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I'm a 38-year-old man. I like to think I'm in touch with the kids.
but I'm actually really cool, so I'll probably get most of these.
Teenage Slang Explained by Grown-ass Adults
"OTP"uh…Out To Parties? Is it "Over the Pants?"
"On that Pussy?" "Other than Penis?" "On the Phone! On the phone." "One True Pair" I knew that.
OTP(noun): One True Pairing, dream couple who may or may not actually be together.
"Turn Up." okay I've heard this one before.
I know you can "turn" things "down" for what. "Turn Up" is when you like...turn up the charm.
Means to increase the volume. It's like…turn up.
Getting together at this fucking party. Turn Up (verb): Let's party, get hyped, go wild
We have"BAE." I'm going to assume that it has something to do with "Beyonce." "Beyonce"
"Buy an Elephant?" Your BFF or your boyfriend or someone else that you love.
BAE (noun): Before Anyone Else, boo, bestie
"SHIP." It's a shortened version of "friendship?" I think this is to have sex.
When you ship somebody, that's like…going steady.
I don't know what this is, but it's probably a sex thing?
"SHIP" is short for "relationship"
and it's when two kids put together two people.
You may "ship" Jim and Pam on the office. SHIP (verb): to endorse a romantic relationship between two people.
"THOT?" "Titties Hoes or Taints"
"abbreviation for THOUGHT?"
Maybe it's like "Too Hot?" I think it's "Thanks for being so hot."
You walk by like a cute girl or guy and you just like, "hey, THOT."
A young honey if you will. THOT (noun): That Hoe Over There (plural: thotties)
I love the slangs that kids are using today
I just wish that when I use it, I didn't look like such a dork.


Teenage Slang Explained By Clueless Adults

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