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  • We have a new iPhone 13 lineup that is right Apple announced  the new iPhone 13.

    新しいiPhone 13 を買いたい人がたくさん並んでるでしょう。Apple は新しい iPhone 13 を発表したからです。

  • And in this video, I'm just going to kind of go through what's new, what's improved.


  • Before we even get started, let's talk about the biggest, coolest, most awesome feature that is new with the  iPhone 13.

    始める前に、iPhone 13 で新たに搭載された、最大で一番カッコよくて、最も素晴らしい機能についてお話しましょう。

  • Product red is actually red.

    Product Red は本当の赤です。

  • That's the main thing that  I noticed in this presentation that the product red doesn't look coral, it looks  red.

    今回のプレゼンで一番気になったのは、Product Red の赤がコーラルに見えず、本当に赤に見えるということです。

  • That's it, that's all we care about right. Am I right? All right, have a good day, God bless.


  • I'm just kidding.


  • We also got a smaller notch. To me, I would rather have no notch than a smaller notch, because as of right now the only thing that  they can really fit up there in this little notch  area is going to be probably the carrier name.


  • And I honestly enjoyed the notch because it took the carrier name away.


  • But there's still more. There's a new super retina display, that's up to 500 nits brightness.

    しかし、それだけではありません。新しいスーパー Retina ディスプレイは、最大 500nits の明るさを誇ります。

  • I believe it supports full HDR. The display has improved greatly as far as the technology.

    フル HDR にも対応していると思います。技術としては、ディスプレイが大きく向上しています。

  • In there it's way more efficient which is great and that's across the board with the 13  and 13 pros and that's the biggest factor that  does lead to longer battery life which I'll talk  about a little later in this video.

    それはより効率的で素敵だと思います。しかも 13 でも 13 pro でも搭載されています。これが、後ほどご紹介するバッテリー駆動時間の長持ちにつながる最大の要因でしょう。

  • As I mentioned, red is finally actually red, but there are a couple other colors. There is a new pink color.


  • There is  midnight in starlight which basically looks like  the space gray in silver.


  • I did order the iPad  mini in starlight just to see because it kind of  does have a little bit more of a yellow tint maybe? Possibly?

    試しにスターライトの iPad mini を注文してみたのですが、ちょっと黄色味が増したような気がしました...かもしれませんね。

  • And the blue looks a little different  as well. So we got some new colors which is always  great.


  • We now have an A15 bionic chip. It's a six core CPU it's got two high performing chips, and then four high efficiency ones.

    現在、A15 バイオニックチップを搭載しています。これは6つのコアを持つCPUで、2つの高性能チップと4つの高効率チップを搭載しています。

  • A lot of the stuff they talked about they kept referring it to compared to the leading competitor.


  • So they didn't refer to it, as you know the iPhone 12, which was very interesting.

    そのため、ご存じのように「iPhone 12」とは言わなかったのですが、これはとても興味深いじゃありませんか。

  • Because normally they'd say this is you know 20% faster than the iPhone 12 and the A14 chip or whatever.

    普通は、iPhone 12 や A14 チップよりも20%高速だと言うはずですからね。

  • But all they  kept saying was it's like 50% faster than the leading competition, which really makes you wonder  just how much faster this is than the iPhone 12.

    しかし、彼らが口をそろえて言うのは、「先行する他社製品と比べて50%ほど速い」ということで、これでは iPhone 12 と比べて一体どれほど速いのかと疑問に思ってしまったでしょう。

  • In performance wise, it is probably not worth an upgrade.


  • Now I'm just gonna say it out front, because it's probably under 20% faster than the  iPhone 12, which is why they just did not bother  saying anything.

    正直に言いたいですが、iPhone 12 よりも 20%以下の速度であることは間違いないので、わざわざ何も言わなかったのに、それは理由でしょう。

  • There is also a new camera  layout instead of doing the stacked cameras. They are now doing diagonal on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini.

    また、カメラのレイアウトも、これまでのスタック型から一新されました。iPhone 13と13 miniでは斜めになっています。

  • And the new wide camera does allow in 47% more light which is going to be great  for night shots.


  • It also has the sensor shifting  support that I believe only the pro max had  before which that's awesome.

    されに、これまで pro max にしかなかったと思われるセンサーシフトにも対応しており、これは素晴らしいことじゃないですか。

  • But the biggest  thing for me personally with the video is they now  have a new cinematic mode of way of shooting video, which looks really cool.


  • What it does? It basically does what I do here and a lot of people do where  the background is blurred and then the person's  in focus but this is all through like software  and it's probably most likely some hardware.


  • But you can't do that with the the smallest  iPhone sensor, so a lot of it's  probably going to be software based.

    しかし、iPhone の最小のセンサーではそれができないので、多くはソフトウェアベースになるでしょう。

  • In their examples it looked really cool. Basically what it does is it knows when somebody walks into  a room it puts them in focus if they're in front  of the camera.


  • You can tap if there's more than  one person there and put the people in focus.


  • If you tap again on the person it locks it so then if they start moving around it keeps focus on  them.


  • But if you have a person like me, where I'm  sitting here, and then I went like this and looked  back here then the background would actually come  n focus as I'm looking at it until I look back at  the camera.


  • That feature looked really cool.


  • I mean it focuses in and out very smoothly. I can't wait to get this in hand because this is one of the biggest features that I'm looking forward to.


  • 5g is also going to be spreading out in more areas, and you know, they added more bands to cover more areas.

    5G もより多くのエリアで普及していきますし、そしてね、より多くのエリアをカバーするためにバンドを増やしてきました。

  • As we all know, 5g is a big battery hog.

    ご存知の通り、5G はバッテリーを大量に消費します。

  • So they did  add a new feature that it detects your usage and  if you really need 5g it keeps you on 5g; if you don't, it drops you down to LTE.

    そのため、使用状況を検知して、本当に 5G が必要な場合は 5G を維持し、そうでない場合は LTE に落とすという新機能を追加しました。

  • So that with the display that I talked about earlier are probably  going to be the biggest battery savers, and that's  where this next feature comes in, Battery life.


  • The iPhone 12 mini gets an extra one and a half hours  of battery life throughout the day. The regular gets two and a half.

    iPhone 12 miniに比べると、1日を通してのバッテリー駆動時間が1時間半延長されています。iPhone 12には2時間半です。

  • And then let's just go ahead  and talk about the pro.


  • Since we're talking about it the regular pro gets the one and a half, and the  max gets two and a half, which that max gets like all-day battery now which is just insane.

    さっきの話を続きですが、通常の Proは1.5倍、MAX は2.5倍になり、MAX では1日中バッテリーが持つようになりましたが、これは非常に素晴らしいことです。

  • So now on to only iPhone 13 pro features.

    それでは次に、iPhone 13 プロだけが持っている機能をご紹介します。

  • So let's first talk about the finishes.


  • It's still got that stainless steel band around it, so you get the graphite, you get the silver, you get the gold, and now there's a sierra blue instead of the pacific blue.


  • This  one looks a little lighter than the other one.


  • It is what it is. They like to kind of give you  some other options, so if people want to fully be able to tell that they're running the new phone. This is how you do it.


  • There is a five core GPU on  the pro model which you know gaming all that kind  of stuff is going to be ridiculous.

    プロモデルには5コアの GPU が搭載されており、ゲームなどではとんでもないことになりそうですね。

  • Which I'm also  sure helps the AR stuff as well it's got a new  Super Retina XDR display which goes up tothousand nits and I'm sure even higher with HDR.

    また、新しい Super Retina XDR ディスプレイは 1,000nits の高輝度で、HDR ではさらに高輝度になるではないかと思います。

  • And along with that screen you got that pro motion  display, which means it can go down to 10 hertz and all the way up to 120 hertz refresh rate.


  • Which  people have been waiting on this 120 hertz forever , it's been in the iPad pros and it's also been in Android phones, but it has yet to make it to the  iPhone.

    この120ヘルツを人々はずっと待ち望んでいました。iPad プロにも Android スマホにも搭載されていますが、iPhone には今回はまだ初めてです。

  • Well, with the iPhone 13 pros it is finally  here and I hope you guys that really wanted this are happy.

    さて、iPhone 13プロでは、ついにそれが実現しました。本当にこれを望んでいた皆さんには、喜んでいただけたと思います。

  • I personally didn't care. I have it on my iPad. I don't notice a difference.

    個人的には気になりませんでしたけどね。iPad に入れていますが違いは感じなかったからね。

  • Other  than when you use the pencil is great, but I don't  do any kind of stuff like that on the iPhone so...but there you have it .

    Apple Pincil を使うとき素敵ですが、私はiPhoneでそのようなことはしませんので... しかし今は搭載されていますね。

  • Those who wanted it you  have your 120 hertz refresh rate.


  • Once again we're back to cameras which is the biggest  reason to upgrade every year for the iPhone.

    iPhone を毎年アップグレードする主な理由であるカメラに再び戻ってきましょう。

  • It's usually what gets the most features.


  • So we have a 77 millimeter telephoto lens, which gets  3x zoom on both the pro and the pro max.

    77ミリの望遠レンズを搭載し、pro と pro max の両方で3倍ズームを実現しています。

  • There's  also supposedly like a over 2x improvement on low  light across the board.


  • I believe on all their  lenses, the ultra wide now has this new feature  which gives it like this macro ability.


  • Which if  you don't know what macro is , it means when you get  can get really close to an item and focus in on it.


  • Which the shot they showed looks amazing, and that  right there kind of makes me want to go pro  because I do a lot of close-up shots on my  products, and with the current offerings you can't  do it without adding a secondary lens onto your  phone.


  • So now all lenses also support night mode which allows you to get like way more detail than you normally ever could, especially on a lens from  a phone.


  • I mean the feature was already cool, but  now that it supports on all lenses. It just looks like it's just cool, like I mean it really is.


  • They also added this new photo photographic styles.


  • It's kind of like the themes that they do for styles, but this way it keeps like skin tones and  all that kind of stuff.


  • But it actually gives you  all these controls, like I'm not a photographer , but the feature looked really awesome.


  • They have  like presets but it looks like you can do some  customization save them.


  • That way, all your photos  that you take have this exact same style.


  • You can  now actually film in Pro Res, which is a super  high quality video format 4k Pro Res.

    実際に Pro Res で撮影できるようになりましたよ。超高品質な映像フォーマットである 4k Pro Res です。

  • The big high  dollar cameras film in this kind of format. I mean I've never heard of a phone doing it before. Maybe they have it's going to be game changing probably.


  • And that's pretty much it. So starting price  is 699 for the regular , 999 for the Pro, and everything goes up from there.


  • The  Pro does have a one terabyte version now.

    Pro には 1 テラバイトのバージョンがあります。

  • Pre-order start this friday, and you can pick them  up on September 24th at your local Apple store.

    予約購入は今週の金曜日で、9月24日にお近くの Apple Store でお買い求めいただけます。

  • Oh, it's a lot of stuff, but is it really impressive stuff for the most part? Personally I didn't  think so.


  • Just keep improving every single day, Apple.


  • Alright, I love you guys. If you like this  video please hit that thumbs up. If you really  liked it, hit that subscribe and the bell icon.


  • And that's it for this one. I'll  see you in the next one, God bless.


We have a new iPhone 13 lineup that is right Apple announced  the new iPhone 13.

新しいiPhone 13 を買いたい人がたくさん並んでるでしょう。Apple は新しい iPhone 13 を発表したからです。


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