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  • Gaining plenty of attention is Jyoti Amge

  • the world's shortest woman

  • Amge from Nagpur in India was all smiles as she was carried out onto the observatory at the highest public place in New York, the Empire State Building.

  • Jyoti in front of you actually measures 2 feet and half an inch

  • This is not the first record she has held she was the world's shortest teenager

  • But there have been shorter women in history. Jyoti is just half an inch taller than Pauline Musters who previously held the record

  • She says being a record-holder has had its benefits

  • "I like it very much. Being in the Guinness Book of World Records I get to visit different places like London, Italy, New York and everywhere.

  • Nineteen-year-old Jyoti was born with a dwarfism called achondroplasia and is not expected to grow anymore.

  • She weighs just five kilograms and is smaller than a New York fire hydrant but her aspirations are much bigger.

  • She wants to go into Bollywood movies but hasn't had too many offers, so she is heading to Hollywood.

Gaining plenty of attention is Jyoti Amge


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世界一背の低い女性ジョティ・アムジ、ハリウッドに向かう (Shortest woman in the world Jyoti Amge heading to Hollywood)

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