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  • Soulful dreams fade to gold

  • No telling where they go

  • While you slumber

  • Slowly flow

  • I still care

  • It's not fair

  • We ain't never

  • Come back in time

  • Wish days would never hide

  • Raindrops down on my face

  • Old alleyways

  • Just fade away like in visionless haze

  • One day

  • And someday

  • We will be brave

  • I know

  • We will

  • If rain start to fall down

  • So wear it and carry on

  • Those days with love and bound

  • Turn to be my sun

  • Ready to be strong

  • If rain feel to stay on

  • Maybe, it just got lost

  • There'll be sunbow somehow

  • When you look up high

  • It will shine sometime

  • You're always there walking me long

  • Whenever something let me down

  • You make me feel where I belong

  • Face myself

  • If rain start to pour down

  • You've teached me to fly on

  • There is sunbow somehow

  • When I wear your love

  • I see wings grown out

Soulful dreams fade to gold


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薩吉 Sa Ji《If Rain》【以家人之名 Go Ahead OST電視劇插曲】官方動態歌詞MV (無損高音質)

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