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  • Li Chenxi,

  • you had some nerve sending out these Christian books.

  • As believers, we try to be good people on the right path and we read God's words.

  • Why won't the government just let us be?

  • In China, anything the Communist Party opposes is illegal.

  • That's the Party's policy, its law.

  • Dammit.

  • Dad! …

  • Bedding from your parents.

  • I believe in the true God, and I'll never betray Him.

  • Where's your daughter?

  • Your daughter is dead.

  • Dad, what's wrong with Mom?

  • Our family's faith has been such a wonderful thing.

  • I never imagined

  • Stay right there! Do not move!

  • You have to go!

  • Sister Qi and the others were arrested!

  • Sister Youling

  • was beaten to death by the police.

  • In China, following the Party is the only way to survive.

  • Believing in God is simply not an option.

  • Oh God, please protect me

  • so I can be strong and brave through this nightmare

  • and follow You until the very end.

Li Chenxi,


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Christian Movie Trailer | "Branded" | 28 Years of Bloody, Heart-rending Persecution by the CCP

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