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  • What happened?

  • l gave him every excuse to blow my brains out.

  • Yeah.

  • He doesn't bite. Why? He ain't the type.

  • Let's just step back and think about this for a second.

  • We know that they planned this whole thing. The tape, the cameras, the costumes.

  • There was a game plan, but it never included airplanes.

  • He's up to something but it ain't violence.

  • l'm listening. DALTON: How's the reception?

  • Excuse me? The camera on the truck.

  • Give me a close-up on the second-floor window.

  • Rourke? l'm on it, l'm on it.

  • No, no, no, no, no, no! Fuck!

  • Oh, shit.

  • Keith! Keith! Keith!

  • What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?

  • You mean beyond the obvious?

  • That's what l mean. Come on, this ain't no bank robbery!

  • This is your fault. l told you to get the buses.

  • Fuck you! l didn't kill anybody.

  • l got 50 more people in here. You fuck with me again,

  • l'll give you two of the longest days of your life.

  • All right, look, just tell me what it is you really want and l'll get it for you.

  • l promise. l've told you. Two buses, a plane.

  • Right, right. And box seats behind home plate at Yankee Stadium.

  • Come on, don't bullshit a bullshitter.

  • You planned every inch of this thing right from the start.

  • You got everybody marching to your beat, including me, and l'm through buying it.

  • You're too damn smart to be a cop.

  • Now get the fuck out of here.

  • What? You going to shoot me?

  • Do it. Shit, you got nothing to lose.

  • l damn sure ain't got nothing to lose, so shoot me.

  • Do it.

  • Shoot me. Fuck you.

  • Tell them to send someone sane over here.

What happened?


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