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  • Vancouver is a perfect physical setting

  • it's so lush and its so green its laid-back

  • it really does promote a wellness

  • kind of lifestyle. It's got a great culinary scene

  • it has a sustainable oceans. I love climate.

  • You can ski and go to the beach in the same day. And, most of all

  • it has that multi-cultural, ethnic background

  • I love hiking the Chief. I would do the Wreck Beach stairs

  • Grouse Grind. I like Deep Cove hikes. My favourite way to embrace the rain is

  • definitely just to get on my bike or go for a run and just be in it.

  • I do, I really like running in the rain, I think it's invigorating.

  • If it weren't for the rain I don't know if I'd be able to go into the dark and

  • contemplate and think about new things

  • and reflect, you know the rain forces you to kind of go in the cave, so I really appreciate

  • the rain for that. It's a delicious city.

  • Vancouver is sushi central. There's a place called

  • Guu in Gastown. Granville Island has best chai ever.

  • Guerrilla foods, they have the this smoothie...

  • that has cocoa in it, and it's got

  • coconut in it, and it's got

  • bananas and it's just like to die for, every sip of it you're like

  • oh my god. The local organic food movement

  • in the city has been the most inspiring thing for me to see

  • whether it's in Vancouver, in North Van, Burnaby; There's farmers markets

  • everywhere

  • Kits Farmers Market's probably my favorite. I feel like that's the heart of Kitsilano

  • in the summer time. Because I the city's connection to nature

  • There's a lot of really conscious people in the city. Vancouver is not only a

  • great city to live in but it

  • also is the democracy

  • of culture, a seeds of

  • where great minds, great foods

  • that have traveled abroad, that have broaden the horizons

  • come together. It's a very progressive place to live. You feel just as comfortable walking around in

  • your Lululemons

  • as you do in

  • you know your best shoes and

  • best dress. It allows that person to be who they are

  • a freedom of choice is very very important

  • Vancouver is a great place for transformation so when you're ready for

  • change

  • Vancouver, people may call it a transient place but that's what it is

  • it's so that life can get transformed

  • Well, I think one of the things I really love about Vancouver is the

  • influence that I feel like it has on the rest of the world. I feel like it's a

  • city that is

  • really aiming to represent the like next paradigm

  • of urban living.

  • it's an organic city that is going to be successful

  • because it has so much depth and culture

  • and history behind it. And that, is why we love Vancouver

  • That's why I love Vancouver. That's why I love Vancouver.

  • and that's why I would not live anywhere else other than Vancouver

  • because I love it here.

Vancouver is a perfect physical setting


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