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  • For "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", it took 250 people to build the set for Dumbledore's office,


  • and they commissioned several artists to paint the sleeping portraits that didn't require any movement.


  • If you love puns, here's a good knee slapper for ya that was created by the set designers.


  • The entrance to Dumbledore's office is a griffin, or in other words, its a "Gryffindor".


  • Eat slugs!


  • For Ron's spell that backfired, Rupert Grint spat out fake slugs that were covered in a variety of tasty slime flavors such as chocolate, lemon, orange, and peppermint.


  • Better out than in.


  • They wanted to film the greenhouse scene in London's Kew Gardens, but when they scouted it out, they realized it wouldn't work.


  • So, they built their own gardens inside a soundstage instead.


  • Rictusempra!


  • During the duel between Harry and Draco, you can spot a cameraman on the left side of the crowd after Draco gets knocked down by Harry.


  • Draco's line to Harry who was disguised as Goyle was improvised because Tom Felton forgot what line he was really supposed to say instead.


  • I didn't know you could read.


  • Another ad lib from the Malfoys was near the end of the movie in Dumbledore's office.


  • Originally, there wasn't any line written for Lucius to say to Harry before leaving the scene.


  • But Jason Isaacs felt that his character had to say something threatening to Harry before he left.


  • So, during one take, Isaacs decided to make something up.


  • Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.


  • And Daniel Radcliffe fired back with an ad-libbed line of his own.


  • Don't worry; I will be.


  • A variety of looks were tried on Jason Isaacs to find the perfect look for Lucius Malfoy, which, at one point, included dying his eyebrows white to match his hair.


  • But, in the end, the hairdressers felt that his white eyebrows diminished the strength of his character, so they left them as Isaac's natural color instead.


  • Let me know in the comments which look you think makes him look more powerfulwith or without white eyebrows?


  • To save time and money, some of the sets were repurposed to be used later on in the film series.


  • For example, Ollivander's wand shop from the first movie was the same set used for the Flourish and Blotts bookstore in "Chamber of Secrets".


  • Aragog was initially going to be made using CG because of how big and complex of a creature he was.


  • However, the visual effects team was able to convince Chris Columbus to let them make a practical model of the giant arachnid instead.


  • And if it didn't work out, they'd just go with the original idea to use CG.

    うまくいかなかったら、CG を使うという原案にすればいいだけですしね。

  • But when everyone saw the first screen test of their live-action Aragog, they were completely convinced that making him a CG spider wouldn't be necessary.

    しかし、実写版アラゴグの最初のスクリーンテストを見たとき、誰もが「CG のクモにする必要はない」と完全に納得しました。

  • The Basilisk's snake skin was 40 feet long and was constructed using urethane rubber.


  • The filmmakers intended to have the Basilisk be a CG creature and only make a practical version of the head for the close-ups.

    バジリスクは CG で作り、頭部は接近するシーンの時だけ実写にするというのが制作側の意向でした。

  • But they ended up building a full-scale Basilisk that used aquatronics to make his movements smooth and snake-like.


  • They also built fangs that could be retracted with cables.


  • And the inside of its body was made up of aluminum ladders with foam latex wrapped around them to toughen up the look of its skin.


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For "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", it took 250 people to build the set for Dumbledore's office,


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