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  • Uber Eats provides several ways to contact them

  • in case anything happens with an order.

  • Most issues with Uber Eats

  • can be solved within their help center.

  • To get there, go to the account tab

  • at the bottom of your screen in the app.

  • Tap "Help."

  • Choose the option that most closely relates to your issue.

  • Then see if any of the FAQs

  • answer your question or solve the issue.

  • If you need to contact Uber Eats directly

  • for a more unique or serious issue,

  • you can also contact Uber Eats by phone or email.

  • If you'd like to speak with them over the phone,

  • dial 800-253-9377.

  • If you'd rather communicate via email,

  • then send a message to

  • Remember, never send out sensitive information

  • like your password or credit card number via email.

  • An Uber Eats representative should never ask you

  • for those details over email messages.

Uber Eats provides several ways to contact them


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How To Contact Uber Eats

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