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  • Hakuna Matata.

  • What a wonderful phrase.

  • Hakuna Matata.

  • It ain't no passing phrase.

  • It means.

  • No worries For the rest of your days.

  • It's our problem.

  • Free philosophy.

  • Hakuna Hakuna Matata.

  • Yeah, It's our motto.

  • What's the motto?

  • Nothing.

  • What's a motto with those two words will solve all your problems.

  • Yeah.

  • Take pumbaa here.

  • Why?

  • When he was a young warthog?

  • When I was a young, How you feeling?

  • It's an emotional story.

  • He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal.

  • He could clear the savanna after every meal.

  • I'm a sensitive soul, although I seem thick skinned and it hurt that my friends never stood down.

  • I was always here for you.

  • And yes, he was ashamed.

  • I thought of changing my name to what brad and I got downhearted every time that I farted.

  • Are you gonna stop me?

  • No, I'm not.

  • You disgust me.

  • Hakuna Matata, mm hmm, mm hmm.

  • Okay.

  • It means.

  • No worries.

  • One more time.

  • Oh no.

  • I think we were just getting in the groove.

  • Now let's leave them wanting more £400 since we started.

  • Meanwhile, I look exactly the same.

  • It means, oh, now he's ripping puma.

  • This is a nightmare actually.

Hakuna Matata.


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Hakuna Matata (From "The Lion King"/Audio Only)

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