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  • Hey, there, what's up? How's it going?


  • I have a quick English tip for you that will help you to make your telephone conversations, or Skype conversations, whatever you use to call people up these days, it will make them even better.


  • One big mistake to avoidso, if you wanna know, keep watching.


  • Now, I had an experience where I was talking on Skype with a friend of mine.


  • Actually, now she's a friend, but I guess you could say when I called her, it was the first time that we spoke, so I didn't really know her at all.


  • And, when we were talking on Skype, I experienced this weird feeling because every time that I said something, she was kind of silent.


  • Like, actually, she was silent; she didn't say anything,


  • So I had to, again, you know, maybe, say something more or ask a question to see if she would respond.


  • But her silence made me realize that, oh, in American English telephone conversations, we're always making some noise or small comments to show that we're listening, that we're interested, and that, you know, we're really engaged in the conversation.


  • So, without even using any new words, it's important to use these phrases like, "uh-huh", "yes", "I see", "Ok".

    だから、新しい言葉を使わなくても、"uh-huh" "yes" "I see" "Ok "など、これらのフレーズを使うことが重要なのです。

  • These kind of phrases make a huge difference, and they'll make your partner or the person you're speaking with feel like you're really interested and part of the conversation.


  • Now, I am not sure about this silence in other cultures or other languages, but I think in American English, we don't like silence.


  • So, try to be aware and to observe how your conversation partners are feeling that silence or if they're not feeling that silence.


  • It's all about observing and learning from your surroundings, and that's the natural way.


  • So, if you'd like to learn more about how to learn English the "Go Natural English way", come back to where you can find out about the premium course, and I'd like to give you a free eBook just for visiting.

    Go Natural English 流の英語学習法についてもっと知りたい方は、 に戻ってきてください。そこでは、プレミアムコースについて知ることができますし、訪問してくれた方には無料の eBook を差し上げたいと思います。

  • Thanks so much for watching, and I hope to see you soon.


  • Bye for now!


Hey, there, what's up? How's it going?


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