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So, my boyfriend and I work together quite a bit.
Hey babe, can I get a neck massage?
Oh, sure.
Just kidding. That's only a daydream.
But we did have a business meeting with someone a while ago when THIS happened:
To get you an initial treatment. (farts) Excuse me.
Anyway, from there, if you like...
We didn't say anything at the time, and in fact, as the meeting progressed, we actually both ended up forgetting about it until later that night.
During the meeting, did he fart?
Oh my god, yes!
But I wasn't sure cause he just totally shrugged it off.
I know, right? I was like, "Wait a second, did that just happen?"
If it had been me in that situation, I would have been all...
And then, if we— (farts)
Um... I, um... oh my god, I'm, I'm so sorry, please don't— I mean, I'm so—
It's ok, don't worry. That happens.
You don't understand... I can't let you live with this memory.
I'm so sorry it had to end this way.
I was really looking forward to doing business with you.
I was so blown away.
By how confidently he handled... farting.
I mean, I wouldn't be able to be own stuff like that.
You know, just do what you do with confidence and no shame.
Everything looks good here, I think we just have one more business matter to attend to.
Excuse me, as I was saying...
But yeah, it was just really interesting seeing how differently people carry themselves and how you would approach like, what could have been a really embarassing situation.
So, thank you, businessman I will not name,
for inspiring me by... farting.
And that’s the definitely a first, ahh.
I will see you guys next Monday. Stay... awesome? Nope!
Are you actually gonna choke me?
Oh yeah. Oh yeah... I'm going to choke you so hard.
If your pressure is here, it's an actual choke.
-Okay. -So don't actually choke me.


How to fart ?

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Emily Hsieh 2017 年 7 月 24 日 に公開
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