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  • yeah, today was a busy day for me.


  • So I decided to be a little less disciplined and get straight to work as soon as I woke up, I don't always eat green smoothies journal or meditate some days I take inspired action and I had this amazing inkling to start a podcast today and sometimes when you feel the inspiration and motivation to start something, it's important to just act on it.


  • This morning, I was looking forward to some avocado and egg toast.


  • This is my first time eating it in a year and a half since I learned I had allergies to eggs and now I don't after allowing myself to really heal.


  • So I was really excited for this one as you can see and my japanese kitchen is quite compact.


  • So ignore all the craziness on the stove and in the area.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • A lot of the seasonings and cooking products I get are from import shops around my home amazon or I heard dot com.


  • I like to cook an array of things, but my husband is a master at japanese cooking compared to me.


  • So I try to cook more Western dishes since he misses a lot of that stuff and I love a lot of japanese food.


  • So he's kind of in charge of that.


  • Mhm, mm hmm.

    Mhm, mm hmm.

  • Yeah, Good morning, everybody actually, Good afternoon.


  • It's 1 30 I'm actually thinking of ordering on Uber eats and I know that's something that I'm trying to not do, but if you make the healthy choices on that app, then it's fine.

    1 30です。実はUber eatsで注文しようと思っていて、それはしないようにしていることなのですが、そのアプリで健康的な選択をするのであれば問題ありません。

  • But if you're always ordering things like Mcdonald's and all of that stuff that's different, but they do have some sushi bowls on there and I'm kind of craving some sushi and sashimi.


  • So we're gonna look on the app and I'm going to purchase that for lunch and in a couple hours I am going to go to the grocery store and I'm going to cook tonight and something healthy.


  • Um and I'm so busy today because I'm starting my podcast and I've never started a podcast before.


  • So it's gonna take some time for me to figure out.


  • Also, I want to release a video tomorrow.


  • So doing a lot of editing and um, like Youtube work and voiceovers and all that stuff.


  • It takes the most time out of my life, especially when it comes to content creating.


  • So that is what I'm going to be doing today trying to figure out right now.


  • You guys, so please listen to the first episode.


  • It should be up by the time this video is up.


  • I think I think it takes time to get it on Spotify or Itunes or something like that.


  • So we'll see how it goes.


  • I'm learning.


  • Taking things step by step.


  • The one thing I learned is that I fear starting.


  • I've always felt that way.


  • Like I've always felt this fear of starting because I don't know how and I know that such an excuse to say like, I don't know how, I don't know how to do it and just keep saying that every single day and not actually doing it.


  • But once I learn all this stuff like email marketing, I didn't know how to do any of that and I was scared and it took me the longest time to do, to figure out email marketing and learning how to create a website and all that stuff.


  • I didn't know how to do any of that.


  • It scared me.


  • And it took me maybe like three months into the coaching program that I was in.


  • I was in a group coaching program took me three months to get my website up because I was afraid it wasn't gonna look nice or it wasn't going to be perfect.


  • And I just want you guys to say that just starting and just reading the articles, taking a day to just really research and asking questions.


  • When I first started Youtube, I scoured the internet trying to figure out how to edit and how to put things into my program and you know, do all that.


  • And I took all of that time to learn something in the beginning.


  • It takes time.


  • It takes a lot of time.


  • But then once you get used to it and get paying of it, you free up your time and so you can get back on track with your other things like content creating or um doing other stuff like spending time with family, spending time with family.


  • My goal is to get the podcast done.


  • If I don't finish my video, I'm just going to finish it tomorrow and then release it on sunday and that's okay.


  • So I have to think about my priority.


  • Today is what I eat a day on a busy day.


  • So I'm showing you what I'm doing when I'm busy.


  • Okay, so this is what I'm going to attempt to cook tonight.


  • It's called casa blanca chicken and has like onion and parsley and peppers and jalapeno.

    casa blanca chickenという名前で、オニオン、パセリ、ペッパー、ハラペーニョなどが入っています。

  • But yeah, it looks super good and spicy, which I like spice.


  • Anyway, I just want to thank our sponsor for today, which is skill share.


  • I have been partnering with them for a while now and I always bring you some new and really exciting courses that you can take on skill share.


  • This skill share courses are super short, you can finish them within like an hour or 45 minutes.


  • So that's why they're so great.


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  • So it's super cheap, very affordable.


  • You can get the trial for free.


  • So that's a gift from me for creative and curious people, all of these courses will help you kickstart your 2021 if you want to learn something new, try something new.


  • I think skill share is a great place to learn anything and everything.


  • You can connect with the support of the fellow creatives and can enter a community of encouragement, communication and inspiration and it's just a ton of stuff, Ton of resources for you and tools for you to just kick start 2021 and one course that I really wanted to introduce you to is somebody by Nathaniel drew and I took the course this morning.

    クリエイター仲間のサポートとつながり、励ましやコミュニケーション、インスピレーションのコミュニティに入ることができ、2021年をスタートさせるためのリソースやツールがたくさんあります。私がぜひ紹介したいと思ったのは、Nathaniel drew氏によるコースで、私は今朝このコースを受講しました。

  • That's why I'm starting late because I wanted to see what he had to say about discovering and honing your skills to learn how to find your voice online because there's a lot of people that want to start Youtube channels and just be creative.


  • So he talks about sharing your voice online and he, I love him as a Youtuber.


  • If you guys don't know who he is, Nathaniel Drew, he is a very inspirational Youtuber and I am so inspired by him when I make my own videos.


  • So I think that you guys will find a lot of um good stuff from him and he talks about finding your value, your creativity and everything like that and he's just really good to watch.


  • He's an amazing editor and I wish I had the skills that he had something that I really want to get better at.


  • Yeah, he's incredible.


  • So if you want to learn more about what he does, I think that taking his course, if you do sign up is very going to be very beneficial For you.


  • Like I said, um, the 1st 1000 people to sign up in the link down below, you can get a free trial of the skill share premium membership and then after that it's $10.


  • So do as you must and I'm going to start this podcasting and figure it all out and then I'll show you what I'm going to cook and how to order on Uber eats in Japan.

    だから、あなたがすべきことをしてください。私はこのポッドキャスティングを始めて、すべてを把握した上で、日本でのUber eatsでの料理や注文の仕方を紹介します。

  • Okay, so this is the Uber eats app in Japan.

    さて、これが日本のUber eatsアプリですね。

  • I'm not going to show you everything because it has my address.


  • So we're just kind of kind of, I'm going to show you what I'm going to order.


  • Okay, so I'm going to get the salmon Nagy total don't, which is salmon and spring onion and minced tuna rice bowl and I'm going to add some flounder to it.


  • I really love it.


  • It tastes so good and it comes with Wasabi and ginger and all that stuff.


  • I'll show you when I get it, but it looks exactly like the picture.


  • That's what I love about Japan is everything that you order looks exactly like the picture is my podcast set up, I have a little bit of a script for my intro and then I'm just gonna talk about my story and all of that stuff to be in the episode, but I have this thing um I'm not sure if it's going to sound very good, we'll see and then I have my microphone, it's not focusing.


  • I have my microphone, this is the Yeti microphone, it's kind of broken.


  • It was broken when it came out of the box, which kind of sucks.


  • Um but that's because yeah, it's just the only thing that happens is sometimes moves back a little bit, but it's fine now.


  • Um other than that, this is my setup and I'm using garageband to record and then I'm gonna put it on anchor.


  • So that's a website that I'm using, but my food is coming soon, so I'm probably going to just do it after I finish my food.


  • So yeah, and now it's time for lunch.


  • I had my Uber eats driver drop it off outside the door so we wouldn't come in contact and it always looks so so good.

    Uber eatsのドライバーにドアの外に置いてもらって、接触しないようにしていますが、いつもとても美味しそうです。

  • I put quinoa soy sauce on it, which is soy free from amazon japan and then I ate it.

    amazon japanの大豆不使用のキヌア醤油をかけて、食べました。

  • This sushi bowl has salmon flounder, minced tuna, wasabi ginger and green onion on top of some white rice.


  • I ended up applying, I got the interview portion of it, I did the interview that was the most nerve wracking.


  • So I got it recorded right now.


  • It's finished.


  • I'm super excited.


  • So fun actually enjoy podcasting a lot.


  • So we'll see how it goes if you guys are listening, please uh screenshot it and then tag me on my social media at kelly morita SAN and show me that you're listening.

    もし皆さんが聞いていたら、スクリーンショットを撮って、私のソーシャルメディア(kelly morita SAN)で私をタグ付けして、聞いていることを示してください。

  • Please give it a good review.


  • I'd love to hear more about what you think of it and let me know what your topics, what topics I could talk about.


  • That would be interesting.


  • So let me know down below.


  • I'd love to have more guest speakers if you have any idea of who I could have as a guest speaker, I have a lot in mind.


  • But yeah, let me know and we'll see how it goes.


  • I'm excited and now it's time to go grocery shopping.


  • I always bring my backpack and a couple extra bags because you have to pay for the plastic bags if you go there and you forget them.


  • So I always bring them and now it's time to go out into the cold, it's freezing outside and I can't forget my mask, but I usually just put on my shoes and head outside.


  • I have a bike that I used to get around everywhere.


  • It's like the main mode of transportation and it is strawberry season.


  • So I'm going to grab some of these, they're kind of expensive but totally worth it and I usually just pick up some lettuce and salads and things that I could eat on the side and I'm getting all the stuff that I need to make the Casablanca chicken for tonight.


  • I'm really excited to make it.


  • This aisle is all salad dressings, it's insane.


  • I just wanted to show you that real quick.


  • But this is my little hall, I'll give you a rundown of it when I get back home.


  • Yeah.


  • Yes.


  • Okay.


  • Yeah.


  • Oh control.


  • I'm okay, I'm doing a little bit of grocery haul now.


  • So I got salmon which is like 10% off its atlantic salmon, so it's more expensive.


  • I got chicken for dinner tonight, I have yogurt plain and the blueberry one that I like.


  • I got coconut, sugar free milk, they had a bunch of different milks, which was awesome.


  • And then I have some onion.


  • I also have some cucumber for salad and olives for a salad.


  • And then I have some salad for tonight, lots of salad, and then I have broccoli and macaroni.


  • So I'm gonna put a little bit of the macaroni, just plain noodles into my salad because I used to go to this restaurant that had amazing salmon salad and I want to re create it.


  • So that has all of those that had a little bit of pasta salad, salmon and avocado and lettuce.


  • It was really good.


  • And then I got alfalfa sprouts, um some mixed daikon salad because Beauty likes this kind and so do I.


  • But I'm gonna add this to the chicken dish tonight and broccoli, another head of broccoli for tonight.


  • And then I have banana and strawberries and some of this packaged organic lettuce with some radishes and avocado and then this, I actually got some chicken, organic chicken stock, its cage free rich flavor made from slow cooked organic chicken bones and you can use it instead of breath.


  • So I'm gonna put this in like soups and stuff like that.


  • I actually got a huge carton of it on amazon, I get a lot of my food's on amazon that are like foreign and I herb dot com.


  • So if you're living in Japan, like those are the two places that I get like my food, but hopefully we can use this all until april because that's when it expires, but I'm gonna use some of it today for dinner and yeah, this is everything now that I'm staying at home.


  • I really want to know what you guys want to see.


  • I know you guys love food videos, but is there anything else that you'd like to see of me staying at home or anything you'd like to know or learn.


  • Please comment down below.


  • Alright, so podcast is up and I'm going to cook dinner.


  • It took all day to figure everything out and make the art and like it was a lot, but I did it.


  • Yeah, so excited.


  • Okay, so we decided to have rice with the meal.


  • I wanted to cook brown rice, but it takes a really long time to cook and it's really late.


  • So I'm just cooking some white rice here and in japan you have to wash the rice.


  • Not every brand needs washing, but this one in particular does.


  • So you just have to rinse it a little bit three times and then you can go ahead and cook it so slowly throughout the day my makeup comes off.


  • So excuse this.


  • But I am making some sausage and chicken because the sausage is going to expire soon and that's do geez mom who sent that and I want to cook it.


  • So we're gonna cook sausage and chicken with white rice.


  • I wanted brown rice, but brown rice takes a really long time to cook compared to white rice and it's getting late.


  • So I'm just gonna cook a little bit of white rice and then I have deemed broccoli and I'm gonna mix the chicken and the sausage with some seasonings and then we're gonna cook it with the onion and jalapeno and a little bit of chili.