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this is levittown pennsylvania
a new suburban community up sixty thousand people
midway between philadelphia and trenton new jersey
with his talents shopping center winding lanes
nine purple hours and trees
it is fairly typical of communities all over america
where families are pursuing the american dream
to give their children a better chance in life
medical counters or people of modest means
nearly all our young people
a large proportion of reference
varaku social agencies and while many religious groups have established
they have not yet had time enough to develop
programs to adequately serve the community
most led the counters are proud and happy and then you environment
for many it is the first house of their own
and it represents a major financial investment
socializes mainly confined to visits with the neighbors
okays leather community-wide events
but fewer yet for most residents to become a bit of died but the broader
aspects of community living
letdown was built by one man for whom it is name
like many commuter developers
he set the initial policy
and provided a minimum of essential services
when the houses were sold naturally he withdrew its own slender resources
in august nineteen fifty-seven
levittown pennsylvania attracted international attention
when violence erupted and as william myers junior
and his family moved in with three bedroom house
adaptability and beat green lines
it almost all respect to the marriage family is close to the letter paramore
they have three small children
youngest only one month old
myers service and a half years in the army
miscarriages baths are doing
you worked at the laboratory technician
and this begging for a degree has an electrical engineer
his wife daisy is a college graduate
admired home is modestly burnished and they're like by the family car was
bought one parent
they're very close
levittown norm except in one respect
william myers junior and his family
heart negroes him involved white community
levittown reacted in a number of ways to the new arrivals
there were several hundred who congregated on the street in front of
the meyers house
and there were those among them who felt strongly enough to throw a rock
through the picture web
but there was another
of large group who were repelled by this kind of behavior
and organize to help levittown except its first negro neighbors
the vast majority of levittown ours went peacefully about their daily activities
but in the stores and that the school's and on the front loans
levitt counters
discussed the matter
well i first read a small article newspaper in its first our family and in
this community
and um...
following i am where the engineer on the radio and reading the newspaper
that there was some disturbance around this home at the same people had thought
what was your day michell reaction
always terribly shocked
to find it
there were people in this community would be so violently opposed to it
bratislava had only just accept it as i know
was the community prepared to many wait for the entrance of the first big group
family in the world wide levittown
well there was an attempt by uh... i'll group of ministers who formed a group
called a human relations council
and they were just getting started on their work i don't know how they
expected altimetry accomplish a purpose of educating everyone
that i know that they had a an open forum
one time
and uh...
just within the last year four months
and results other were published in the paper
do you feel it was a bad b
not really the drop in the pockets and
not very many people even read or where they are the color of the meeting that
preceded it
although there have been a little interest in the formation of a human
relations council some weeks before
the mars became the main topic of conversation for the people of levittown
within a few hours of their arrival
in the absence of facts and the start date of information on a situation like
rumor and gossip sweep through the community
as the stories passed from one person to another
because hardly anybody knows the truth
what everybody assumed becomes the fact
all i have lots of though as i was busy
telling people out of the lead hat but karen
well i think they spotted
cheaply i mean people presented
after they heard it surrender needed a wreath at hearing that there are some
outside group had deliberately moved
these people in but they were sponsored a paid by an outside group to do this
very thing
and uh... i had been stolen but are you that wasn't true at all and uh... so i
told people that atlas
do you feel that understanding the facts of the situation will help
so you decide to i'm sure that
uh... more reasonable attitude is going to prevail in this community
and have great faith in the people here and that they live
we'll soon find that there is no need for a time
some cubans have been coming and indicate acceptance of the back
but for others the myers moving into levittown
constitutes an infringement of their own liberties
and under the impact of this situation
they react with anger and force
but they say he reveals their deepest fears and frustrations
why did you select levittown philip
we were looking for a place to buy a home we looked at level town we'd like
to homes here we liked the advantages of levittown seemed to offer a handout
comparison to other cities
and we understood that was going to be all right we're very happy to buy a home
about your children have you come up with them about marriage
we have tried to keep
other discussions away from the children
i figured i i feel that something that we had options solve about bringing
each other kind of any more than we have to wear doing it for their children
but i don't feel that they are all you have to understand the problem incidents
do you think of negro family moving here will affect the community as a whole
in what way i think that while the properly that is what i mean did it go
down here
they're allowed to moving here and a number
can you give a basis for that judgment
yes we used to live in washington d_c_ we saw very good example of that there
repetition of an experience that would be grateful
is there to be no escape from living near negroes
and part of the dream of middle-class respectability
if the negro family can't afford what you can forward
how do you justify your feeling of superiority
the illogic of one's own position becomes apparent
and instead of just a case in the old travel myths are involved
what other objections aside from the federal property values do you have
against america
the whole thing
centers around at work integration
well mister myers said because has promised that anything but peaceful
since you again
he's got three children
and uh... evidently he
philosophy or be accepted socially
and uh...
i don't feel that they ever will be
but the hall of trouble with this integration business deals
that day and the amt at probably well end up with
what makes it socially
and you will have
i concur anal sex marriages in
becoming people with a white
but the only way they buy into that despite education and by bettering
themselves not by pushing in the way they have here
do you intend to move
at the time now
that's not very impossible situation we have
we have our home here
and if the cardinal going on
and run realistic that is down there a lot of us
the g_i_s particularly who are going to be
wallace welfare moms
as the lines are drawn
those on either side become more adamant
pension develops
and feeds on suspicion and mistrust
but has been the effect of the mars coming here
well it's it's created a great deal of attention laptop from neighbors because
we all feel the site
but uh... it's actually machine
everyone ten summer home
i mean this test is affecting our homes
and uh...
it's bound to create tension
it's the subject just talked about all the time
but there are others who are part of the matter is
yes i cared about him for palm trees and do you think do they support the
frankly i don't know what reasons they come up for it
if there are marcyle at that time i don't think what reasons they can have
do you think minds will be able to live here comfortably
what course of action are you going to follow
i'll do what i can object help
to get them out legally and peacefully
and as far as accepting them socially that's a charming act
to take sides in such a situation
is more than a matter of one's own country
firemen believes becomes a subject for community-based
for those who believe a man has a right to live anywhere he wishes
answers are simple and straightforward
has this affected your relationship with neighbors
in all week disgusted
freely and people for anything and that we've tried to keep
depicting the stack
that was the important thing
have you heard any rumor
i'll call repeat them because i think you'd like to repeat rumors
and i don't think it's
there to keep them allowed
do you think rumors contributed to the reaction of those opposing the marriage
shirley dead
uh... we had some very interested citizens here who left
pledged themselves to
a fact-finding pro-family tryptophan i'll those rumors as quickly as they
were started by fax
do you think the marriage will be able to live comfortably in levittown
i think that i helped out i think
majority of people here will allow
grow accustomed to lead and i realized that
old they are for the weekend the good neighborhoods which i'm sure they are
i think the majority of people here or not
but the violent
well violent group that we have heard so much of that
do you think the marriage then let it be a little bit property values
uh... i don't think that the miners had anything to do a little town
property decreasing or increasing i think if
purely a white problem money ground brown
in what way
i think it is the feeling of uh...
drying croak
which will influence
the property not
the minority group
those who want an integrated community take their spam
based on their own v feelings are part of a community should be
do you feel that the marriage will lead to a large numbers of other to growth
coming here from now i don't think that i pain uh...
there will be are probably a normal
entrance and but might be a little time people
who want the harmful come here it's not
um... what people think that bad
hoping flock won't be any that's paying namphy in normal
health and that point i would like to see integrative group here
and i would like to see
well my child and i hope my children go to
and live in a group that is representative of the world
not being integrated garbage
they did not now representative of
employed we pulled back the removal of that that the um...
and secure the problem is eventually
when you'll find that there are no more area to which a white person can move
having negro family and all that would be beat
the best uh... and
that there could be to uh... degradation and it's probably
something that will happen in future
perhaps the near future
for someone answered it's tremendously complicated
adept at the maze of past associations and presently employed
sometimes opinions are expressed with great misgivings
and a sense of guilt
the past slips through despite what they say it
being poor american be difficult
if one's background rejects this decision
in fact ob
the people aren't dampening late
and gration
they had
child my children
that they have
to married
and my job doesn't even know what
and he came back from the fan
any and and and they have found out there trying in binding hampton a return
and i think they're in handling all the fear that you like i mean if if you can
merrick new so maybe you wish
by the way we both seem to be from below the mason-dixon line of where you bro
acount in kentucky
at you know maybe negroes report you came to lead the payroll
my father
hate david
and area
where there were several college people
and active i think they don't want my best friends with the proper role
at children have no prejudice we became very close friends
and later years she had become a registered nurse in trying very hard
here that major chilean acclaim atmosphere
and we have talked nap in two thousand and mary anne
got to get the banks
they hire
killed and jackie grow out help me
and atmosphere that they have to live in
a personal relationship and separately within the group was trying to improve
ur circumstances
seems to make a difference
i'll uh... down uh...
colored people that i have enjoyed their friendship
i would not let that determine whether i've become friends with them by the
uh... others
have you heard any rumors
i had heard several write-up which then naked
and taken and
rumors go
the one that bothered me most about the fact that the mask family
can't move the ends this terrible all-white sections
and trying to be the first
family canadian to stock
he other ones economy
if they had done it before
i believe that
if they didn't come here
kickoff trouble
than i am against
what they're doing defensible
played a game
trying to find them hopefully i think that i had two children behind for them
there are those
who live in levittown
who like it
and couldn't stay
they have no intention of according the same privileges to the mother
some of them quite a bit more comfortable to talk in the group
you're aware that a negro family has moved into levittown
i heard about it
what was your reaction
dynamite people
but have you done about it
well love
i guess we just discussed it
how do you feel about the merit moving you know
monitoring definitely again that
before coming to levittown did you have any contact with me grow
while only hiking on the floor plan or we can have any colors people
and at that time i had
might have no feelings either way
while we're waiting for our house to be dealt with the chapter nine
and uh... why was my first contact with them
often work in going through college section to work
and i was very happy i was moving into an all-white community
have you ever discussed the merits of whole with your children
never need for any house
what anything mentioned
power are cannot about colored people
because i
they have to wedge
be in contact with them swiss technic
and why should that
ninety prejudice
i think they have moved here
at that very relaxed
and and
karla faye the fact that killed if like the idea
they were
uh... their work on children and
before mike unattended left here for the first time and he
often came home and fed
there had been travel between them during the day yet
it becomes convenient to exaggerate forms or fears
and to help a neighbor increased her
my boy it he likes ortiz it down there every saturday
through the voice from the neighborhood
and uh... k
there was an argument occurred something realtor
by four and a colorful it's not an argument
well from that time mourned
for the whole remainder of the summer before i was afraid to get down there
because the cardboard scott
at getting together
and every time they would get airline to me that we think the gravel at i went to
the principal everything about it
a major factor is fear
fear of economic loss
loss of status
fear of violence
and fear up intermarriage
do you think other negro families will come to levittown
definitely f
what do you think will happen
well i a m
just what's happening already
don't have a spirit of the crater where they have to
uh... school teachers
and that we can
so that's just a good example of what is going to happen
what's wrong with that
i do not like
uh... have that two daughters and two sons
and if there's too many colored people are and i definitely will get out and i
think it might
i don't worry fascinating with colored people
well i'm very definitely influx magnet math
eventually what it's going to come to know if children are eight together
they're not going to think of anything a mang
mein kampf
inside and i don't feel that they should be a track
all moved
one of them
raising wud be proud to have myself quite communities
and that they aren't quite frankly and event actaully live account i've not
been bout
for some leftovers
the basic issues involved had nothing to do with intermarriage
our property values
loss of status fear of crime
neighborhood declined
are being in the minority
they saw it as a test of democracy
what was your reaction to the marriage moving in
while i was happy to see this become more than american community
there seems to be a large group opposed to the march
what would be your attitude toward them
or the rhodes
uh... i don't know if they're a large groups of people possible mild after all
we have some
i don't know i just close to sixty thousand people out of town those model
never more than five of six hundred
if you go about a shopping center not
but i'm also he was in ten thousand people for shopping center waali
rose will follow up with calls from our moving inland
engaging in what they were engaging in
you don't think they have a better large majorities against america moving near
wolf lodge forty one oh
from the immediate neighbors right here
before the marveling at how wouldn't
positive castro what the proportionality
i welcome the my laptop
cooper force of the post also i don't think that's the main
issue involved in this case anyway
what is the mainly
when issues are out of
these people to look like america of issues with mixed up with a good
but are you going to do about it
clinton to try to be a good man
you feel that the marriage coming to lead the payroll who will lead to a
large numbers of other key groups coming here
i don't know
do you think the mars will be able to live here comfortably
i think i'll put a little time but they will cancel
have you heard any rumors about the matter
dozens and dozens of romance
but parenting all that is being paid by the
in a city of that uh... rats were behind it that the jews were beyond a doubt
this group of that group was behind it
they were all kinds of relative some of them were pinched by the laboratory
summers as a result of this period
there's all kinds of malicious brunner
source are ridiculous you know
you could see how people picks up the looks
in the atmosphere is our people did accept them spread them
but course do you think the future of levittown will pay
well i'll tell you i don't like eleven thousand
and i won't spoil the u_s_a_ and i think it's going to provide for us for this
country specifically
in levittown as elsewhere in america
there are those who believe that the rights and privileges of citizenship
longer all regardless of their race or color or creed
and there are those who believed in equality too
but in a somewhat more limited six
in my business whoever's got money and has put credit i want to pay cash to buy
a car
that has no discrimination color religion or any part of that sort
has the coming of the myers affected your homework
personally my whole life that has no effect nothing whatsoever but
on the neighbors they have a right
because the average
white person whether the levittown has born five children volatile put it this
if the levittown is migrated in hordes of negroes which they have a right to
come here but it is something that happens that way pretty sold mine able
be avenue negro son-in-law arava daughter-in-law
how about what
wasn't marked within his rights as a citizen to move wherever you please
let's put it this way mister meyerson allah negroes have at right time go
better than them they're as good as i am they can go anywhere they want
i mean they have a right god given rights in their and being a good
the rights of the civil rights they have the right to pursuit of happiness but by
the same token
we have uh... mixed community standards of proven fact that those mics
communities are over a third empty he could have stayed there he had a
beautiful home they are the only reason that mister myers
came into levittown is to show people they could get he actually was in anyone
to come to levittown from my personal opinion is this there is something
bigger behind this
is that your personal opinion only parts of the pack
no i say it's a fact
and i would tell antibody
and i mean at barton nobody i would tell them in a meeting
including at
the gentlemen at this uh... the head of this uh... committee for bring in mister
marty i felt him
when did you first hear america moving here
i had to have i missed a lot of jolla seven that popular story what does that
utility meant dishwasher i don't always want to be a part time job but i've seen
in their seven in the morning till night at night
and if it was that it was an engineer
where did you hear
that's why i heard it from the waitresses and net they asked me did you
see a new neighbors and i can make
jet discuss that the public
what did you do
i didn't do anything
there you have it
an american community
constantly in a moment the press
neighbor set against neighbor as they differ or what should be done
about one week grow and his family who have come to share with them
the american dream of a better way of life for their children
many seem convinced that property values must be crime when a community our
neighborhood becomes integrated
but studies which have been made prove the opposite to be true
property values go up
provided there is no wave of panic selling
and even when there is pain
actors situation has stabilized
prices climb back and frequently go even higher than they were
when initial sale to a negro was made
soviet aggression of negroes and the white community result in a higher rate
of crime violence
or juvenile delinquency
not at all
negroes living in predominantly white communities
joel or incidents of crime than average for the general population
is intermarriage the ultimate goal of negroes in seeking to integrate into
previously quite communities
the studies show that of all the reasons negroes have
for seeking equality of opportunity
intermarriage is the least
and of all the fears that whites expressed
this is the great
negroes ego with the right to buy or rent the kind of housing
only open market which they can afford
this basic principle
of the free enterprise system
of which were justly proud
is now denied to them in many communities
the exclusion of negroes from white communities
and their restrictions only grow neighborhoods
fixes negative ideas about them
witcher carried over from generation to generation
these false notions cause the abandonment by the black population
a large areas within our great cities
at tremendous cost of the nation
aided by a prosperous
postwar economy
negroes have held fast to their wartime gains
and that's not to improve their lot in life
advances against discrimination have been made in many fields
a new n much larger negro middle class has grown up
able ambitions and confident
these families are determined to leave the old densely packed segregated
and they are economically able to do it
they have the money
to buy their way out of the slow
what happened in levittown was merely the beginning
apart is to follow in communities all over the country
during the next few years
as negroes like all other americans
get better education
better jobs
and accumulate more state
and we prepare our communities to receive these new neighbors
indignity m_p_s
or when we record communities with violence and abandon them impact
this is the challenge posed for us as levittown or sum it up for themselves
i don't think you can take the middle of the stadium here for the war against
highest-ranking at and for forty non-violent then
knowing cavitation provided
adam had any prejudice said and collard
except that i would like to have what happened that way
we would academically at any other native shielded from the clinton and
speak to them and it was bad
heartworm correct
to lived in the community
negroes would be living
fallible what you're looking for him
belief that
named and hopefully to find the leak
coordinator if not
wind with collar is white or black tights with a good fit if in fact
but the market all immigrants out
it right now i know better than them they're as good as i am but the only
reason to mister myers
came into levittown is to show people they could get here
haha i just feel that
within their legal rights to move in here
they move in or buying something that i have no complaints
ever more power and al and can move and
that account at bank accout downhill
i don't think it from minors awful for people who
decreasing or increasing
purely a quite crop up nodding crap crap
rendition of the right of these people to look like america of issues breaks up
with is a good neighbors


アメリカでの人種差別主義 (Racism in America: Small Town 1950s Case Study Documentary Film)

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