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  • Who among us has not had this moment,

  • that kind of intimate tete-a-tete with the nutritional label

  • trying to discern are you good or are you bad,

  • but here's the thing you probably haven't considered,

  • "Labels are not just labels. They evoke a set of beliefs."

  • That's Alia Crum. (Psychologist at Columbia U.)

  • So Crum has spent years studying the "placebo effect"

  • and she figured that food labels might work the same way and so to test her idea,

  • Crum created a huge batch of milkshake

  • and then labeled it in two very different ways

  • Then, as people drank the milkshakes,

  • she had nurses monitor their levels of this hormone called "ghrelin."

  • People in the medical field call it the "hunger hormone."

  • Physically when you have not eaten anything,

  • ghrelin levels in the stomach rise which signals to the brain

  • that "it is time now to seek out food."

  • (food seeking)

  • But after that rise, so you have a big meal, ghrelin levels are gonna drop a lot,

  • and when that does it signals to the mind:

  • You've had enough here you know and I'm gonna start revving up the metabolism,

  • so we can burn the calories that we had just ingested.

  • But Crum discovered that those who believed they were drinking the "indulgent shake"

  • responded as if their bodies had eaten three times more.

  • So what people believed about their milkshake came true.

  • If they thought it was fattening, they felt they've eaten more

  • and their digestion was affected. Their ghrelin levels dropped three times more.

  • So to summarize, you may be able to change your metabolism with your mind.

  • So in theory, if you wanna lose weight,

  • you can try eating healthy food with an indulgent mindset.

  • You feel fuller and your metabolism would increase.

  • And if diet product actually wanted to help you lose weight,

  • they advertises "fattening" not fat-free

  • We have this very simple metabolic science calories in calories out,

  • and I don't, I think that we haven't given enough credit to the role of our beliefs

  • in determining our physiology, our reality.

Who among us has not had this moment,


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ミルクセーキの実験 (A Milkshake Experiment)

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