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  • Over 260 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered.


  • They've been holed up in a still works in the southern city of Mariupol for weeks, it ends the longest siege of the war so far and puts Russia in full control of the key city.


  • Russia has already taken hundreds of the fighters, some severely wounded to territory held by its forces.


  • The Kremlin says they'll be treated in accordance with international agreements.


  • The Russian Defense Ministry says these pictures show Mariupol fighters undergoing inspection before being evacuated.


  • Dozens of wounded troops have been taken from Mariupol to hospital.


  • In the Russian controlled town of Novoazovsk in the far east.


  • Some 200 others were transferred north to Ole Nica in Russian backed separatist territory.


  • Several 100 Ukrainian soldiers could still be inside the as of style steel plant, Kiev says it wants to get them out alive.


  • We hope to save the lives of our boys.


  • Among them are heavily wounded, they are being treated.


  • I want to underline Ukraine needs its Ukrainian heroes alive.


  • This is our principle.


  • The work continues to bring our boys home and it requires delicacy and time in Kiev.


  • Many Ukrainians are skeptical about Russia's pledge to treat Ukrainian soldiers in line with international norms.


  • Nothing good will come of it.


  • We don't know how they will be treated.


  • Actually.


  • We do know what we have already seen in Buka a pin and in other towns, it probably isn't very good, but if there's no other way, the soldiers can be saved later.


  • Russian backed separatists have released this video, which they say shows them patrolling.


  • The assault style still works on Tuesday it like the rest of Mariupol is largely in ruins.


  • The city's loss is a major symbolic blow for Ukraine and one that came at a heavy price for both sides.


  • Gotcha is in Kiev for us.


  • I asked her whether Ukraine is expecting to release Russian prisoners as part of the deal.


  • What we know at this point is that actually Ukraine is trying to get more more soldiers out of the House of Star Steel plan.


  • There is no information when that prisoner swap is going to take place.


  • In fact, people here in Ukraine are wondering whether it's going to take place at all.


  • If they listen to the debate going on there in Russia, some lawmakers basically are calling for these evacuated as of style soldiers from the eyes of regiment that they have to be brought to justice basically that they do not quote, deserve to live.


  • Also, the Justice Ministry in Russia basically causing the Supreme Court right now to declare that the as of regiment is a terrorist organization as a result.

    また、ロシアの法務省は基本的に今最高裁を引き起こして、結果的にas of regimentはテロ組織であると宣言しています。

  • Clearly, people here in Ukraine, ordinary people are quite skeptical that there's going to be a prisoner swap and they're actually quite worried when it comes to the safety of those who are already out of the North Star steel plant.


  • What is really their fate now we have to zoom in a little bit on the history of the reserve regiment because part of the truth is also that when this military unit started as a volunteer militia eight years ago, The leader at that time was harboring quite radical views.


  • But President Zelensky says, and kept saying when he was asked about the as of regiment and their meaning today, he said that they have been reformed.


  • They are no longer radical.


  • In fact, they should be viewed as heroes who were the last defenders of Mariupol for more than 80 days basically are trying to win time for for a Ukrainian forces to advance on other parts in other parts of the country.


  • But it remains a controversial unit nonetheless.


  • And the question is whether that controversy that Russia took as a pretext to invade Ukraine, what that's going to mean in terms of whether the european Ukrainian soldiers are going to stay alive or not, we do not know and funny, what's happening to those soldiers who weren't able to leave the steel plant at all?


  • Well, the Kremlin basically says that Putin guarantees that everyone who surrenders is going to be treated according to international law.


  • But what about those who did not surrender yet?


  • That's exactly what also the sister of one of the soldiers is wondering about today as she does not know about the fate of her brother, 26 year old young man who has been basically a lawyer before joining the regiment because he's a patriot.


  • That's what his sister says.


  • But what's going to happen to him now?


  • Is he going to make it out of their lives?


  • Let's have a look at the report for natalya.


  • The war in Ukraine has been a time of intense worry and reflection.


  • She's thinking a lot about her younger brother these days.


  • This is my brother Artem at school when he was eight or 9.


  • Natalia recalls a very normal childhood growing up in Michael Live in southern Ukraine.


  • I always considered artem to be a creative person and that he would go down a more creative path.


  • I never thought he'd become a soldier.


  • But when the war in Donbas began in 2014, Natalia says Artem changed.


  • He knew that sooner or later the aggressor will bring war to our country and he knew that he needed to prepare Art.


  • Almost 26 joined the regiment a few years ago.


  • It was formed as a volunteer militia group and later became part of the National Guard.


  • He still holed up here in the eyes of stamped steel plant.


  • The last holdout of Ukraine's forces in the ports city of Mariupol.


  • The regiment released these pictures displaying the horrible conditions.


  • Some of the fighters are in.


  • Putin accuses the unit of being Nazis, he's justified his invasion by claiming that Ukraine needs, in his words, the Nazi defying which has drawn a backlash globally.


  • Hearing keith, the unit is seen as heroes.


  • Billboards have sprung up supporting the soldiers.


  • I am expressing huge gratitude for them for standing for us for our Ukraine for Putin.


  • As for every Russian, every Ukrainian is radical but we only want to live on our own and we strive to speak our own language and every as a soldier is a Ukrainian chef researches right wing groups, he says it's correct that the founders of assault harbored neo nazi views But that's changed now, all those guys who were interested in politics more than in the military action.

    すべてのロシア人、すべてのウクライナ人は過激だが、我々は自分たちで生活したいだけで、自分たちの言葉を話すように努力している。兵士は右翼団体を研究するウクライナ人のシェフで、彼はアサルトの創設者がネオナチの見解を抱いていたことは正しいと言う。 しかし今は変わった。彼らは軍事行動よりも政治に関心があったのだ。

  • They've gone from the battalion and regiment after the first several months of its existing in 2014, Natalia doesn't want to get into a solves controversial past, she's more worried for her brother artem here he was texting me that he's alive and that's it.


  • He writes very short messages, unfortunately, settling holding onto signs of life and hoping her brother will return alive.


  • Funny since you filmed with Natalia, have you had an update from her?


  • She's basically saying that she is appealing to the pope to help her brother being released safe and sound from the exhaust are still open and in fact she was suggesting it would have been much better if Turkey would have extracted the soldiers and the soldiers would go to Turkey as long as the war rages on but clearly this is not the playbook that's currently unfolding here as Russia and Ukraine agreed for this on this prisoner swept only nobody knows whether that's actually going to take place Okay, time will see our correspondent in Ukraine in the capital, Kiev.


  • Thank you very much for the update.


Over 260 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered.


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製鉄所から避難したウクライナ兵、マリウポルはロシアの手に|DWニュース (Ukrainian soldiers evacuated from steel works, Mariupol now in Russian hands | DW News)

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