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  • For a show to be good, Is it always necessary to have a complex plot and a deep cast of characters?

  • Can masterful visual and sound production, elevate an average story to a great one?

  • I believe, Kimetsu No Yaiba proofs that it can.

  • I feel like there're only two types of opinion about Kimetsu No Yaiba. Either you love it as one of the best anime of the decades or you hate it as an overly hyped story with little to back it up.

  • So now after the movie that absolutely broke the box offices in Japan and with the widely anticipated release of the second season, I finally want to share my honest thoughts on this highly controversial anime.

  • Hi, my name is Manu, I'm getting by really tired of all the demons lay emerging in Japan seriously, every convenience store has some chocolate or beverage with something from the series on it.

  • But nonetheless, I want to convince you today that it's absolutely worth watching, committing libel with a heavy emphasis on the watching part before we can get into the part of the show that I absolutely love and that ultimately made me recommend this show.

  • I want to address some criticism that I have this anime undoubtedly set new standards in some aspects, but it's quite underwhelming in others, which I feel is what led to the polarized opinions around it.

  • The biggest criticism you hear around the story is writing but that's such a general criticism pet, it physically pains me whenever someone says it writing as a whole consists of so many parts the world.

  • The premise, the plot, the characters, the dialogue and much much more that being said.

  • I promised that I would start with some honest negative feedback.

  • One of my favorite things in storytelling are great characters, people who are relatable or detestable or inspiring any of these but generally feel like real people who go on some sort of journey throughout the story.

  • And I honestly got to say that demon slayer does not have great character.

  • Writing.

  • Tangelo is an interesting take on the shonen hero.

  • Trope one of the better characters in the story overall and definitely not as terrible as many people claim.

  • But I also have to admit that he doesn't impact me on a personal level as a lieu fee or Anita dory woods and in a way is almost a little bit too good.

  • Does that make sense where there are very few morally questionable actions from his side that make him feel more like a real person.

  • Now, almost all of the characters have a distinctive quirk that makes them unique but at the same time lack proper characterization.

  • Z two is probably the most annoying aspect of the entire show for me because even with his back story we don't really get a good impression as for why he behaves this way.

  • And honestly the joke with his character as an over the top coward drags on way too long I think do Yeah.

  • uh huh and at least up to now there is literally no redeeming aspect to his character similarly in Oscar's Quirk is also a bit too much however compared to Zeitz who he has a lot more character development in this regard early on and another aspect that bothered me was that many of the antagonists get flashbacks to make them more relatable.

  • However with very very poor timing only after they already have been defeated which sort of misses the point of making us sympathize with them.

  • Nittsuko who is the star of the show in many ways is extremely lovable.

  • Yes but doesn't have a single line of proper dialogue throughout the series even though demons can talk and we have other examples of good demons not eating humans.

  • So why does musical where that muzzle all the time now and in general there are a number of inconsistencies like this throughout the story at some point I found the pacing of the plot very poorly chosen where some fights drag on too long while important character moments are cut short or overshadowed by badly timed comedy.

  • Demon slayer is not perfect and I think criticizing certain aspects of the show is absolutely justified and it's a shame really because the story could be so so much more with better character writing.

  • However, now with all that being said, why do I still love and strongly recommends that you watch this anime?

  • Well first of all, next to character and pace, there is a lot of really do decent writing in this as well.

  • I think the premise of the story is pretty decent as we follow Tantaros quest to find a cure for his demon sister where we follow him growing up and learning about the world around him.

  • It's a classic shonen arc but very well executed I think, I mean when you stare and I got the money and then drew my name Yeah there is a great balance and great variety of characters with a very refreshing take on the female roles, not following the big boob damsel in distress pattern but actually introducing a very unique and impressive cast of male and female characters alike and on top of that the enemy also doesn't shy away from graphic imagery and a darker sub tone.

  • The two things that also made you so kaizen stand out so much to me percent Yeah Mr look so cute, Jonah Now Tangie does motivation is clear from the start and we can fully understand why he does what he does.

  • This allows us to explore the world of this anime with him which is the first thing about kim it's unavoidable where I personally think it fully outshines many of its competitors.

  • The setting and story world of this anime are absolutely fantastic.

  • I am a huge fan of world building and Edo period.

  • Japan was the perfect choice for this in my opinion this way we get the best of both worlds rural met evil look in Japan as well as bright, vivid cities, times are changing and we see tradition in katana meeting electricity and progress.

  • We see the demons funnily enough integrating into this new world way better than the demon slayer organization and all the challenges that come with a changing country.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm What does she mean?

  • Anika you desk.

  • But for me most importantly we get this beautiful aesthetic of Edo period Japan that offers the most romanticized image that all of us have of Japan and that so many of us love.

  • The landscapes are beautiful, the towns and cities are stunning with detail and despite the constant threat of the demons, there is a certain sense of peace and stability to this world.

  • Do you know that warm feeling you associate with wonderfully drawn anime landscapes?

  • Well, demon slayer is that for every single episode it's a fantastic if admittedly romanticized glimpse into a version of Japan that you just don't see all too often an anime that Japanese people are incredibly proud of which partly I think explains the crazy success it had domestically.

  • However, this already gets me to the core of this video for me, this world only truly comes to life like this in the enemy.

  • The main reason this story became such a hit and was able to distinguish itself from its competition was in large part thanks to studio youthful table you vegetable, I have no idea to pronounce this actually the studio who brought this world to life.

  • I really can't praise them enough because that's how big their contribution has been.

  • You can pause the anime at almost any point and it looks like a duck wallpaper.

  • The world feels vibrant and the life.

  • The character designs are colorful and unique and combined with fantastic voice acting as well as detailed rich facial expressions that together make up for a lot of the characterization missing in the manga come out of the home is going to happen.

  • Good morning.

  • The production team managed to find a near flawless balance between two D and three D.

  • Seamlessly blending the two to allow for new and exciting camera moments and action sequences as well as stunning ambient lighting, perfecting what many other animals struggle with.

  • In my opinion, visually demon slayer easily outperforms most competition over the last few years.

  • It's truly a visual masterpiece.

  • The score created by Yuki Katsura and go.

  • Sheena is pretty much perfect with a rich variety of tracks that by themselves lived the plot and storyline to a higher level.

  • Gonna cut that content.

  • Not here, The openings by the artist lisa are so popular here in Japan that you basically hear them every day somewhere playing on some radio station.

  • All of that accentuated by great sound design that complements the score perfectly interestingly enough.

  • Demon slayer, not only one enemy of the year at the Crunchy Roll Awards.

  • We can talk about how legit those are, but they also want best fight scene.

  • And I think that this is the real reason this anime is as successful as it is.

  • The outstanding work of the visual and sound departments came to full fruition with the many action and fighting scenes that this anime has every time the tangelo swings to unleash his water breathing, it is followed by a visual firework of these beautiful, lush blue ink like waves juxtaposed against a photo realistic backgrounds.

  • This is just breathtaking every single time I see it and even slow motion which is often used a bit awkwardly in Japanese media is perfect.

  • I mean, just just look at this scene.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm, mm hmm.

  • Yeah, this is some real eye candy right there.

  • Well, the writing in the manga is far from impeccable and in some parts is a little disappointing.

  • The concept of the story overall is solid and take into the screen with breathtaking work from the production team kim It's Nuweiba, in my opinion, is a must see you can't skip the scenes with Zane.

  • So in my opinion, it is so incredibly bendable.

  • And now that season two is out with the Pleasure District arc.

  • I can't wait to dive back into this Edo period one, the world and hunt some demons if you made it until here, that's the universe telling you to subscribe.

  • Welcome on board, but seriously, thanks for subscribing.

For a show to be good, Is it always necessary to have a complex plot and a deep cast of characters?


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