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  • [Lee]: I'm warning you

  • [Girl]: Ay, "Ar Lung" don't bother yourself

  • [Lee]: Lay off

  • [Narrator]: He is a legend for a reason

  • Welcome to and today we'll be counting down the top 10 Bruce Lee's moments

  • Kicking off our list is the scene in which Lee's character is ambushed and out numbered in an ice factory

  • Though unarmed, his attacker soon learned that they made a big mistake when he starts improvising

  • One of the poor saps even get thrown through a wall, Road Runner style.

  • Seriously, with all those ice picks laying around, is this not the worst place to pick a fight with Bruce Lee?

  • [Man]: Chinese Kung Fu

  • [Narrator]: In this flick, Lee's sent to Rome to help his family fight the local mafia

  • When he's taking into a back alley to be rubbed out, Lee quickly turns the tide

  • Interestingly, the bad guys regrouped in a laughably order without using their guns

  • [Man] : Go and get him...but no guns

  • [Narrator] : This allows Lee to pull two sets of nunchucks out of no where and wope the thugs good and proper

  • now for real though, where did he get those?

  • When Lee finds his way into the villains top secret undergoound layer,

  • he is forced to get topless and takeout the countless henchmen in his path

  • This fight keeps intensifying as he upgrades his weapons with every defeated opponent

  • This included a stick, metal rod and finally, nunchuck

  • It's almost a shame the bad guys eventually stop coming cause this could've gotten a lot crazier

  • Oh baby, here we go. It's yellow jump suit time.

  • In a high point of this posthumous film,

  • Lee battles the shades wearing 7 foot tall basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • At 5 foot 6, Lee looks positively dwarfish next to his opponent

  • As has happened in every Kung Fu movie...ever,

  • the smaller Lee manages to use his opponent's size against him and leaves him breathless

  • In this especially personal confrontation,

  • [Lee] : Boards don't hit back

  • [Narrator] : Lee comes face to face against the bearded, sadistic and facially scraced O'Hara in a martial art tournament

  • The man who caused his sister to committed suicide. Lee beats him to a pop without ever taking a scratch.

  • When O'Hara breaks the rules, Lee does more then hurt him, he goes right for his brains...both of them

  • This flick, see Lee on a quest for revenge against those who killed his master

  • This leads him to face Petrov, a sinister, suspender wearing Russian played by Robert Baker, one of Lee's own "Jeet Kune Do" students.

  • This fight is memorable for its punishing action and dry humour as Lee confounds his foe with smirks and blurry hand movements.

  • Even bites the dude's leg! What martial art school does that from?

  • [Man] : So you wanna see how good you are, then you must be tired of living!

  • [Man] : Surround him!

  • [Narrator] : This is the fight that helped transition Hong Kong action flicks from sword play to bare handed fighting

  • With Lee's dead master mopped by a rival school, he shows up on their door step to teach them respect

  • This bossy move pays off as he takes on the whole Dojo single handedly

  • Of cause, he has to do this topless while creating a human hurricane, laying the beat down with nunchucks

  • and ultimately make them eat their own words

  • [Lee] : This time you are eating paper, the next time it's gonna be glass

  • This classic see Lee as a man who has sworn an oath of non-violence but is forced to break that pledge in a big way

  • Specifically, to confront the man who murdered his family

  • Ultimately, Lee manages to win by deflecting a knife throw

  • before going Mortal Combat and thrusting his fingers into his enemy's chest

  • Striking with every bit of energy he's got, ultimately collapses in fatigue

  • [Lee] : You have offended my family and you have offended the Shao Lin Temple

  • In the last fight of his most famous film, Lee finally finds himself up against the claw wearing Mr. Han.

  • A fighting which he acquire the scratches across his body and face that became the most iconic image of his career

  • The fight goes totally surreal when he's led into a chamber of mirrors and forced to divide superstition

  • Taking the top spot on our list is cinemas' ultimate east versus west show down, that picked Lee against Lorries in the Rome Colosseum

  • Everything here is legendary,

  • from Lee's crackling preparation to systematically coaxing, taunting and tearing down his opponent

  • Under the watchful eye of a stray cat.

  • A ruling encounter, neither opponent shies away from fighting dirty

  • Remarkably, brutal though their fight was, Lee cannot walk away without acknowledging a worthy adversary

  • Agree with our list?

  • [Man] : How do you like that?

  • Which Bruce "Freakin" Lee moment is your favourite?

  • For more entertaining top 10, be sure to subscribe to

[Lee]: I'm warning you


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