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  • What causes sea level rise?

  • If you've been to a beach before, you've probably noticed a sort of line where the ocean water meets the land.

  • Of course ocean water doesn't stay at the same level all the time.

  • Waves and tides cause the level of the water to rise and sink all day long.

  • But we can measure the height of ocean water many times a day and figure out the water's average, or typical, height.

  • The average height of the ocean in a particular place is called the local sea level.

  • But the ocean covers most of our planet.

  • So, it's way too big to measure with just a ruler.

  • NASA measures the average sea level of the whole ocean from space.

  • This measurement is called the global sea level.

  • People have been measuring local sea level at certain locations along the coast for hundreds of years,

  • and NASA has been measuring the global sea level for almost three decades.

  • Over this time, scientists have observed that the global sea level has been rising.

  • The ocean is about 7 to 8 inches higher now than it was a century ago.

  • Why?

  • Because Earth is getting warmer.

  • Glaciers and ice sheets are large masses of ice that sit on land.

  • As our planet warms, this ice melts and flows into the ocean.

  • More water in the ocean makes the sea level rise higher.

  • But that's not the only way seas are rising.

  • As Earth warms, the ocean is warming, too.

  • Water expands as it gets warmer.

  • So, warm water takes up more room in the ocean, making sea levels higher.

  • Rising sea levels can have an impact on how we live, especially in communities near the coasts.

  • NASA and its partners use the Jason satellites to measure global sea level.

  • It takes approximately 10 days for the satellites to complete one measurement.

  • And after they finish one measurement, they start measuring all over again.

  • By keeping an eye on Earth's oceans like this, we can measure how much sea level is rising and how quickly it is happening.

  • Find out more about our planet at NASA Climate Kids.

What causes sea level rise?


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What Causes Sea Level Rise?

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