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  • Right you lovely people, you have sent me some very random questions so I'm gonna

  • do my best. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

  • Cat weasel

  • Day of the Living Dead when I was a teenager was the best Horrors

  • ever because having zombies trying to eat your neck that just freaked me out

  • But I can't take Horrors, aliens to, that freaked me out to but I just switch them

  • off now, too much stress life's too short, can't do it

  • So if I could get my dream guests on the end of the pier, definitely Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anderson

  • definitely Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'd like to get him cooking in the cafe

  • Will Smith, Oprah. They're all American come let's go, let's go to Kylie, let's go to

  • Australia, definitely, who else would we love from the UK? Prince William, Prince please, get on the

  • end of the pier, you know it makes sense. I think it will be good, that'll be a good

  • show, would you watch that season? Would you? Yeah that's what I thought

  • Yeah, of course it's real brick is not fake look I can probably like

  • Course that's brick. That would be really good sound effects to do that and we haven't

  • got that kind of budget. Next. I think you've got to do it in chronological order

  • otherwise it hurts your head

  • Star Wars New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi. Nothing else matters

  • and also if you didn't know I'm in the latest Star Wars film, obviously my job

  • is to be humble and not boast but basically check it out just before C3O

  • PPO has his brain downloaded that's me I'm the storm trooper

  • Thanks cheers, you'll never know of course I could be lying but I'm not lying but

  • you know just tell everyone please and share this

  • Oh man you know there's quite a

  • few but I'm very philosophical about my regrets I think they're there to test

  • you and teach you and guide you forward on your path

  • The worst question I've

  • ever been asked is what is the worst question have you ever been asked

Right you lovely people, you have sent me some very random questions so I'm gonna


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