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  • These are my tips are staying at a japanese broken with kids.


  • Mm So this is the first time we're traveling outside of Tokyo and staying at a japanese zero con with my one year old baby boy.

    今回オラたち初めて、東京以外の旅館に泊まるんだ 1歳の息子も一緒だぞ

  • Since it is going to be our first time.


  • We're probably gonna learn a lot of stuff along the way.

    動画にしてシェアしようと思う 役に立つヒントとかトリックとかをな

  • So I want to make this video and sharing all of the tips and tricks that we learned in this trip and share with all of you so that when you come to Japan you'll have all of it in your back pocket.


  • But before we started, like always, if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily, check out my instagram account if you want help support the channel and check out the Tokyo merch.


  • And if you guys have any questions about Japan or your Japan trade wasn't check out my discord community.


  • That's it.


  • We're gonna be doing this video of log styles.


  • So let's start from the beginning.


  • So here we go.


  • We booked at Yukon in a Tommy for two nights with Wolfie who's just a few days shy of 15 months.


  • A Tommy is only a one hour away by shinkansen bullet trains.


  • So it seemed like a perfect spot for a first time overnight beach destination.


  • Wolfie, how's your first time first time.


  • So we're just eating right now.


  • It's crazy because there's just not a lot of people on the train I guess.

    到着してから色々食べなくていいように 移動中に食べてるぜ

  • Yeah, not a lot of people are traveling but it's nice we're trying to eat.


  • So we don't eat so much when we get there and then also feeding Wolfie at the same time so we get to enjoy hopefully some of the beach unfortunately, it looks like it started raining a little bit but maybe it's just a passing shower.


  • Here's the first tip Singleton luggage travel which will apply to many people traveling to this one is a new regulation that started last May.


  • So it's fair to mention that passengers with oversized luggage larger than 160 cm are required to reserve a storage space.


  • Previously the storage space between the front and rear seats in each cart were free to use.


  • But now passengers who reserve these seats are allocated the storage space at the same time the overhead storage compartment designed for smaller baggage and strollers can be used by anyone.


  • We're here.

    3辺の合計が160cm以上の特大荷物を持ってる乗客は 荷物置き場を予約しねぇとだめだ

  • We made it that that border bubble bubble this okay, Sorry, we'll be arraigned a little bit as soon as it stops, we're gonna go to the hotel and we're going to change and they're gonna go to the beach, luckily the rain stopped for a while.

    前まではどの車両もフロントシートとリアシートの間の 収納スペースを誰でも使って良かったんだけど

  • So we walked quickly to the hotel which was like 10 minutes away said oh yeah look at it.


  • Uh A little, maybe we can just he Mhm.

    頭上の小さい荷物用スペースや ベビーカーはどこでも誰でも使えるぞ

  • Good job mm It was a beach.


  • Yeah and I think by the beach is like a family restaurant.


  • Just yeah okay so you're planning on coming here a little bit early so that we can go experience the beach.

    雨止んだらホテルに行って 着替えて、海行こうぜ

  • But it's raining right now.

    雨がちょっと止んだから ホテルまでさっと歩いたぜ

  • Really?


  • Right.


  • Oh my God.


  • And since we came here early then we can't go inside the hotel so we're just kind of stuck in the lobby for right now.


  • But see it's it's weird because it's stopped now so it's like it rains for like a few minutes then it stops then arranged for a few minutes and it stops.


  • Oh good job.


  • What do you think dude you can't give up this?


  • Okay.


  • No you know what you think the money you still have an hour until check in.


  • But the staff were kind enough to prepare the room a little bit early so we could check in kind of a rare case so don't expect it.


  • But having a baby might have helped.

    チェックインまで1時間あるけど 部屋用意してくれて、チェックインできたぞ

  • Mm.


  • Mhm.


  • Oh you have a special chair.


  • Yeah looking at a chair.


  • Hey dr yeah tip too check kid and baby amenities with the hotel in advance.

    子供にめちゃめちゃ親切な旅館もあるし そうでないところもある

  • Some real cons are super kid friendly and well some are not so you really should check in advance what they offered to minimize any misunderstandings as well as to help lessen your baggage load in our case.


  • We did research to find a kid friendly real con and followed up with a call to see what other kids services they offered.

    アメニティーの思い違いもなくなるし 荷物も少なくできるしな

  • They were able to set up a futon for wolfie to nap before we arrive so he could sleep whenever he needed this real can also set up a microwave inside of the room for the baby food as well as organize a cute little baby chair and diaper disposal and baby bath.


  • Oh they even offered rice for Wolfie at his five p.m. Dinner time before our in room dinnertime at seven.


  • We brought instant baby bento boxes but we wanted to feed them as much natural food as possible.

    到着した時にウルフィーが昼寝できるように 布団を準備しておいてもらったぞ

  • So this extra service was appreciated.


  • I think we'll be loved it too.

    ベビーフードのために電子レンジを 部屋の中に設置してくれてるし

  • You're so hungry.


  • Yeah.

    7時の部屋食の前に ウルフィー用に5時に晩飯持ってきてくれたぜ

  • Mm Yeah tip three months and that this will be still rocks a diaper and someone's and facilities don't allow babies who are diapers into the aunts and we decided to reserve a room with its own private loans and bath.

    インスタントのベビーフードも持ってきたけど できるだけナチュラルフード食べさせたいから

  • I should also mention though that there are strong content with a lot of sulfur or have a stronger city And these concerns are not recommend for babies.


  • So you might want to check the type of before finalizing your, you can stay, you're brushing your teeth will be no, you're supposed to tip forward getting an extra room.


  • This tip really depends on the family but having an extra room really made a difference in our case since Wolfie is still not the best sleeper and we'll get fussed with a lot of noise and movement.


  • Having an extra room gave us a mommy and daddy time during his midday nap and it was clutched during our in room dinner allowing us to enjoy the meal without waking him, tip five in room dining.

    ウルフィーはまだおむつしてて、場所によっては おむつしてる子は温泉にはいれねぇ所もあるから

  • If you're staying at a Ryokan with a child, I highly recommend also booking in room dining if they offer it, it makes life so much easier when the staff bring and prepare the food for you without having to go and search for dinner.


  • You can enjoy an amazing japanese style kaiseki dinner while the kid sleeps.

    これも言っとかなきゃいけねぇけど 温泉の中には硫黄成分や酸性が強い所もあって

  • Just keep in mind that the in room dining option really depends on the Rio con a.


  • Some may offer only in hotel restaurant dining while others offer boat.

    だから旅館を最終決定する前に 温泉のタイプもチェックしておいたほうがいいぜ

  • So again check before booking.


  • Oh and you should be aware that the staff come a bit early to the room to prepare the meal.

    これは家族によると思うんだけど オラたちの場合、2部屋あるとめちゃ便利だったぞ

  • So in our case our dinner with scheduled at seven p.m. So we aim to get will be to bed by 6 45.


  • You don't want any clearance.

    部屋がもう一つあることで昼寝の時とか とーちゃん、かーちゃん助かったぞ

  • Mhm So before I continue I want to give a quick shout out to our sponsor for this video.

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    スタッフが部屋まで持ってきてくれて 準備してくれるのは、まじ助かる

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    ホテル内レストランしかない所もあるし 両方可能なこともある

  • All right, let's continue on.


  • All right.

    スタッフが晩飯準備のために 少し早めに来ること覚えておいてくれよな

  • So we finally got him to sleep today was probably one of the toughest times you've ever had to try to put him to sleep.

    オラたちの場合7時から晩飯だったから 6時45分にはウルフィーを寝かしつけてたぜ

  • I don't know what it is.

    ここでこの動画のスポンサーSQUARE SPACEの宣伝だ

  • Maybe it's because we got a missed his middle nap or it's like afternoon nap because we were traveling.

    SQUARE SPACEはオラが信頼を置いてる ウェブサイト制作をするサイトなんだ

  • We've never had a price so much and just like not go to sleep.

    SQUARE SPACEの良さはここだ

  • So it's pretty tough.


  • Even when he went to sleep it was like still like breathing like he was crying.


  • So it's just like quite tough, luckily one of the things is we brought the camera, you want a baby camera with us.


  • So he's in the other room right now.


  • We're watching him and we can kind of have to the same time zone makes it very useful tip six, bring a baby monitor.

    スレッドやコメント、返信、いいねもできて コミュニティの繋がりをもてるぞ

  • This one just gave us a peace of mind.


  • It may not apply to a lot of families, but since Wolfie is still one and we had an extra room.

    閲覧者やユニークビジター、ページビューなど 期間別に確認できるんだ

  • Having a baby camera was super useful for us.

    squarespace.comにアクセスして まずは無料トライアル

  • As mentioned Wolf, he slept on the floor.


  • Photon without guardrails so we could easily wake up and get into all of the various room knickknacks, furniture etcetera.


  • So it helped us better enjoy our time in the other room knowing that our little one was safe asleep in the other room and in case you're interested, I'll leave the link to the one we have in the description.


  • Okay.


  • Okay.


  • Mhm Yeah, here at the camp.


  • Oh thank you.

    泣いて寝なかったから、寝かしつけるの めちゃ大変だったぜ

  • I forgot to put the half on.

    寝た時もなんか泣いてるみたいに 息してたしな

  • Thank you dude.


  • And these days I take over in the morning and let Michael sleep in since she's the one that gets up at night if he gets fussy.


  • Yeah, mm hmm.

    ウルフィーが隣の部屋で寝てるのを見ながら 晩飯食べてるんだ

  • Yeah, good morning.


  • How did you sleep?

    ベビーモニターでオラたちめちゃ助かったけど 多くの家族には当てはまらないかもな

  • Not the best.

    ウルフィーまだ1歳だし、今回部屋が2つあったから ベビーカメラは本当に役に立ったぜ

  • Yeah, woke up Around a little before six trying to put him back to sleep.


  • But he slept until like seven.

    起きた時、簡単に部屋の小物とか家具とか 触れらる状態だったからな

  • Him and I got up at seven.

    おかげでウルフィーが寝ている間に 隣の部屋でゆっくりできたぞ

  • I did.

    もし興味があったら オラたちが使ってるやつのリンクは概要欄にあるぞ

  • Oh and this you can offer the kids yukata so of course we had to put it on movie tip seven yo con wifi.


  • So we usually don't let Wolfie watch tv but when he goes out on trips it seems to help settle them down with so much stuff going on.


  • So having a broken with a strong and fast wifi connection is nice.

    最近、オラは朝担当なんだ 夜中ウルフィーがぐずったらマイコがあやしてるからな

  • The thing is some Yukons don't have the best connection compared to say hotels in the city.


  • So you may want to pre load your ipad with the greatest hits before leaving on your trip this time though the internet was more than stream mobile.


  • You think he hit on the melon really kept on feeding him.


  • So yeah to be sending stuff in advance so when traveling with a baby or kids you have to bring a lot of stuff just to get through one day let alone several days for us will be takes up one entire side of the suitcase while Michael and I.


  • O.

    でも7時くらいまで寝てたぞ オラとウルフィー7時に起きたし

  • And the camera gear share the other side.

    この旅館は子供用の浴衣も用意してくれたから もちろんウルフィーにも着せてみたぞ

  • So for advanced planners you can actually send your baggage from airport to hotel for hotel to hotel to lighten the travel load and tip nine cleaning schedule in a japanese.


  • Neo con Benny staff come and put away Photons in the morning.

    でも旅行の時は、色々ざわざわしてる中で ウルフィー落ち着くみたいだ

  • They do this so that guests can use the room during the day, especially if you're staying in one room, you might want to check the cleaning time in advance so you can plan your baby schedule accordingly in our case.


  • Wolfy doesn't take a morning nap anymore so it doesn't affect you so much but parents with a little one that requires a morning nap should coordinate with the hotel.

    旅館によっては都会のホテルと比べると 接続環境が整ってないところもあるぞ

  • So those are my tips for now but I didn't want to edit here without sharing some of our beach day.


  • Mm.


  • Mhm.


  • So we are finally headed to the beach.

    赤ちゃんとか子供と旅行する時は 色々持って行かないとだめだろ?

  • It is just right in front of the hotel.


  • Super excited for this.


  • This is will these first time and I guess our first time also taking Wolfie to the beach.

    オラたちの場合 スーツケースの半分がウルフィーのもので

  • I think.


  • I think so.

    前もって計画してたら 空港からホテルに送ることもできるぞ

  • I need to know.


  • I've never seen anybody that you know.

    日本の旅館では 朝、スタッフが布団を片付けに来てくれる

  • Yeah, go in the water.

    ゲストが日中部屋を広く使えるように してくれるんだけど

  • The city news.


  • Yeah.

    クリーニングの時間を事前に知ってたら 赤ん坊の予定も立てられるしな

  • Oh.

    ウルフィーは午前中寝ることはなくなったから あまり関係なかったけど

  • Mhm.

    まだ午前中に昼寝が必要な小さい赤ちゃんがいる親は ホテルと調整したほうがいいな

  • President do you, Yeah, coffee videos, you know?


  • Mhm.


  • Here you are sir.


  • Here's your water.


  • Okay?


  • Uh Yeah, here you go, sir.


  • Your water you ordered.


  • Oh yes, you do it.


  • So this is kind of interesting.


  • He is kind of like in the water kind of not, I think he's still a little bit like he loves the water, but I think the waves scare him a little bit.


  • So you got him in, he played around in the water a little bit, but I think it's still a little bit much.


  • He does like playing in the sand, which is good.


  • But yeah, I think we're just gonna have to go with the flow police.


  • Okay, how's happening?


  • He beat