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  • 10 things that are wrong with Din Tai Fung as compared to typical American Chinese restaurants.


  • I'm Chris, this is Yellow Productions; I do travel guides that are fun, informative, entertaining.

    クリスです、Yellow Productions へようこそ。楽しくて有益な面白い旅行ガイドをやっています。

  • I love Chinese food and Din Tai Fung is my favorite Chinese restaurant.


  • But it didn't used to be because I didn't know about it.


  • They've recently started opening here in the US and across the world.


  • If you've never heard of it, it's a chain from Taiwan that serves northern-style Chinese food.


  • They're most famous for their xiao long bao; I'll tell you about that later.


  • [If] You're like meyou're from America and you've eaten in a lot of Chinese restaurantsyour frame of reference for Din Tai Fung will fail you a little bit


  • But in this video, I'm gonna help you, if it's your first time coming, to know all the things that you're gonna think are wrong with it.


  • But, spoiler alert, it's really delicious; you should come.


  • The first thing that's wrong with Din Tai Fung is the menu.


  • What are all these things on the menu, and where are my American Chinese classics?


  • Where's the broccoli beef? Where's the orange chicken? Where's the Kung Pao chicken?


  • And you know what? I don't think Din Tai Fung thinks very kindly of General Tso because his chicken is nowhere to be found!


  • Why is this? What's on the menu?


  • Well, apparently, it's Chinese food that Chinese people actually eat.


  • What a concept.


  • The second thing that's wrong with Din Tai Fung are the floors and the tablesthey are not sticky at all!


  • There's something wrong with that; I am used to going into Chinese restaurants and hearing my feet go (smacks).


  • And when I put my elbows on the table, having to have some effort to take my elbows back up again.


  • Because how am I gonna know that the diners at that table actually had a good time before me if I can't see the residue from their previous meal?


  • And not just the tables being clean, but the things and sauces on the table are super clean and always full.


  • Why is that? Well, because they don't just sit on the table all day.


  • They actually put those items on the table new for every guest.


  • Number three, the waiters and waitresses, they aren't rude and there is just something wrong with this because Chinese restaurants have a reputation, not just in the US but around the world, for having really rude waitstaff.


  • The kind of waitstaff that doesn't pay attention to you, the kind of waitstaff that makes you ask for things about three times.


  • At Din Tai Fung, they are quite nice.


  • Actually, they're so nice they'll go out of their way to explain how to eat the food here.


  • They'll make the sauce at the table for you.


  • And speaking of how to eat the food, they actually did that while we were shooting this video.


  • Our waiter came over and explained the way you eat the xiao long bao is, you put it on your spoon, you nibble on it a little bit to let the steam out, you drink the soup, and you put some ginger on it.


  • And by the way, you should've dipped in that sauce he made earlier and then down the hatch.


  • But I'm used to going to Chinese restaurants where I get my food and really wonder how I'm supposed to eat it.


  • Okay, now this one is really wrong.


  • Not only is the kitchen in Din Tai Fung open, it's actually on display.


  • You know, most Chinese restaurants, I think, by principle, hide their kitchen way back in the back that you can't see anything in there 'cause they don't want you to have any idea what's going on.


  • But Din Tai Fung puts it right up at the front and actually makes a spectacle for you to look at, but really, isn't it more exciting to wonder what's going on back there?


  • Number five, when the food does finally come to your table, it's not greasy or oily.


  • You know, I think most Chinese restaurants have a requirement about how much grease and oil has to go into their food, but Din Tai Fung, after you eat it, it actually leaves you feeling fairly light and fairly fresh and not weighed down by a ton of oil and grease.


  • And number six, Din Tai Fung is really consistent.


  • Every time you order it, the food comes out the same; it has almost no difference to what chef is in the back.


  • Traditionally, Chinese restaurants, you go there and wanna order an item and they're like, "Oh, yeah, that chef that makes that item isn't here today, so, you'll have to come back tomorrow when they're actually working."


  • Number seven, the teacup and the teapots, they aren't chipped; actually, they're not even the traditional American Chinese restaurant teacup and teapots.


  • It's a unique teacup and the teapot, it's a whole thermal canister that keeps the tea really hot and warm the whole time you're eating there; so strange.


  • The eighth thing that's wrong with Din Tai Fung is the very orderly seating process.


  • Now, if you've been to, like, dim sum restaurants in Los Angeles, New York City, you'll know what I'm talking about.


  • The mob at the host or hostess desk, where they're calling numbers and shouting like crazy to get seated.


  • At Din Tai Fung, people stand in line and you can actually make reservations on Yelp for many of their locations.

    鼎泰豊では行列ができるほどで、実は多くの店舗で Yelp から予約をすることができます。

  • Number nine, the restrooms at Din Tai Fung, they're actually clean.


  • They actually clean them, not just once a day, but every 15 minutes.


  • And the last thing that's wrong with Din Tai Fung, when you get the bill, there's no fortune cookie.


  • How am I gonna know whether to play the lottery tonight, whether I'm gonna win, and what my numbers are, you know?


  • But what the bill does come with, it comes with a pen that actually works and isn't chained down.


  • Hey, by the way, if you didn't pick it up through all of this, these things that are wrong, they're totally sarcastic; Din Tai Fung is really delicious.


  • And you know what? I'm not saying that other Chinese restaurants aren't, toothose ones are great, toobut Din Tai Fung is really good.


  • And, so, if you've never eaten here, you should check it out.


  • And, by the way, speaking of Taiwan, since this is a chain from Taiwan, if you've never seen my travel videos from Taiwan, well, you might wanna check them out.


  • Right here is a video all about Taiwanese night markets where you can see all about more tasty food in Taiwan.


  • Well, as usual, I won't say goodbye, because I'm gonna go ahead and see you in this video.


10 things that are wrong with Din Tai Fung as compared to typical American Chinese restaurants.


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