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Blind spots-- human eyes have a blind spot when the optic nerve exits the back in the eye.
This area has no light receptors because the nerve is in the way
you can find your blind spot with this test.
Look at the red cross on the left with your right eye
closing your left eye, move your head slowly closer and further away
"So weird" at a certain distance the blue dot on the right will disappear
pause if you need to, you've just found your blind spot
After images, stare at the white dot in the center of the image and try not to blink.
your eyes have three types of cones or color receptors
red, green and blue.
After images disappear when you stare at a particular color for too long
and those color receptors get tired.
so when you suddenly switch to looking at a black and white image
those tired receptors aren't working as well
This leaves an afterimage of the reverse colors.
See your veins!
Blood vessels and veins feed the photosensitive cells in your eye to keep them alive
These blood vessels cast shadows on your retina
Here's how you can see those veins.
Poke a small hole in a post it note or piece of paper
hold that against a bright white background like your computer screen
look to the hole while shaking the post-it slightly
you should see a shadowy network online sort of like the veins a leaf
these are the veins in your eye. Gross...
dominant eyes
Most people have a dominant eyes, meaning that one eye gives more priority information than the other
Eighty percent of people are right eye dominant
See which is your dominant eye.
Make a triangle between your thumbs and forefingers
With both eyes open, look at an object several feet away
Center the object inside the triangle, close one eye and then the other.
Your dominant eye will look like this
and your non-dominant eye will look like this.
It's almost visionary.. see what "I" did there


Eye Tests That Look Like Magic

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