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  • Lesson 9

  • Nicole for president

  • Nicole and Ted discuss Nicole's plans to run for student body president

  • Nicole Wansts Ted to ask his friends to vote for her.

  • Ted degrees, in exchange for Nicole's help with his homework.

  • I've decided to run for student body president!

  • If I'm going to become a senator one day,

  • I should get some experience under my belt now.

  • Andrea Jenkins is also running.

  • She'll give you a run for your money.

  • Andrea Jenkins is an idiot.

  • I'm by far the better candidate.

  • Don't be so full of yourself! I might vote for Andrea.

  • Stop kidding around.

  • Let's get down to business. I need your help.

  • You want me to help you?

  • yes. I need you to talk your friends into voting for me.

  • But you never give my friends the time of day.

  • All you give them is the cold shoulder.

  • That's because they've got blue hair and nose rings!

  • They're better than your friends- a bunch of goody-goodies and brown-nosers!

  • That's beside the point.

  • Let's talk about your friends and their votes.

  • Okay. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

  • If you do my chemistry homework ,I'll help you get the votes.

  • I'm not crazy about that idea.

  • But, okay, it's a deal.

  • I hope I can count on you.

Lesson 9


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09 Lesson 09 Nicole For President!

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