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  • The human immune system is the most complex biological system we know, after the human brain,

    人間の免疫システムは 脳に次いで複雑な生物学的システムだが

  • and yet most of us never learn how it works.


  • Or, what it is.


  • Your immune system consists of hundreds of tinyand two largeorgans.

    免疫系は何百もの小さな臓器と 2つの大きな臓器からなり

  • It has its own transport network spread throughout your body.

    全身に張り巡らされた 独自の輸送系をもっている

  • Every day, it makes hundreds of billions of fresh cells organized like an army.

    毎日、何千億もの細胞が作られ 軍隊のように組織されている

  • With soldiers, captains, intelligence officers, heavy weapons, and crazy suicide bombers.

    兵士、隊長、諜報員、重火器 そして狂気の自爆テロリスト

  • It's not some sort of abstract entity.


  • Your immune system is you.


  • Your biology protecting you from the billions of microorganisms that want to consume you,

    あなたを消費しようとする何十億もの微生物や 自身のガン細胞から、生物学的メカニズムは防衛する

  • and from your own perverted cells that turn into cancer.

    免疫系はあまりにも多岐にわたり 一つの動画には収まらないので

  • It's so manifold that it's impossible to cover in one video,


  • so we'll make a series looking at different aspects of it.

    今回は、人体が侵略を受け、あなたの第一防衛ラインが 生死をかけて戦う際に何が起きるのかについて

  • Today: What happens when your body is invaded


  • and your first lines of defenses are engaged in a fight for life and death.

    突如、世界が爆発し 小惑星が空を切り裂いた

  • It's been a normal day,

    無数のエイリアンが侵入し 都市やインフラを破壊し、市民を捕食する…

  • when suddenly the world explodes and an asteroid rips the sky open.


  • Countless alien life forms invade,

    あなたは親指からの出血を見ている さっき公園の汚い小枝で切ってしまった

  • ready to destroy cities and infrastructure, and eat civilians...


  • Or, this is what your cells experience.


  • You look at your bleeding thumb that you just cut on a dirty twig in the park.


  • How annoying!

    さらに、無数の細菌が無力な細胞の あたたかな隙間に侵入し

  • But inside the wound, a horrible catastrophe has happened.

    定住先を探し、資源を盗み フンをまき散らしている

  • There are dead cells, and blood and dirt everywhere.


  • Even worse, countless bacteria invade the warm caverns between your helpless cells

    生き延びた細胞、傷ついた細胞 死んだ細胞がパニック状態で悲鳴をあげ

  • to explore their new home, steal your resources, and poop everywhere.

    免疫システムを目覚めさせる 化学的な信号を大量放出する

  • Immediately, the first stage of your defense kicks in.


  • The cells that survive the impact, or are hurt or dying, scream in panic

    平均的なサイズの細胞を人間とすると マクロファージはクロサイの大きさになる

  • releasing an onslaught of chemical alarm signals that awaken your immune system.

    原理的にはストイックな細胞だが 怒らせたくはないだろう

  • The first cells to show up are macrophages.


  • If an average cell were the size of a human, a macrophage would be the size of a black rhino.


  • A stoic cell in principle but you wouldn't want to annoy it.

    タコの腕のようなパーツを伸ばし つかんで細菌を丸のみにし

  • Bacteria -do- annoy them.


  • Within seconds, the large cells attack and begin killing them without mercy.

    マクロファージは消耗しきるまでに 100個の細菌を食べられる

  • They stretch out parts like the arms of an octopus,

    しかし敵はあまりに多く、 マクロファージは援軍を呼ぶ

  • and grab the bacteria to swallow them whole and digest them alive.

    血中には何十万もの好中球がおり 信号に反応して戦場に移る

  • A macrophage can eat 100 bacteria before it's exhausted.

    好中球は細菌を殺すことに特化した 強烈な特攻隊員だ

  • But there are too many enemies, so the macrophages call for reinforcements.


  • In your blood, hundreds of thousands of neutrophils pick up their signals and move to the battlefield.

    だから誤ってあなたの身体を 内側から破壊するだけの時間もない

  • Neutrophils are intense suicide warriors that only live to kill.

    到着するやいなや、致命的な化学物質を吐き出したり 食い殺したりし始める

  • They're so enthusiastic about killing that they kill themselves a few days after birth,

    攻撃は配慮無く行われ あなたの細胞にも害がおよぶ

  • so they don't have time to accidentally destroy your body from the inside.

    だが今は巻き添えもやむを得ない いや、配慮したことないけど

  • As soon as neutrophils arrive, they begin vomiting deadly chemicals at bacteria, or devour them.


  • They are so careless in their attacks that they are causing real damage to your own cells.

    化学物質で満たされたDNAが 広く有毒な網を張り、細菌を捉えて殺す

  • But collateral damage is not their concern now,

    この時点で瀕死なのだが さらに戦い続けることもある

  • or ever.


  • Some neutrophils go so far to push their suicide button and explode,

    戦いの最中、ダムからの放流のごとく 血管から体液が流れ込む

  • casting a wide and toxic net made from their own DNA filled with deadly chemicals that trap and kill bacteria.


  • Sometimes, they can continue fighting after that, even though they're sort of dead already.

    親指が少し膨らみ 赤く、暖かくなる

  • This is how much fun they have killing!

    体液は戦場に静かな殺し屋を連れてくる 数百万もの補体タンパク室だ

  • While the battle rages, your blood vessels let fluid stream into the battlefield like a dam opening up towards a valley.

    自動化された液体兵器のたぐいで 細菌に穴をあけ、気絶か死をもたらす

  • You notice this as inflammation.


  • Your thumb swells up a little and gets red and warm.


  • The fluid brings a silent killer into the battle zone, millions of complement proteins.

    うまく行けば、第一防衛ラインで 速やかに侵入者を殺すことができる

  • A sort of automated liquid weapon that stuns and kills bacteria by ripping holes into them.

    一方で侵入者が強すぎて 最終的に防御が圧倒されることもあり

  • We made a whole video explaining them in detail.


  • We are reaching a crossroad now.

    ここで免疫系の諜報員 樹状細胞の出番だ

  • If things go well, your first line of defense kills the invaders quickly.

    戦いの傍らで、細菌を細かく砕いてサンプルを集め 身体に被せていた

  • But sometimes, the enemies are too strong and would overwhelm your defenses eventually,

    兵士が敵の死体の内臓で 死んだふりをするように

  • which means certain death for you, the human.

    樹状細胞は戦場を離れ、全ての組織と免疫の本部をつなぐ 免疫系の高速道路に入る

  • This is the hour of the dendritic cell, your immune system's intelligence officer.


  • While your soldiers were bashing in heads,

    到着した樹状細胞は ヘルパーT細胞を探す

  • it was collecting samples by ripping bacteria into tiny parts and covering itself in it.

    免疫系という軍の 万能な司令官だ

  • Like a soldier decorating itself in the guts of a dead enemy.

    感染した細菌にピッタリの武器を偶然持つ 特定のヘルパーT細胞が必要である

  • The cell leaves the battlefield and enters the superhighway of your immune system

    樹状細胞は、身体につけた細菌の一部を ヘルパーT細胞にこすりつけてまわる

  • that connects all your tissues with your immune headquarters.


  • Your lymph nodes.


  • The dendritic cell coming from the battlefield is looking for a helper T cell,


  • which is a sort of all-purpose commander cell within your immune army.


  • But not any helper T cell.


  • One that happens to have just the right weapon for the bacteria that infected your wound.


  • So it goes around and rubs itself, still covered in bacteria parts, against every helper T cell it meets.

    たまたま感染してきた特定の細菌に なぜピッタリの武器が準備されているの?

  • Most T cells are a bit disgusted and not interested.

    免疫系は宇宙に存在しうる全ての病気に対し 完璧な武器を持っている

  • But after a few hours, something clicks.

    黒死病、コロナウイルス あるいは100年後の火星に出現する感染症にも

  • A helper T cell recognizes the bacteria parts.

    これは非常に複雑なので 次の動画でもう少し詳しく扱う

  • This cell is the weapon that's needed right now.

    さしあたり、数十億種類の ヘルパーT細胞がいて

  • The dendritic cell is overjoyed and activates the helper T cell.

    それぞれであらゆる敵への武器を持っていると 理解してほしい

  • Okay, wait.


  • How come your immune system has a cell that has a weapon against the specific bacteria that infected you?

    第二防衛ラインが目覚め 登校日の10代ぐらいのように立ち上がる

  • Well, your immune system has a perfect weapon against every possible disease in the universe.


  • Against the Black Death, the Coronavirus, or an infection that will emerge in 100 years on Mars.

    重火器は極めて効果的だが 速くはない

  • We'll talk about this a bit more in the next video because it's very complex.

    活性化されたヘルパーT細胞は 何度も分裂を繰り返す

  • So, for now, just know that you have billions of unique helper T cells

    1つから2つ、2つから4つと 数千クローンに達するまで

  • that each have weapons against every possible enemy.


  • After the right T cell is activated, your second line of defense awakes


  • and rises like a teenager that needs to get up on a school day...


  • Very slowly.

    何日も闘い、疲弊したマクロファージは もう眠りにつきたがっている

  • Your heavy weapons are incredibly effective but they're not fast.


  • The activated helper T cell begins to clone itself over and over again.


  • One becomes two, two become four, until there are thousands of them.

    マクロファージに駆け寄り特別な化学信号で 何かをささやく

  • Now, they split into two groups.


  • The first group quickly moves to help out your soldiers.


  • At the battlefield, things are getting out of hand.

    何をすべきか マクロファージは知っている

  • A tired macrophage is ready to give up.


  • After fighting for days, it just wants to go to sleep like many of its buddies have done already.

    活性化されたマクロファージは 敵中に再び身を投じる

  • But now the helper T cells arrive.


  • One of them comes to the tired macrophage and whispers something using special chemical signals.

    一方、ヘルパーT細胞の第二グループは もう一つの防衛ライン、B細胞の活性化に向かう

  • In a heartbeat, the demoralized soldier feels fresh again.


  • But there's something else.

    抗体はタンパク質製の超兵器で 2本の爪をもつ小さいカニのようだ

  • A hot white anger.

    ヘルパーT細胞と同様、あらゆる敵に対し ピッタリの抗体を作成できるB細胞が存在する

  • The macrophage knows what it needs to do...

    まさにこのB細胞を ヘルパーT細胞は探すのだ

  • Kill.

    1日か2日で適切なB細胞が見つかり 分裂を始める

  • Invigorated, it throws itself against the enemies once again.

    十分な数まで達するとすぐに、各B細胞は 最大2000個/秒で抗体を送り出し始める

  • All over the battlefield, this begins to happen.


  • Meanwhile, the second group of helper T cells was working on activating another line of defense:


  • B cells, your antibody factories.

    小さな軍隊が戦場を満たし 抗体は細菌をつまみ、まとめ、無力化する

  • Antibodies are protein super weapons that look like tiny crabs with two pincers to grab enemies.

    そして戦闘部隊が 無防備な細菌を虐殺する

  • Just like the helper T cells, there are B cells in your body


  • that are able to make just the right antibodies for every possible enemy.

    敵が一掃されると、兵士たちは 自分たちがもはや必要ないと悟り

  • And the helper T cell is looking for exactly these B cells.


  • After a day or two, the right B cell is found, and begins to clone itself.


  • As soon as enough clones have been made,

    少数のヘルパーT細胞は残り 記憶細胞となる

  • each B cell begins pumping out up to 2,000 antibodies per second!

    それらは数年にわたって組織を守り 同じ細菌が二度と足場を築かないようにする

  • About a week after you injured yourself and bacteria invaded,

    同様に、いくらかのB細胞は生き残り、 少量の抗体を産生し続ける

  • your second line of defense finally arrives in full force.

    この細菌への免疫を おそらく一生作り続けてくれる

  • The tiny army begins to saturate the battlefield, pinching and stunning desperate bacteria.

    ある日目覚めると、傷口が再生を終え かすかな赤い跡しか残っていないと気付くだろう

  • The antibodies clump them together and make them unable to move or fight,

    あなたは自身の細胞が試練を乗り越えるドラマに 全く気付かず、少しイラっとしただけだった

  • while your soldiers massacre the defenseless victims.

    一方、数百万の細胞にとって それは生死をかけた決死の戦いだったのだ

  • The tide is turning fast.

    だがこれも体内で日々展開される 壮大な物語の一部に過ぎず、その全容は

  • As the last enemies are cleaned up, your soldiers realize they are no longer needed,

    『Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive』という書籍で語られます

  • and begin to kill themselves to save resources.

    著者のPhilipp Dettmerは Kurzgesagtの創設者でありヘッドライターです

  • But not all of them.

    この本は重要性のわりに理解が不十分な免疫系を 美麗なイラストで掘り下げ

  • A few helper T cells remain and turn into memory cells.


  • They will guard the tissue for years,

    できるだけシンプルに楽しく書いていますが 約10年にわたり情熱を傾けました

  • making sure the same bacteria will never again gain a foothold here.

    免疫系は最も驚異的で 魅力的なトピックだからです

  • Similarly, a few B cells will stay alive


  • and keep producing a low amount of antibodies,

    謎の臓器、殺人を学ぶ大学 そして宇宙で最大の図書館まで

  • making you immune against this bacteria,

    信じられないほど広大な免疫システムと その実際の働きを紹介します

  • maybe for the rest of your life.

    ガンやHIV、インフルエンザなどの敵と どう戦っているのか

  • One day you wake up and notice that the wound has grown over


  • and left nothing but a faint red mark.

    発売は6週後ですが、予約をしていただけると 私たちとPhilippにとって非常にありがたいです

  • You were completely unaware of the drama your cells had to deal with.


  • For you, the whole ordeal was a slight annoyance.

    ゲームとは違って、書籍は完成を保証できますし 初日にパッチが出ることもありません

  • While for millions of cells, it was a desperate fight for life and death.


  • But this is just the beginning of the epic story that unfolds inside you every day,

    これは10年にわたる個人的な旅の終わりで 皆さんのご感想をとても楽しみにしています

  • and is told in full in


  • "Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive",

  • written by Philipp Dettmer, the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt.

  • The book is a beautifully illustrated deep dive into the immune system,

  • the most important thing you don't know enough about,

  • that will forever change how you think about your body.

  • Written to be as simple and fun as possible,

  • it's been an ongoing passion project for almost a decade

  • because the immune system is just about the most amazing and fascinating topic there is.

  • So, go on a journey and get to know your own body.

  • From mystery organs, murder universities, to the largest library in the universe.

  • Explore how incredibly vast your immune system is and how it actually works.

  • How it fights enemies from cancer to HIV, or just the flu.

  • Learn how you can boost it and if that's actually a good idea.

  • The book will be out in six weeks

  • and it would mean the world to us and Philipp if you could pre-order it.

  • Pre-ordering is super important in the world of books,

  • and in contrast to games, we can guarantee that it's actually finished

  • and there will be no day one patch.

  • There's a link in the description.

  • This is the end of a decade-long personal journey and we'd love to see what you think.

  • Thank you for watching.

The human immune system is the most complex biological system we know, after the human brain,

人間の免疫システムは 脳に次いで複雑な生物学的システムだが


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