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  • Here’s what to expect during  each year of medical school.

  • Year one is all about adjusting to  the rigors of medical school. You will  

  • hone your study strategies, establish  your routines, and optimize your time.

  • In year two, the stakes get higher and your  primary focus will be preparing to take Step 1.  

  • This exam will test your knowledge of how  the body works and how diseases develop.

  • Completing Step 1 marks the beginning of  year three and the transition out of the  

  • classroom and into the clinical setting. You will  complete a series of core rotations culminating  

  • with Step 2CK which will test the clinical  knowledge youve been developing on rotation.  

  • Step 2CK will also largely dictate  your competitiveness for residency.

  • And that brings us to year four. The  first half will be spent preparing your  

  • residency application and completing month-long  audition rotations. After that, you will submit  

  • your application, complete your residency  interviews, and await Match Day in March.

  • Once you match into a residency  program, the remainder of year four  

  • is smooth sailing. Most students use this  time to travel or spend time with loved  

  • ones because residency is comingand it’s going to be a rough ride.

Here’s what to expect during  each year of medical school.


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Four Years of Medical School in 60 Seconds #SHORTS

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