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How to look great in photographs?
Sure, a beautiful photograph takes some skill behind the lens, but it takes a little skill in front of it, too.
You will need: a photographer and a camera with flash.
Step 1.
When choosing your clothes, leave bright colors, crazy patterns and horizontal stripes in the closet.
Neutral colors look best.
Step 2.
Check your face in the mirror.
Do you have any blemishes you could cover, or greasy skin that needs powdering?
Could your eyes use some drops to clear up redness?
Are your eyebrows trim and neat?
If you wear makeup, remember that colors will look more intense in photos, especially on black and white film.
Step 3.
Try to have the pictures taken outside, in the morning or before sunset, the light is soft and flattering at these times.
Whereas high noon, a flash photography can illuminate a little too much.
Step 4.
Make sure the camera lens is at eye level or just slightly higher.
Any lower, and you'll look like you have a double chin.
Step 5.
To appear more natural when standing for a photo, lean slightly back with your weight on your rear foot.
Keep your posture erect, but not overly posed.
Think Greek statue, not William Shatner.
Step 6. Turn your head two thirds to one side or the other for slimming effect on your face.
Avoid wide-angle lenses, which will widen the appearance of your face.
Step 7.
Look at a light source, like a lamp or light for a few moments.
It reduces the size of your pupils and the possibility of red eye.
However, never look directly at the sun.
Step 8.
Just before the picture is taken, close your eyes and have the photographer count to three, then open your eyes as he begins shooting.
This is the best way to prevent blinking from ruining shots.
Step 9.
The last and most important part of the picture is the smile.
Saying kitschy things like cheese forces a fake grin and makes you look like a newscaster or a local politician.
Instead, think of a funny memory which will bring out a naturally happy look.
Did you know?
The first commercially available color film was offered in France in 1907.
Captions by www.SubPLY.com.



これでバッチリ!写真写りをよくする方法(How To Look Great in Photographs)

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