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  • Lesson 6

  • Susan stays home and bakes cookies

  • Susan decides to cheer up her husband.

  • Bob loves her homemade cookies.

  • Nicole suggest you start a cookie business.

  • Bob I baked cookies for you.

  • That was so nice of you, dear . You've got a heart of gold!

  • Go ahead and pig out!

  • These are delicious!

  • I thought they might cheer you up.

  • You've been in a bad mood lately.

  • I guess I have been a little on edge.

  • But these cookies are just what the doctor ordered!

  • Do I smell cookies?

  • Yes, Nicole. Help yourself.

  • Yum-yum .These are out of this world.

  • You could go into business selling these!

  • You can call them Susan's Scrumptious Cookies.

  • You'd make a bundle.

  • Good thinking!

  • Don't forget to give me credit for the idea after you're rich and famous!

  • You know I always give credit where credit is due!

Lesson 6


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06 Lesson 06 Susan Stays Home And Bakes Cookies

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