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What if there was something that could actually measure you're welling being while you fly?
To put the experience of flying with us to the test
We invented the Happiness Blanket
And conducted the unique live experiment of 30,000 feet
Using portable neuro-sensor technology
We developed a wearable device
that measures the electrical fluctuations in the neurons of the brain
Identifying when the wearer's experiencing a feeling of well-being
This information relieved via Bluetooth to fiber optics woven into the blanket
Which visually indicate what the wearer is feeling
When a person is stressed or anxious, the blanket turns red
When calm and relaxed, it turns blue
We then conducted our experiment on actual flights between London and New York
And here is what we discovered
Initially, there are fluctuations as the passengers settle in
But there is a noticeable lift in a passenger's mood whilst enjoying food and drink
It can also see the variations in responses to different types of films and entertainment
From comedy to thrillers
But most importantly
We discovered the unwavering sense of well-being created by being able to sink into deep undisturbed sleep
So we know that all the enhancement we've made
From the seat to the cuisine, entertainment and lighting
have a positive effect on your mind and body
Which means you can really see the difference when people fly
with British Airways


British Airways - The Happiness Blanket

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