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  • Alright guys I gotta tell you one thing I swear to God like

  • when you have a baby the biggest thing that happens is

  • all the sudden you get these boobs out of nowhere

  • Right? It is like boobs got nowhere right?

  • Like this guy's looking at me like

  • "That was about a long time ago"

  • And I gonna be honest, I kinda like having boobs for the first time in my life.

  • You know? Cause umm...what I have right now is teats.

  • And umm.. isn't that nuts?

  • And I thought about that should I get implants ?

  • You know? Joining the Hollywood crowd, that will be really cool.

  • Then I thought that how do you know what size to get?

  • You know? It's not like you go to the mall and you're trying a dress, you know?

  • And I think we should be able to do that.

  • How do you know if you want a C or D?

  • You know? Don't you think so, ladies?

  • So I thought the best way to do this is make "Homemade Implants" before you commit

  • and go try it out one night to test it.

  • So I went to dancing and test it out. Tell me what you think now

  • Oh yeah

  • Woooo

  • Oh yeah...oh yeah

  • Hey baby

  • I gotta be honest I like the D for one night man

  • I was D

  • Wow you know?

  • And I wanna make sure that I got a lot actions so I will say as like

  • Man it is chilly in here

  • It's so nippy

  • It is nippy

  • Oh man...oh man

  • I'm not gonna lie, I feel like a new woman, man, oh my god

  • I'm just like the cool girls you know? Leaning up against the know how they do that

  • and then just stand there and just starting checking them...

  • Wooo

  • I am not gonna lie, man, when I saw hotties I was like "Hey baby! What's up!"

  • What's up ! You know

  • Then I turn around and like "Oh my god ! A geek! Oh my god hey!"

  • Right there got you! Right there!

  • I am not gonna was crazy! Every thing was going really good until this guy comes walking up to me, he's all buffed

  • and I want all of those bodies that you know you wouldn't believe it's all cut up, and I got nervous and flustered

  • and I screw it up cause I was like "Oh my god! Hi!"

  • He looks at me and goes "Hey baby! I'm Dan. How are you?"

  • Thank you very much you guys! Thank you!

Alright guys I gotta tell you one thing I swear to God like


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フランシス・ディロリンゾによるスタンドアップコメディ - 自家製インプラント (Stand Up Comedy By Frances Dilorinzo - Homemade Implants)

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