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  • Hi, everyone, and welcome to part eight of this Beginner English Phrases for Conversation series.


  • Today's phrase is "What does this mean?"

    今日のフレーズは『What does this mean?』

  • This is the most basic phrase that you can use when you don't know what something means in English.


  • When you don't understand a word or a phrase.


  • Please note that this question only asks about the meaning.


  • This question is not asking about the pronunciation or how to say a word.


  • When using this phrase, you can change the word "this" to other words.


  • For example, what does "that" mean?

    例えば、『What does that mean?』

  • What does "it" mean?

    『What does that mean?』

  • Let's pretend you hear a new word that you don't know, like, "icing".


  • You can say, "What does icing mean?"

    『What does icing mean?』と言えばいいです。

  • Now, some different ways to ask "What does this mean?" are:


  • What is the meaning of this?

    『 What is the meaning of this 』

  • And "Can you explain the meaning of this?"

    もしくは『 Can you explain the meaning of this? 』

  • If someone asks you, "What does this mean?", how can you answer this question correctly?

    『 What does this mean 』と聞かれたら、どのように答えればいいのでしょうか。

  • Well, the first way is by saying "It means...", and then you describe the meaning.

    その方法は、「It means......」と言って、その意味を説明することです。

  • Another way you can answer is by saying "It's a...", and then you describe the meaning or you describe the thing.

    他の答え方としては、「It's a....」と言って、意味や、物を説明します。

  • For example, if you asked me, "Shane, what does icing mean?"

    例えば、あなたが私に『シェーン、 icing ってどういう意味?』と聞いたら

  • I would say, "It's a mixture of butter, sugar, and water that you put on top of a cake to make the cake taste sweeter."


  • Or I could say the same thing, but start by saying, "Icing means...", and then explain the meaning.


  • Now let's have a look at some common mistakes with this phrase.


  • The first common mistake is when students say, "What is this mean?"

    まずよくある間違いは、学生が『What is this mean?』と言ってしまうのですが

  • This is incorrect because we normally use the word "is" with a verb -ing, with a noun, or with an adjective.

    通常、「is」は動詞 ING や名詞、形容詞と一緒に使いますので、これは正しくありません。

  • But the word "mean" is none of these things; the word "mean" is a verb.


  • That means we need to use the word "does".


  • So to correct this sentence, we can say, "What does this mean?"

    ですので、この文章を訂正するには、『What does this mean?』と言えばいいのです。

  • The second mistake is when students answer the question, "What does this mean?" by saying things like, "This is mean..." or "It is mean..."

    2つ目の間違いは、学生が「What does this mean」という質問に対して、次のように答えてしまうことです。「This is mean」または「It is mean」。

  • But this is incorrect.


  • To answer the question, you just need to say, "This means..." or "It means...", and then you give your explanation.

    質問に答えるには、「This means」と言えばいいのです。もしくは「It means」と言って、自分の説明をします。

  • You don't need to say "is".


Hi, everyone, and welcome to part eight of this Beginner English Phrases for Conversation series.


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