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  • It's a beautiful day today and I'm gonna show you  a lovely gorgeous chicken pie. It's from my new  

  • book together. I'm really proud of it. There's  all kinds of meals for different occasions.  

  • This chapter is called laid back feast. It's a  puff pastry pie with sausage, bacon, chicken and  

  • that beautiful watercress sauce is so, so good.  I'm actually gonna cook it today for my crew.  

  • Yes we're gonna feed them for once. Let's give  these a little wash and let's get cooking.  

  • So two rashers of smoky bacon. Finely slice this  up. You don't need loads, right. It's gonna give that  

  • beautiful smoky flavour. Render that fat out. Two  chicken thighs; free range, organic. Everything's  

  • getting cut up into little 3 centimetre  chunks. So get that chicken into the bacon fat on  

  • a medium-high heat. 2 sausages, pinch the sausage  out into nice little chunks like that. Brown off  

  • the chicken and the sausage in the bacon. Look at  that. Season it fairly generously with black pepper.  

  • If you wanted to add some herb, what do you like?  I've got a little bit of savory which I love.  

  • Two potatoes, cut them exactly  the same size. 3 centimetre.  

  • Every time we add an ingredient, just stir  it through all those beautiful flavours  

  • and fats. Two leeks, the white part is very tender  and the green part has seen the sunlight so it's  

  • got more flavour and more structure. It's a bit  tougher. So the way I fix that is by finely  

  • slicing the green part and helping the cookingYou know, kind of break it down a little bit. And  

  • then when you get to the lovely white part just  clank it up into 3 centimetre chunks again. Yes!  

  • It smells amazing. While that's frying  I'll have a quick little clean down.

  • The sound that you're hearing is a good one, sizzling. So we're browning off the chicken,  

  • the bacon, the sausage, and the potatoes are absorbing all of that lovely flavour.  

  • Achieving that colour is achieving like 20 percent extra  flavour. And now we're going to add some more flavour.  

  • 2 teaspoons of english mustard  and 2 tablespoons of plain flour.  

  • So, two, two, two, all through the story. Easy to  remember; two, two, two, two, two. We're gonna go in  

  • now with 500 millilitres of chicken stock or  veggie stock. You can see the flour thickening  

  • and shining up this beautiful stew. Now to make  a really creamy but simple sauce, add some milk.  

  • Bring that up to a simmer now and let it just  tick over for about 15 minutes, that simple.

  • This method now is the unusual bit. We're going  to use a colander to basically separate the gravy  

  • from the meat, the potatoes and the vegIt's going to give you the perfect texture  

  • for the filling. So when nearly  all of the liquid has come out,  

  • pour it into here. Tender, tasty and gorgeousSo let's have a little try of the gravy.

  • Really, really good. So we can take that to  another level. Not just in flavour, but in colour.  

  • Beautiful watercress, it's got that nice mustardy  flavour. Pour that gravy on top, whizz that up for  

  • a minute. Look at that colour. You've taken something  gorgeous but quite simple and every day and now  

  • it's exciting. Put most of it in here and then  about 100 mils of it, you can put in here. So  

  • amazing colour, amazing flavour. Now onto the pastryWe're going to use puff pastry. It's so convenient,  

  • it's so good, it's an all butter puff pastry. Grab  a little pastry cutter and just do little random  

  • sort of cuts. Odds and sods, whatever you do make  it completely erratic. Think patchwork quilt. No  

  • matter what you do it's all going to kind of like  cook and puff up into a gorgeous topping. Because  

  • there's little kind of gaps, that lovely green  sauce will kind of find its way through and blip  

  • through and make nice little crispy bits, I love  that. If you want to, you can glaze or egg wash your  

  • pastry. Just crack one egg into a little jar like  that, give it a little mix up and we just brush.  

  • Don't trim it, don't try and be neat, go with  the flow, joy. So that goes in the oven now  

  • for 45 minutes at 180° Celsius which  is 350° Fahrenheit, until golden and gorgeous.  

  • Then we can feed the crew. Mighty fine. The  crew will most definitely destroy this.

  • Lovely new potatoes, peas and asparagus.  I've got another dish here from the  

  • book, Vegetables à la Grecque. So guys, what  are you waiting for? Get involved, have  

  • a go. Please look out for the  book. But for now, crew tuck in!

  • Thanks, you left me the asparagus.

It's a beautiful day today and I'm gonna show you  a lovely gorgeous chicken pie. It's from my new  


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Chicken, Sausage & Bacon Puff Pie | Jamie Oliver

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