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  • alrighty guys good morning everyone welcome tonew video today we're with my dad daniel samuel  


  • you already know him and we are going to  be doing an argentine snacks taste test  


  • so we received a very special box this isn't  sponsored or anything we just got a gift they  


  • just sent it they just sent it so it's a company  called we'll put the address there  

    たので、それはstokyard.meという会社です。そこに住所 を入力

  • and they specialize in sending argentine snacks  cookies chocolates all over the world you receive  

    し、72時間以内に 受け取ったアルゼンチンのスナッククッキーチョコレートを玄関先に送ることを専門としてい ます。

  • it in 72 hours to your doorstep and this box  arrived just before we went away on our little  


  • cottage getaway so we we brought this along with  us so the nice thing about this is we haven't been  


  • to argentina in a couple years and we've been  craving some of the flavors from down there so  


  • this is a very exciting moment i think it's going  to be a combination of sweet and savory items  


  • yes and all the childhood sweets that we used  to have when we were kids i don't know and  


  • another thing given the fact that it's a minus  38 celsius outside yeah uh there are two things  


  • that you feel like having when it's this cold  one is grease the body asks for like a butter  


  • fried bacon things like that and and the  other one is sweet stuff so what better  


  • moment than this one when it's like -38 outside  and we have a box full of sweets and chocolates  


  • to dig in you know yeah if not now then when  right you don't know what and how our field right  


  • exactly so we open so we're gonna dig in i'm  to pick up the camera and let's get a close up


  • look at that see that one what's in there okay  what are you doing these things sealed well huh


  • wow we got a huge assortment of  candy here look we've got the  


  • all kinds of different alfajores the triple  version milka we have look at this is the taron  

    さまざまな種類のアルファホーレスがトリプルに なっています。 私たちが見ているバージョンのミルカこれはタロンです

  • really tasty different candies chocolates sweets  all the sugar in the world right in front of us  

    本当においしいさまざまなキャンディーチョコレートお菓子私たちの目の前にある世界のすべての砂糖 それはあなたが必要とするすべてです私が必要とするすべてですそして私はあなたが同じ

  • that's all that's all you need that's allneed and i like that you get a lot of the same  

    製品 をたくさん手に入れるのが好きです

  • product but like in different brands yeah you  know like for example the alfajores there's a  

    さまざまなブランドのようにええあなたは例えばアルファホーレスのように知っています さまざまなブランド が

  • whole bunch of different brands my goodness  they were generous with all the variety


  • that's that's good too i've never tried that and  that's just the candy box i've never had this  


  • either so quite a few that we haven't had it over  half i've never tried even when we were traveling  


  • in urgent yeah good variety that's a stage one  yeah page one so this is uh this is your favorite  


  • one huh that's my favorite one if you do this is  how we got through those long bus rides you know  


  • yeah you try those cookies and you cannot stop  okay yes that's it go to the literature yeah yeah


  • those are like kind of like smarties or  something yeah oh ho ho ho ho havana okay  


  • this is a major words now one of the best brands  of alfajores from argentina yeah easily easily  


  • we're not allowed to come home without a box  yeah we get locked out of the house you find  


  • them at the airport they're duty-free you have  the chocolate covered one and you have the other  


  • one that is what like a meringue or something  with like sugar sugar white sugar icing sugar  


  • there are two varieties of this oh  these are cookies with a lemon inside  


  • this is a a dessert typical of argentina and also  uruguay it's a it's a sweet made out of a sweet  


  • potato with a chocolate and you eat this with um  a cheese like let's say like a hummingbird or a  


  • uh like a soft creamy like a brie quick  easy delicious dessert yeah i love it it's  

    、ブリーのようなソフトクリーミーのようなええと、簡単で簡単なおいしいデザートええ、私はそれが大好きですえ えと、アルゼンチンで

  • uh it's a dessert that is called  uh when in argentina they call it  

    はええ と呼ばれるデザートです 。

  • you know yeah so you got a million calories  in here right and we're gonna shovel uh a path  

    ここにあるカロリーと私たちはここからトロントへの道をシャベルするつもり ですあなたは私たちが これらすべてのカロリー

  • from here to to toronto you know we're going  to go all the way to hudson bay to burn all  

    を燃やすためにハドソン湾までずっと行くつもりだと知っていますそして私たちはこれらすべてを食べますええええ 大丈夫です

  • these calories and we eat all of these eh yeah  okay so we're going to try our first thing here  


  • which one you want let's start with the classic  that's like the best known snack in all of  

    で最初に試してみたいものを試してみましょう。これは、アルゼンチン全土で最もよく知られているスナックのようなクラシックなものから始め ましょう。

  • argentina it's kind of like a cookie double or  triple stacked let's try the milka we'll try  

    これは、 2重または3重に積み上げられたクッキーのようなもの です。

  • mika so this is a three layered cookie  covered in chocolate and it's got some sort of  


  • special filling the filling should always be due  to the lecture we're cutting it into little bites  

    特別な詰め物詰め物は常に私たちがそれを少しずつ切り刻んでいる講義のためでなければなり ません

  • so we don't overdo it we just want to savorlittle there we go that's a nice dense one guys  

    それで 私たちはそれをやり過ぎないでください私たちはそこに少し味わいたいだけです

  • yes we've had good luck with milka products before  so i'm excited for this one pure chocolate i think


  • that's outstanding a really good  alpha or yeah it's dense but it's also  


  • soft too this is the honor let me try it


  • i like this one it's not as dry as the other  ones you know it's very soft and uh moist so  


  • this is what that product looks like right here  the little cow purple packaging pretty iconic


  • okay


  • so now we are going to try a product that it  doesn't have a name in english it's called turon  

    。スペイン語で turon と呼ばれています。

  • in spanish and in english there's a couple  different flavors yes there are different  


  • varieties but basically it's a very chewy sugary  almost like a toffee let me show you what the two  


  • different kinds look like so there's one that's  kind of like a bar so one is a wafer wafer and bar  

    異なる種類がどのように見える かを見せてください とバー

  • i believe that they are from uh spanish from  spain and origin yes that's uh it became a  


  • tradition in latin america because the spaniards  they brought it uh into the culture right yeah  


  • and this is a christmasy one so you've got that  candied fruit and also chunks of peanuts yeah  


  • spoiler alert i tried that that's my favorite  so these are more like the honeycomb ones  


  • these ones are the ones that we used to buy  when we were kids and we used to go to the  


  • movies before the movie started this guy came  into the you know where people were sitting  

    、映画が始まる前に映画に行っていたハニカムのものに似ていますこの男はあなたがどこにいるのか知っています 映画が始まるのを待って 座っていて

  • waiting for the movie to start with a little box  in front hanging from his neck and he was selling  


  • this to ron and candies and chocolates sugar  galore time to have a little bit of salt here  


  • let's try this mini mini biscuits yeah made out  with a lard this is salty and this is a special  


  • thing when you're having a glass of wine or having  a beer or something like that this is the uh  


  • would be like almost like a like chips so these  are called biscochito salados or salty biscuits  


  • and they're really one biters and they're made  with lard they're salty very tasty little snack if  

    と 呼ばれます。 彼らは本当に一口で、ラードで作られています彼らは塩辛いとてもおいしい小さなおやつです

  • you drink mate you can be sipping on your mate on  your gourd and have a little something salty with  


  • it you were mentioning it would go great with the  beer too yeah they only brought me once you start  


  • you don't stop okay so i say we try a little  bit of candy next so these are called gotitas  


  • de amor which means little drops of love so would  you like to open this they're like little drops  

    de amorと呼ばれます。これは、愛の滴を意味するので、これを開きますか?小さな滴の

  • yeah like these are hard candies they're like  lozenges no what do you call those hard candies  

    よう にええ

  • sugar lozenge very very hard and you cannot  even crack them yeah don't try biting into them  


  • unless you want to book an appointment with the  dentist yeah okay so for our next snack we are  


  • trying these peanuts covered in sugar and this  is actually a really popular street food snack  


  • yeah you can see it being made on the streets  and like this copper pan or a copper kettle  


  • it's so distinct you can smell it from a block  away yes you smell this wonderful aroma the smell  

    のように、とても独特 です。 あなたは離れたブロックからそれを嗅ぐことができますはい、あなたはこの素晴らしい香りを嗅ぎます。

  • of nuts and sugar mixing in the air it leads  you follow your nose you follow your nose and  


  • you get distracted by your original plants  yeah so so that's what we are trying next  

    あなた はあなたの元の植物に気を取られます

  • gotta eat them slowly because they're they're  very crunchy okay we are starting to really  

    とてもカリカリです。私たちはこれらのスナックを本当にいっぱいにし始めて いますが、

  • fill up on these snacks um but we're  gonna try to keep going for a couple more  


  • right now we've got this cheese with salami  so this is a soft creamy spreadable cheese  

    もう少し続けてみます。 サラミ入りのこのチーズがある

  • so we grab a few crackers from the kitchen  and we're gonna open this up okay so we are  

    ので 、これは柔らかくクリーミーなスプレッドチーズです。 キッチンからクラッカーをいくつかつかんで、これを開けて大丈夫なので 、次の製品であるチーズを続けて

  • continuing with our next product it is a cheese  and we're gonna be spreading it on a few different  


  • crackers they sent us all types of cheese like  here we have the gruyere we've got fontina  

    たいくつかの異なるクラッカーに広げます。 ここにフォンティーナ

  • and obviously the the salami one so we'll be  trying that next i'm excited for this look  


  • at that i'll take a bit less cheese right onlittle less nice and thick go big or go home right  


  • he's small that's like the ultimate you know snack  it's almost thicker than a cream cheese you know  


  • but it has a such a strong flavor yeah of a salami  it's great i'm just like a cream cheese but with  


  • like a smokiness to it perfect for crackers  perfect for baguette you know if you're cooking  


  • something that's going to take a long time to  prepare and start eating this and it'll tide  


  • you over until until the main event okay so right  now sam is trying a chocolate bar that is called  


  • dos corazones it means two hearts and the special  thing about this chocolate is that it comes with  


  • a little poem inside it comes with poetry it's  chocolate and poetry i read it in spanish but i  


  • had no idea what it meant so it says when you pass  by my side uh many times i don't even look at you  


  • but you can't imagine the love that i feel inside  and how i sigh for you there you go something like  


  • that so you get perfect chocolate to give ondate right and then the other thing i tried just  

    ので あなたは正しい日に与えるために完璧なチョコレートを手に入れます

  • a moment ago was uh was this banana chocolate  tulka banana banana and it has a banana mousse  


  • or like a banana flavored filling yeah i like that  one quite a bit and yeah there's nothing i've had  


  • before that's been i've never tried anything  quite like it so very unique very distinct  


  • what a taste test guys all those delicious  argentine snacks indeed like we only tried  


  • a fraction of everything they sent us but that is  as far as we can make it in one sitting it's just  


  • so filling it's too much eating too much but yeah  we're gonna share the rest with family once we're  


  • back home um and we wanted to say thank you to the  company who sent us all these goodies  


  • because they watch our spanish channel um they did  give us a discount to share if you guys want to  


  • use it the code is daniel and you get five percent  off and if you're argentine and watching this and  

    。 5%オフで、アルゼンチンでこれを見ていて、

  • you miss a certain alfajood or cookie or snack  from your home country um you can request it to  


  • them even if it's not on their website and they'll  go find it in the market and send it to you that's  


  • so cool they have such a nice catalog of items  yeah they really do that is it that's it guys  


  • yeah see you later thanks so much for watching  with a sweet goodbye yeah let's make a pie ciao  


  • okay guys so welcome back to the video a bit  of a change of scenery we were doing this  

    お会いしましょう。さようならと一緒に見てくれてありがとう。 数日前にコテージで この

  • argentine taste test at the cottage a few days  ago we're now back in my parents home and we  


  • were so full that day from so much eating you  know vacations that we were only able to sample  


  • a small portion and all of this yeah i mean you  got you guys got to give us a bit of a free pass  

    、ほんの一部しかサンプリングできませんでした。 ええ、私たち

  • here because we were having steak dinners and  bacon and eggs for breakfast so yeah we we just  


  • ran out of room but now we're back at the ranchola  and we're gonna try a whole bunch of different  

    で私たちに少しフリーパスを与えなければなら なかったので、ええ、私たちはちょうど

  • things that we didn't get to get to taste starting  with mate so the original mate you drank it in a  

    部屋を使い果たしましたが、今はランコラに戻っています マテ茶から始めて味わうことができなかった さまざまなことを試してみるつもり なので、

  • gourd it looks like a little pumpkin almost with  a metal straw but modern times you can also get it  

    ひょうたんで飲んだ元のマテ茶は、ほとんど金属製のストローが付いた小さなカボチャのように見えますが、現代でもできます ティーバッグ に入れて

  • in tea bags yeah so it's like a green tea and  if you have it with milk we call it mate cocido  


  • so that's what we're going to be trying apparently  i think you guys might have told me this in the  


  • past it's sort of like um sort of like an appetite  appetite suppressor yes this is very popular when  


  • we were small back home and what the mothers would  do for the children would be like a boil a little  


  • bit of milk and put the the mate you know like  the loose leaf the loose leaves you know and let  


  • it boil for a little while and then like strain it  put some sugar and this was our uh either in the  

    少しの間沸騰させてから、それを緊張させるようにし ます 砂糖とこれは

  • mornings or in the afternoon instead of coffee  or tea this one gave you like a that sensation  

    朝か午後のどちらかでコーヒーやお茶の代わりに 私たちのええとこれは

  • that you were full okay guys so we're having our  first taste test item what do we got panadorne  


  • also sometimes called pandussim sweet bread  yeah this is something i never tried until  


  • i uh well until i was a part of this family so  i never had it with my parents and they've also  


  • never tried it so yeah this is your typical latin  american christmas bread sweet bread you know this  


  • this is what what is eating during the holidays  it's a tradition that comes from the italians  

    これは休暇中に何を食べているのかそれはイタリア人とスペイン人から来た伝統で あり、ラテンアメリカ

  • and the spaniards that they also consume it over  there in latin america when it's uh the holidays  


  • for the christmas new year it's always this one  yeah with a bottle of sparkly sparkling cider  

    の休暇のときにそれを消費しますそれは いつもこれですええキラキラ輝くサイダーのボトル

  • oh yes but not just any cider is like a champagne  you know it's got the same bottle the same cord  


  • the same wiring on top of the cork and you pop it  and it just explode and this is the combination  


  • it's the cider and the panettone and then to  run all these things are just typical of this  

    、サイダーとパネットーネの 組み合わせです。 これらすべてを実行することは、

  • uh festive season so what i can say um if you if  you've had fruit cake before you're probably going  


  • to really like this because it has that dried  sweet fruit it has a similar a little bit of a  

    これが本当に好きに なるでしょう。 少し

  • similar taste obviously the fruitcake's a bit more  dense and this is fluffier it's more of a fluffy  


  • bread it's not as heavy as the fruitcake that we  know in north america this is really nice in the  


  • meantime i'm going to open this pack of candies  because i feel like having them they are called

    これを開くつもりです。キャンディーのパック スターバーストのように見えるバラエティのように混ぜられているよう

  • is just like mixed like a variety  they look a lot like starbursts huh  


  • they are the argentine version ofstarburst candy soft candies you have  


  • strawberry mint pineapple lemon apple and  orange wow that's very nice they're very  


  • they're very good they're kind of chewy  it sticks to your uh to your teeth this