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  • Hey there everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week!  

    皆さん、こんにちは! Tarleスピーチのジェニファーが、今週の質問をお届けします。

  • Two words today roam to move about aimlessly and  room a division of a building with four walls.  


  • I think the confusion comes in because of the  spelling typically when we see two vowels together 


  • -the first one we pronounce the letter  name and make it a long vowel and 


  • -the second one is just silent  that is the case here in


  • But here for this o o we  are going to pronounce it as  

    しかし、このo oの場合は、次のように発音します。

  • EW. So let's take a look at all of these  sounds and break this down a little bit more.


  • Okay let's start with that last sound the  m easy breezy put your lips together mmmmm.  

    では、最後の音から始めましょう......m easy breezy put your lips together mmmmm。

  • Air moves out of your nose.


  • You're going to start both of these words with  the r sound rrrr. Lips are square and tense,  


  • tip of the tongue is either pointed down or  flipped back, back of the tongue is pulled  


  • up high in both situations, and be sure to not  touch your teeth with the tip of your tongue.  


  • If you do that oftentimes it will sound like  a d sound or a trilled r to um a listener.


  • Next we're going to move to the EW by puckering  your tongue is just going to be flat in your mouth  


  • and then again end with the m.


  • room room room room room


  • And then for roam. You're going to open  your mouth more for that vowel sound  


  • OOOO. Gonna start in that wide oval shape. Tip  of the tongue is down, back of the tongue is  


  • pulled high up. And then you're going to move  to a pucker. As you pucker your tongue is  


  • going to move along for the ride and end up  flat and in the middle of your mouth. OOOOO


  • roam roam roam roam roam

    roam roam roam roam roam

  • This would also be the pronunciation of the city  Rome and that's how we would say that in English.


  • So again we have: room room room 


  • roam roam Rome room  

    roam roam Rome room

  • roam room roam

    roam room roam

  • And now for a sentence:


  • The dog will roam around the room all day.


  • Give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference. If you found  


  • this helpful, please share this with your friends  


  • and if you need more help check out our  products and our classes at Tarle Speech.

    さらに詳しい情報が必要な場合は、Tarle Speechの製品やクラスをチェックしてみてください。

  • Thanks so much everyone have an amazing weekend!


Hey there everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your question of the week!  

皆さん、こんにちは! Tarleスピーチのジェニファーが、今週の質問をお届けします。

AI 自動生成字幕

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