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  • Some of the best logos are simple, yet clever.


  • Take a look at these logos.


  • The Amazon logo has a yellow swoosh, because they want you to know that they have everything from A to Z.

    アマゾンのロゴには黄色の矢印があります。自分達が A から Z までのすべてを持っているということを知ってほしいからです。

  • Baskin-Robbins is famous for having 31 flavors.

    バスキン・ロビンスは 31 種類の味で有名です。

  • The FedEx logo looks pretty simple.

    FedEx のロゴはかなりシンプルに見えます。

  • Look closely at the FedEx logo and you'll see an arrow, suggesting the company is moving forward and looking ahead.


  • And in the center of the Tostitos logo is a picture of two people enjoying a bowl of chips.

    トスティートスのロゴの中央には、ボウルに入ったチップスを楽しむ 2 人の絵があります。

  • See the kiss between the K and the I?

    K と I の間のキスが見えますか?

  • The iconic smiling face is actually the letter G, and it's on the logo twice.

    象徴的な笑顔は、実は G という文字であり、ロゴに 2 回表示されています。

  • How about the man riding a bike?


  • The V and the A in Sony's logo represented analog sound wave, and the I and O stand for binary digits, calling to mind the digital age.

    ソニーのロゴの V と A はアナログ音波を表し、I と O は 2 進数を表していて、デジタル時代を思わせます。

  • Marketing experts agree that a logo is an important part of your marketing campaign.


  • There are several reasons why you should have a logo: Solidify your brand.


  • To be more memorable.


  • And to instill the trust and appear bigger and well-established.


  • Adding your logo to your print advertising can help your ad get noticed.


  • And if you want your advertising to have a long-lasting impression, add your logo to promotional items.


  • It's a great way to brand your video, like these videos by Video Mojo.

    Video Mojo の動画のように、動画をブランドづけするのに最適な方法です。

  • More tips from "2-minute marketing" coming soon.

    「2-minute marketing」からのお役立ち情報は、近日公開予定です。

Some of the best logos are simple, yet clever.


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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