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  • Schnitzel!

  • Mommy, Mommy! I want a schnitzel stick!

  • Ooh, the Schnitzel Man!

  • Schnitzel, the favourite treat...

  • For little girls and boys to eat!

  • Schnitzel Man can serve them quick!

  • It's a schnitzel on a stick!

  • (heavy accent) No more spoons, use your hands!

  • Says the friendly Schnitzel Man!

  • Make sure you keep an extra one , for later in your lederhosen

  • Yoda yo dee yoda yo dee yoda yoda yodel yoda yode!


  • Schnitzel! (crap, now I want a schnitzel for real)

  • Schnitze- oh.

  • *dead* ;(



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