀正しい 礼儀正しい

  • And now for a sentence:


  • I make these videos as a courtesy to you and I'm  very thankful that you were all very courteous.


  • So give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference! If you found  


  • this helpful we'd love a like and share and  subscribe. Check out all of our products and  


  • classes at Tarle speech and I hope to see  you all tomorrow have a great day! Bye!


Hey there it is Jennifer from Tarle Speech  with your pronunciation question of the week!

こんにちは、Tarle SpeechのJenniferです!今週の発音の質問です。

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