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  • It may be getting colder but winter iswonderful time to get outside and go exploring.  

  • Winter walks are a fantastic opportunity  to visit some of English Heritage's  

  • most atmospheric properties at their quietest.

  • To help you make the most of your  winter adventures English Heritage  

  • has a selection of walks that connect  some of their most beautiful properties.

  • These walks are for people of all  abilities and all fitness levels  

  • and are a brilliant way to explore the  landscapes that surround their historic sites.

  • Today we're on the North Yorkshire  Moors walking the 2.5 mile route from  

  • Helmsley Castle to Rievaulx Abbey. It's a  gentle walk along paths and country lanes  

  • although there are some steep steps and  it can get a little muddy at times. It  

  • takes about an hour and a half, and  allow time to visit both properties.

  • You can walk this route in either  direction but today we're starting at  

  • the stunning Helmsley Castle because it's  easy to get to and there's easy parking.

  • Before you get going make sure you plan your  route on a map so you can fully enjoy the walk.  

  • And also make sure to check opening  times online so you don't miss out.

  • Be sure to also check out other  English Heritage sites in the area,  

  • especially the smaller free ones that  you can include along your route.

  • You'll want to come prepared for the weather  so warm clothes, decent outdoor shoes,  

  • maybe even a waterproof are recommendedIt's sunny now but this is England after all.

  • Originally contructed out of wood around 1120,  Helmsley Castle has evolved over the centuries  

  • from a mighty Medieval fortress  to a luxurious Tudor mansion,  

  • a Civil War stronghold and  finally a romantic ruin.

  • There's plenty to visit so  when you're planning your route  

  • make sure you allow enough time to  see everything at your own pace.

  • It's amazing to come and stand  in such a historic place.  

  • You just really get a sense of how much  there would have been going on here  

  • and how busy it would have been. You can really  imagine what it would be like in the past.

  • We're now leaving Helmsley Castle,  

  • walking along the Cleveland Way to  the stunning ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.  

  • According to a 12th century description, high  hills surround the valley, clothed by trees  

  • encircling it like a crown. Sounds absolutely  stunning. Can't wait to take a look.

  • One of the best bits about this walk is that  it's not too long so you'll have plenty of time  

  • to enjoy both the historic sites and the stunning  Yorkshire landscape. Something that I love to do  

  • is imagine how a place would look and feel  in the past and it's amazing to think that we  

  • could be walking in the same footsteps as the  Medieval monks who used to live in this area.

  • Most people drive to Rievaulx Abbey but  walking here for us has been so brilliant.  

  • As we approach from the valley we  were just struck by how the Abbey  

  • stood against the landscape and it  just really added to our whole day.

  • The Rievaulx Abbey ruins are some of the most  impressive and extensive monastic remains in  

  • Britain today. What's amazing is that it survives  almost to its full height with the east end of  

  • the church dominating over the ruins. You can  walk through the maze of monastic buildings  

  • and really start to see where the Cistercian  monks lived, worked and cared for the sick.

  • English Heritage members get  free access to these sites.  

  • This means that you can stay as long or as  short as you like and come back as many times  

  • as you like. So if you don't fit it all in in  one trip you can come back again and again.

  • If you want to learn more about the site it's  always worth speaking to English Heritage staff.  

  • They have so much knowledge and they're  always really happy to share it with visitors.

  • The other great thing about this walk is that  there's a cafe so you can stop and reenergise.

  • Getting outside and exploring is an  enriching and soul-filling experience,  

  • particularly when you have others to enjoy it  with you. I'm absolutely loving seeing more  

  • and more people get into the outdoors and  also sharing it with their own communities.

  • I used to think that you had to get away over  winter but there is so much about winter in  

  • England that you can really enjoy. Whether  it's the dew and the frost on the ground in  

  • the mornings or crisp wintery walks. Today  we've really enjoyed visiting both of these  

  • English Heritage sites and the walk that  connects the two. It's been great to learn  

  • about the history of the country and just to  spend some quality time together out in nature.

It may be getting colder but winter iswonderful time to get outside and go exploring.  


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Walking Helmsley Castle to Rievaulx Abbey | with Frit Tam and Frankie Dewar

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