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Hi. My name is Grace.
and I am the founder of Mink.
Here we go.
Mink is the desktop printer that prints makeup.
It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic,
turning any phone, laptop,or printer
oh sorry, phone, laptop, or camera
into an endless beauty aisle.
So, I wanna first talk a little bit about myself
so you guys can get to understand about how I came up with this idea.
I'm a serial inventor.
I've done everything from medic devices all the way to jewelry.
Uhm, and not too long ago I was student at Harvard Business School.
And I want to create a makeup product.
Uhm, and what I found out was the makeup industry
makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bullshit.
And they do this by charging a huge premium on one thing
that technology provides for free.
And that one thing is color!
So, the beauty industry is worth 55 billion dollars
and in the US,
70% of all makeup is purchased in mass outlets like Walmart.
Walmart can offer you all the colors that
expensive prestige stores can, like Sephora.
Why? Supply chain.
And that's because
volume discounts drive a mass price one
So they can only… they can only select
colors that are gonna sell out in mass volumes.
So you might like the coolish colors,
you have to go to expensive Sephora.
But who likes paying for expensive Sephora prices?
No one! That's true.
So that's what Mink does.
It gives you the selection of prestige that combines with the convenience and mass.
As a matter of fact, I'm beating the selection of prestige
because I'm giving you the selection of the internet.
And I'm beating the convenience of the mass
because I'm giving you the convenience of your own freaking house.
So, this is the Mink.
It's a proprietary piece of hardware.
And it works just as like an inkjet printer.
You do not need any new software.
All you need is a color picker to copy the HEX code
and any software to print.
Also, just like an inkjet printer,
you just need subscript and ink.
Both of which are FDA compliant
and came from the same exact sources as those of trusted brands.
I'm gonna retail this for about $300 initially
and the ink and the subscripts gonna be combined to a price
so that they are very exhaustible.
My initial target market – they're girls ages 13-21.
They have not formed any habits yet.
And they're still experimenting
and we're gonna grow with them.
And that's how we're gonna change the world by this makeup.
Plus, this is how they ordinarily learn, know how to put on makeup.
This is their natural habitats.
So clicking to print is just the next natural step.
So I'm gonna stop talkin' now
and just put to the demo.
So, imagine… oh demo please?
Thank you!
So, imagine… I'm 16 year Amanda,
again you don't need any new software.
I'm using colorzilla and photoshop
because why? I just like it.
So, imagine… I'm 16 year-old Amanda
and I'm watching Michelle Phan
putting on some eye shadow
I see a color I like, I pause the video
it's active
and I pick a color to copy
And I just paste the code. It's the HEX code
every pixel has it
And just like any other inkjet printer…
we have all done it before. it's very boring! Someone should figures
And then just press print.
The Mink enables the web to be the biggest beauty store in the world.
It not only unlocks images,
it unlocks pixels.
So, we're gonna live in a world
where you can just take a picture of your friend's lipstick
and just print it out.
hinting developers
Uhm… this, we're printing eye shadow right now but this is
basically gonna be able to print lipsticks,
powders, creams, foundations, etc.
So all we have to do now is basically just lift the cover up,
take it out,
and it's simply ready to apply.
Oh! Here it is!
Just so you guys can see that it's makeup.
I'm just gonna put it on my hand.
See my hand. It's makeup.
And the case, I know all of you guys think of the case.
Just put it in the case,
just close it and it's ready to go.
So, can we switch to the presentation slides please? Thank you!
This is all nice to know
but I think the most important thing of all these is that
this is gonna finally train our girls to understand that
the definition of beauty is
something that they should be able to control.
Not our corporations, and I think to me, that's the most important thing.
So finally, I'm excited to announce
the launch of our software developer.
Sign up on gracemink.com and hope that you all can join us. Thank you!
Judges, do you want to jump in?
That's a really, really impressive demo. Very cool!
I've seen hardwares really difficult processes,
a lot of businesses failed in trying manufacturing
Talk about your kind of experiences
and why you think you can help build many maufacturerers.
Oh ‘cause I failed a lot times before,
so this is ain't my first,
this is neither my second nor my third,
you know, I've done this before I know the, you know,
pitfalls and stuff.
And we're gonna fail, you just don't have… you just…
have to make sure you don't fail when it counts, you know, so, uhm..
And I think the best way to attack this is uhm…
you know this is based on mature technology,
it's inkjet right?
So I'm gonna go to this,
I'm gonna go to EPSON and, I'm gonna go to Dell
not…well Dell doesn't do printers anymore
but I'm gonna go to these printer guys
and just build a kind of deal;
you're business is dying, this can help, you know.
And from there, I mean, I think it should be pretty easy.
I think from hereon it's just negotiating with partners…
and I'm not greedy, I'm gonna be like, hey, let's kind of deal
and get this on the road and like
You don't wanna do manufacturing or manage manufacturing that rather license without to…
No, no, no, no, I mean I'll …
I'll deal with this but I think… I think…
I think there is partnerships that can help with the manufacturing
because they have the know-how that can speed up the process.
Is the idea to keep the same margin structure as cosmetics
but focus on the convenience factor which is
you don't need to buy all the, go to Sephora, you don't have to buy it
but essentially the pricing is still relatively the same?
No, the pricing is gonna be per unit.
The pricing is gonna be much lower.
So, uhm… per unit's gonna be down to mass.
So the idea is to disrupt both the distribution and
pricing mechanism of cosmetics?
So, I thought it was awesome but
I'm truly: congratulations hoping that demo to work, amazing!
If I understood it correctly,
it was a little hard to hear, you're selling the printer to 13-21 year olds
to make their own makeup?
One of the things that I think you may wanna look at is
how do you sell it to kind of influencers
who would then make makeup for their friends,
either for free or business right?
Like 300 bucks is a lot for a 13 years old
but if you then can turn around for 10 bucks
like custom makeup for your friends,
it's like a social thing, you got parties around it
and you potentially could
have disrupt all retail through all these
like Tupperware meets social
meets 3-D printing world.
And I wouldn't get too focused on
what you're trying to do in the form factor in the business model,
I would just try to put in the people's hands and let them run with it.
I totally agree and I think another thing, another outlet that uh…
I don't think this needs much formal marketing
just because also the web itself it has so many networks built in.
For example, when I try to do the home makeup thing
a couple of, like last year, what I learn was
you just have to put it in the right hands of key opinion leaders.
And right now, there are these Youtube beauty bloggers,
Michelle Phan has like fifty millions of followers
and uh you know she has, Or beauty bloggers, they have...
interest in like getting a hold of the next big thing
or getting the... you know, they have interest in kind of like playing with these kinds of things as well.
So, once they are playing with it,
that would kind of like engage people to play with it also
so I mean, I agree with you!
I don't consider myself an expert in makeup, I don't wear makeup at this moment but
my understanding is that there is base, there is eyeliner, so uhm…
What you're actually printing is it you know, what type of makeup is it
or is it that you gonna be able to print, you know, what makeup for different parts of the face?
And I miss this step that it look like a sheet that came out of a printer and you had tub,
did you scrape something off the sheet and put it into the tub or…
Yeaaah, I mean that was like I hacked this up
so this is just like a proof of concept prototype.
So, your first question
the printer when it's all set and done,
it's gonna be able to print you anything you want.
I haven't said yet if I want to make it do it all for you
or if I want the girls to kind of understand
like if I want to introduce it be at the substrates
just like a regular printer does
So you would have to have a different chip, right?
So you would have to have like a lipstick chip
or a cream chip or a foundation chip, right?
But that's not a problem, that's likely really I can figure that out
if I want to integrate that in the system, it'll take me day to do that's fine.
But that's just the business decision that we'll have to figure out.
But the printer itself will be able to make all types of makeup.
Uhm, what's your second question?
Well this time, I'll just poke on that one though.
Your printing the pigment is just like an inkjet
then you have if you're doing a lipstick, that pigment has to be mixed into tube,
if you're doing a little.. yeah so…
if you're printing the pigment?
The inkjet, part of this is the pigment part
but uh… but I'm assuming there's another tub of base
if it's lipstick base or cream base or powder base.
So I'm just trying to… that's not like traditional printers, right?
That's a different kind of material.
and that different type of material, that is raw material that's why it's so cheap.
See, I'm just breaking it down, so I mean these things if you break it down,
this is where like, is where the bullshit comes in, right?
So you break this down, the pigment?
Think of it, the cost of that, it's like food coloring
and the other stuff, that's raw materials
and they basically just kind of put it together and it's hocus pocus.
I'm just breaking it down for you, that's all so…
We're out of time, that was Mink, thank you very much!


Print Your Own Makeup With Mink | Disrupt NY 2014

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