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  • Hi everyone, I'm George.

  • Today we're going to learn the passive causative,

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  • First of all, how do we use the passive causative?

  • And now it's time to talk about my plan.

  • Boss, your hair looks lovely.

  • Oh, thank you.

  • I got my hair cut yesterday.

  • How about your shoes?

  • Are they new?

  • No, I just got them polished.

  • Your moustache looks really good too.

  • Thank you, I had it trimmed this morning.

  • And what a great suit.

  • Thanks, I had it made for me.

  • It's the perfect fit.

  • Look at these sentences.

  • I got my hair cut.

  • I got my shoes polished.

  • I had my moustache trimmed.

  • I didn't do any of these things, someone did them for me

  • as a service.

  • For example, you wouldn't say I cut my hair unless you actually

  • cut your hair yourself.

  • You would say, I got my hair cut,

  • which is one of the most frequently used examples

  • of the passive causative.

  • You can make your own passive causative sentences using

  • the following structure.

  • Its subject, plus have or get, plus object,

  • plus past participle.

  • For example, I had my computer fixed.

  • You can use have or get in these sentences.

  • If you want to mention who provided you with

  • the service you can say this.

  • I had my essay corrected by an online tutor.

  • You can also use the passive causative to

  • talk about something you've arranged for

  • someone to do for you in the future using the

  • -ing form of have or get.

  • For example, I'm getting my guitar fixed next week.

  • What have you had done recently?

  • Let me know in the comments section.

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Hi everyone, I'm George.


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How to use the passive causative in English

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