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  • MUHAMMAD YUNUS: Poverty is a kind of a darkness around you. You don’t see any hope, any

  • ray of hope. You live every day the same way, in the darkness. You don’t have a future.

  • NARRATOR: In the early 70s, a young Muhammad Yunus, then an economics professor, left the

  • city to do research in local villages like this one.

  • MUHAMMAD YUNUS: Here I am teaching elegant theories of economics in the classroom and

  • people are dying outside the classroom and we have nothing to do about it.

  • NARRATOR: He found people making many beautiful products, yet they remained desperately poor.

  • To an economist, it didn’t make sense. Something was missing.

  • MUHAMMAD YUNUS: If you look around, who are the people really working? It’s the poor.

  • They work their pants off.

  • NARRATOR: Professor Yunus realized that the only way the villagers could buy supplies

  • to create small businesses was with high interest loans from unscrupulous moneylenders. There

  • was no other option.

  • MUHAMMAD YUNUS: And money lenders were imposing very terrible conditionalities on them, like

  • you have to sell your product to me at the price that I decide, etc-- that kind of thing.

  • NARRATOR: In one village, Muhammad Yunus found that he could provide life-changing loans

  • to forty-two people. They would cost a total of twenty-seven dollars-- an average of sixty-four

  • cents each. He personally made the loans.

  • MUHAMMAD YUNUS: And I was shocked! Here we talk about millions of dollars and billions

  • of dollars in development assistance to help the economy grow and so on. We never paid

  • any attention to people who needed such a small amount of money.

  • NARRATOR: That was the beginning of an idea that grew into the Grameen Bank, a bank for

  • the rural poor. In the language of Bangladesh, Grameen means rural. It’s also the idea

  • for which Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

MUHAMMAD YUNUS: Poverty is a kind of a darkness around you. You don’t see any hope, any


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マイクロクレジットで貧困を攻撃するムハマド・ユヌス氏 (Muhammad Yunus Attacks Poverty with Microcredit)

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