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  • 2021.


  • Another year of lockdowns, vaccinations, delayed events, social and political upheaval and still more lockdowns.


  • It's been a year of change and challenge and 2021 had us using a lot of interesting vocabulary with words both old and new.


  • In the next 10 minutes we bring you a countdown of the BBC Learning English, top 10 words of 2021.

    次の10分では、BBC Learning English, top 10 words of 2021のカウントダウンをお届けします。

  • Number 10 Mask.


  • Yes, as the coronavirus pandemic rolled on into another year, 2021 saw many of us wearing masks or as some people pronounce it masks at school, at work, on public transport, at leisure and social events and sometimes even at home However, you pronounce it and however you wear one or even to the word mask was everywhere in 2021, number nine, I woke up this morning at around 6 30 but that's not what we're talking about here, woke describes a state of being politically, socially and culturally informed and aware, especially in relation to social equality and that's a good thing, right?

    そう、コロナウィルスのパンデミックが今年も続く中、2021年には多くの人が学校や職場、公共交通機関、レジャーや社交イベント、時には自宅でもマスクを着用したり、マスクと発音する人もいました。 しかし、その発音や着用の仕方に関わらず、2021年にはマスクという言葉が至る所で見られました。9番 今朝は6時半頃に目が覚めましたが、ここで話しているのはそういうことではありません。目が覚めたというのは、政治的、社会的、文化的な情報を得て、特に社会的な平等に関連して意識している状態を表していて、それは良いことですよね?

  • It's good to think about the needs and experiences of people from groups other than your own.


  • Well, not everyone thinks so with some people complaining that woke people sometimes called the woke brigade are in fact policing the words and actions of others.


  • It's such a divisive topic that the word woke can be used as a compliment and as an insult depending on your viewpoint.


  • One thing we can agree on though is that the word woke has definitely been on all our lips this year.


  • Number eight as lockdowns stretched into 2021.


  • Many of us found ourselves spending much, much more time than usual in front of the tv, we binge watched everything and I mean everything.


  • And here at BBC learning english, we even uploaded our own box sets onto Youtube for you to watch somebody pass the popcorn number seven it's safe to say that most of us hadn't heard the word conservative ship before 2000 and eight when a U.

    また、BBC Learning Englishでは、自分たちが作ったボックスセットをYoutubeにアップロードしていますので、誰かポップコーンを渡してください。 7番は、2000年以前にほとんどの人がConservative Shipという言葉を知らなかったと言ってもいいでしょう。

  • S.


  • Court ruled that pop megastar Britney Spears was unable to make her own decisions and granted her father, Jamie Spears control of pretty much every aspect of her life.


  • The fan lead free Britney movement gathered momentum as in june 2021 she told a U.


  • S.


  • Court that she deserved to have a life Britney fans were delighted when on eight September 2021, Jamie Spears requested the court to finally end the 13-year conservatorship and they were positively ecstatic when she announced her engagement to boyfriend Sam Ascari.


  • Just five days later Brittany, we wish you a long and happy marriage number six They say there's no place like home and that's where a lot of us spent a lot of time in 2021 whether we were working from home in our home office or home schooling our Children or just staying home because, well everything was closed home was certainly the place to be this year, number five onto our next word and it's nothing to do with animals.

    ちょうど5日後のことです ブリタニーさん、末永くお幸せに 6番 家ほど素敵な場所はないと言いますが、私たちの多くが2021年に多くの時間を過ごした場所です ホームオフィスで仕事をしていたり、子供に家庭学習をさせていたり、あるいは、すべてが閉まっていたので家にいたりと、今年は確かに家が一番でした 5番 次の言葉は動物とは関係ありません

  • When we say someone or something is the goat, we mean that they are the greatest of all time and Roy to explain Goat is short for greatest of all time and is used to talk about things or people that we think are the best.

    誰かや何かがヤギであると言うとき、その人が史上最も偉大であることを意味します。 Roy to explain ヤギは greatest of all time の略で、最高だと思う物事や人について話すときに使われます。

  • Yes, for example, footballers or other sports stars who you think are number one, you can call them the goat.


  • Yes.


  • There have been a whole herd of goats getting our attention in 2021 football is messi and Ronaldo tennis legend Roger Federer gymnast, simone biles and pop stars Madonna and Elton john to name but a few you may not agree with our choices that, but we do hope you think BBC learning english is the goat when it comes to english language learning number four antique.

    2021年のサッカー界では、メッシやロナウド、テニス界ではロジャー・フェデラー、体操界ではシモーネ・バイルス、ポップ界ではマドンナやエルトン・ジョンなど、多くのヤギたちが注目を集めています あなたは私たちの選択に同意しないかもしれませんが、私たちはあなたがBBC Learning Englishが英語学習に関してヤギだと思うことを願っています。

  • Now a lot of the time the word anti isn't an actual word.


  • It's actually a prefix, a kind of mini words that we stick onto the beginning of another word to change its meaning.


  • And this little prefix anti meaning against or opposed to was everywhere.


  • In 2021 anti maskers and anti vax is held demonstrations and campaigned on social media, anti abortion groups took to the streets in texas, the proud boys and anti fascists kept on clashing whilst scientists continued their efforts to develop an antiviral drug to treat coronavirus and millions of people took covid 19 antigen tests with or without a hyphen, there's been no getting away from anti this year.


  • Number three to boldly go where no celebrity has gone before.


  • Our next word is space 2021 was a busy year in space with some unlikely astronauts making the brief but unforgettable trip into the edge of space billionaires.

    次の言葉は「宇宙」 2021年は、宇宙では大忙しの年でした。思いがけない宇宙飛行士が、短いながらも忘れられない旅をして、宇宙の端っこで億万長者になりました。

  • Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos led the way, followed by actor William Shatner, Who after a lifetime of playing Captain Kirk in Star Trek, became the oldest human in space at the age of 90 in October 2021 with dozens of millionaires and celebrities such as tom Hanks, Justin Bieber and lady gaga all rumored to have bought tickets for future space trips.


  • We're expecting much more celebrity news from space in 2022.


  • Number two.


  • Climate with extreme weather events happening all over the world.


  • More and more often Global temperatures rose so high that July 2021 broke all records becoming officially the hottest month on the planet since records began 2021 saw the world wake up to the reality of climate change like never before and the word climate was written, read heard and spoken more and more.


  • We've heard a lot about the climate crisis this year and we can only hope we'll be hearing about climate action and climate solutions in the very near future.


  • There's just one more word to go.


  • We've had a great year bringing you all the vocabulary you need to talk about the world and everything that's happened in it in 2021.


  • The good things as well as the not so good things.


  • We love to bring you more words.


  • But all we can do right now is to tell you to visit us on BBC learning English To find great language learning content throughout 2022.

    しかし、私たちが今できることは、2022年を通して素晴らしい言語学習コンテンツを見つけるために、BBC learning Englishへの訪問をお伝えすることです。

  • Whatever it has in store for us.


  • And now number one, the BBC learning english word of the year 2021 is vaccine.

    そして、第1位は、BBC Learning English Word of the Year 2021で、「ワクチン」です。

  • Fizer, Sputnik, Sinopharm, Astrazeneca, Covid vaccine.


  • The list of coronavirus vaccines is getting longer and longer And more and more people around the world are getting vaccinated in the fight against COVID-19.


  • It's not without controversy.


  • Some people say that access to vaccines should be much more equal from country to country And others say that we shouldn't get vaccinated at all wherever you stand on the vaccine debate.


  • It's fair to say that we haven't stopped talking about vaccines in 2021 And it looks like we'll still be talking about them well into the future.


  • So that's it.


  • We hope that you've enjoyed our trip around some of the English words old and new that we've been talking about in 2021.


  • We're sure there will be a whole lot of new ones in 2022 and we'll be right here to explore them with you.


  • Goodbye.




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