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  • KATE: My dad's a minister in the church, he

  • of course does not approve, but then again he also knows that he can't control my lifestyle.

  • COMM: She may look every inch the professional

  • cover girl, but just two years ago Kate Stoltz lived with her family in a strict Amish community

  • in rural America.

  • 00:20 COMM: The 23-year-old turned her back on the

  • traditional way of life, to appear in TLC show Breaking Amish. But now she's turning

  • heads working full time as a model in New York.

  • KATE: If I were to even show my father face

  • to face a lingerie picture that I took he would probably burn it, and tell me that I'm

  • going to hell.

  • COMM: Growing up in a religious community

  • in rural Pennsylvania, Kate's life was a world away from bright city lights.

  • KATE: I would go out, feed the cows and everything

  • like that before I go to school, I'd go to school, when I'd come home I would take care

  • of the calves, make dinner for the family. I would spend maybe about six hours at a time

  • just out in the fields raking hay.

  • 01:03 COMM: But after leaving her village to appear

  • in TV series Breaking Amish in 2012, Kate was snapped up by major model management.

  • KATE: When they told me that they were going

  • to sign me I honestly didn't even know if I wanted to believe it, it seemed so surreal.

  • COMM: However making the transition from horse

  • and cart to cab rides and casting calls hasn't been easy.

  • KATE: I actually found it really hard to get

  • used to New York at first because it's so loud, there's so many people, there's always

  • something going on.

  • COMM: And Kate had to deal with the disapproval

  • of the community she left behind.

  • KATE: The Amish think that modelling is one

  • of the worst things a woman can do, they see it as flaunting your body and being vain.

  • Going from not being allowed to have your picture taken to actually doing it for a career

  • and a lifestyle is a big life change.

  • KATE: Even though they don't approve of my

  • lifestyle, they're always telling me to come back home. I couldn't ask for better parents

  • or better brothers and sisters.

  • COMM: And thanks to a new group of friends,

  • Kate is learning to navigate the big city and follow her dreams.

  • CHRIS: When I first met her I wouldn't say

  • she didn't look Amish she just looked a little awkward, I think she's breaking a lot of boundaries

  • with what she can do and she has become more of a New York City girl I think.

  • COMM: With no desire to return to the Amish

  • way of life, Kate is making plans for the future, and appearing in a second TLC series,

  • return to Amish.

  • KATE: I would never go back to the Amish life.

  • I couldn't, it would be way too restricting. But now that I'm outside of that I realise

  • the world is so large, it doesn't matter what one person thinks, the only thing that matters

  • is like who you are and whether or not you're happy.

KATE: My dad's a minister in the church, he


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モデルは彼女の夢を追求するためにアーミッシュコミュニティを離れる (Model Leaves Amish Community To Pursue Her Dream)

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