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  • These are true facts about the baby e- chai- kaidna?

  • How the hell do you say that?

  • The baby echidna. The echidna was created 54 seconds after God created marijuana.

  • Doritos were created 10 seconds after that.

  • The young echidna is called a puggle,

  • which kind of pisses off puggles.

  • The echidna has a normal looking penis.

  • If you were an echidna, you would have thought that was a very funny joke

  • because they actually have very weird four-headed penises.

  • And that is not a joke. There are videos to prove this.

  • Here, a zoologist presses on the abdomen of an echidna to arouse it.

  • A very dirty zoologist. I have blurred the image because it's so f***ed up.

  • This image has also been blurred. Dirty tennis player.

  • It's difficult to make sh*t up about the echidna because it's so damn weird.

  • For example, this is how the baby echidna eats.

  • It eats this way because the mother echidna has

  • milk patches on her skin instead of nipples,

  • which makes me very glad that we have nipples.

  • Milk patches would be embarrassing,

  • especially if they were on your face.

  • Then again, so would nipples.

  • Sometimes you might think that you're weird,

  • but you don't have a ballsack under your chin.

  • Remember that. Always remember that.

These are true facts about the baby e- chai- kaidna?


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赤ちゃんEchidnasについての本当の事実 (True Facts About Baby Echidnas)

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