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Silence shared in words
Life Is Not a Problem
You ask: I don't seem to have any real questions.
That is a great insight!
There are NO real questions in existence.
All questions are false,
because life is not a problem to be solved;
it is a mystery to be lived.
Only the fools
go on questioning and go on thinking
that some answers will help them.
No answer is going to help you;
every answer will create more questions.
You can see the whole history of philosophy:
every answer has brought thousands of
unnecessary questions. It has not been an answer,
it has been a problem -- EVERY answer.
Not a single answer has come out of five thousand years of philosophizing.
Philosophy is not much philosophy
-- it is "foolosophy."
It is the domain of the fools!
Fools are great philosophers
because they go on and on.
They find out
a question, then an answer,
then the answer brings ten questions, then they go on and on;
the foliage becomes thicker and thicker.
The foolishness becomes deeper and deeper.
It is good that you cannot find any real questions.
Buddha is reported to have said
that a meditator loses all his questions.
A moment comes when there are no questions left,
and that is the moment
when you attain to wisdom -- not to answers but to wisdom.
Wisdom is not an answer;
it is the unfolding of your consciousness.
Not that you come to know something,
but you start experiencing life in its totality.
It is not an answer, it is an experience,
and the experience goes on unfolding.
So it is not experience, it is more experiencing.
It is a process, not an event.
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copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation


生活は問題ではない (OSHO: Life Is Not a Problem)

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Buddhima Xue 2014 年 8 月 28 日 に公開
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