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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.  

  • These are words that are homophones  and pronounced exactly the same way.  

  • They have different spellings  and different meanings.

  • Our words today are warn: to inform of possible  danger and worn: which means damaged, tired,  

  • or the past participle of to wear.

  • So to say these words correctly we have three  sounds. We're going to start with a w - wwww.  

  • Your lips are very puckered and your  tongue is just flat in your mouth.

  • Next we're going to move to the or. The good  news is your lips are already puckered for the  

  • w. Now you just need to pull them back intosquare tense shape as you move the tip of your  

  • tongue down or flip it back and the back of your  tongue is going to be pulled up high. or or or

  • And then you're going to end with the n sound.  

  • Tip of the tongue touches the back of the  top front teeth. Air moves out of your nose.

  • Let's put that all together!

  • w or worn worn worn worn worn worn worn

  • And now for a sentence:

  • The clerk tried to warn the customer that some  of the clothes for sale had already been worn.

  • Give it a try people are going to  notice the difference. If you found  

  • this helpful please share us with your friends  

  • and if you need more help check out our  products and classes at Tarle speech.

  • All the best for an amazing week everyone!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.  


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How to Pronounce WARN & WORN - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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