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  • Hey guys! What's up? It's Ricky.

  • So the other day, I was talking to my friend, Andrea Russett.

  • We were talking about common lies that pretty much everyone tells.

  • We do together a quick list of common lies people tell.

  • I didn't even like him that much anyway.

  • When you don't want to hang out with somebody, so you pretend like you're sick.

  • Andrea is calling me again?

  • She's so annoying!

  • Hey! Andrea! What's up? How are you doing?

  • I can't hang out tonight. I'm sick.

  • I would love to hang out. I am so sorry that my mother said I can't.

  • All ready! That's get this night started!

  • The no make up, no filter, no edit lie on pictures on Instagram.

  • I'm not even wearing any make up right now.

  • Oh snap! I finally finish my hair in make up, only took about like two hours.

  • But whatever, let's take that Instagram picture.

  • Love it! Who is that hot creature?

  • Just roll out of bed. Hashtag no make up. Hashtag no filter. Hashtag hot. Listen you got some of that Melissa filter. Woo... that covers up my acne just as

  • Oh no no. It's fine that nobody invites me to big party. I have plans anyway. I probably couldn't even make it.

  • The classic "I am fine" lie when you really not.

  • Teresa! Are you okay? Why are you crying?

  • I'm fine.

  • Okay. Are you sure?

  • Really. I'm fine. I am fine!

  • Oh okay.

  • F.I.N.E FINE! I'm fine.

  • Oh I swear I would never unfollow you on purpose. It must be my Twitter. It does that sometime. It's so weird.

  • When you tweeted something, and that person you tweet about sees the tweet and ask you if it's about them.

  • Oh Gosh! This movie is really good.

  • Yeah. Really fun!

  • I love hanging out.

  • I like hang out with you too.

  • Why did you just tweet I want to shove forks into my ears. I can't stand this ratchet noise sitting next to me? Was that tweet about me?

  • Oh no! That tweet wasn't about you. Don't worry.

  • If it wasn't about me, then what else would it be about?

  • Oh... It was about... Bye.

  • Trust me, dude. That was my last piece of gum. You know I would give you a piece.

  • No honey. You don't look fat in those jeans.

  • Yes you do.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching, please give this video a big thumbs up for me.

  • We made two parts to this video. To see part two on Andrea's channel, click right here.

  • We have a whole different version with more juicy lies everyone tells. So just click here, check it out.

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  • Comments below some other lies that people tell, that you tell. And I'll see you guys next Sunday. OKAY GUYS SEE YOU LATER.

Hey guys! What's up? It's Ricky.


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